How to Find Doctor’s Notes on the Internet

doctors-note-clusterSick leave is something that we all need sometimes, whether or not the sickness in questions is legit. For example, say that you’re feeling hit hard, and you need a day home from work or school, but missing those days just isn’t an option. Not unless you have an excuse in the form of a note from the doctor or dentist you went to see, proving you had a legitimate excuse. But if you don’t actually need to go to the doctor, and you just need a sick day, what do you do?

Drs Notes

Whether you were at Kaiser Permanente, or you were just getting a checkup at the hospital, your place of work will need the proper forms to prove it. And you could theoretically find such forms for free online, or you could make them up yourself. However, if you don’t know the format, or the sample page that you get just doesn’t pan out, you could be in a lot of trouble with your boss, or even company higher ups. But that’s a risk you take when you try to forge an excuse yourself.

You Get What You Pay For

Your other option is to go online and buy blank papers that look just like the real thing. These notes from Dr. Excuses offer a lot of benefits over trying to do it yourself at home. Just as a quick for instance, you can expect pages that:

  •  You can print from home
  •  Medical excuses ranging all over the board for what fits you
  •  Templates that you can modify for your needs
  •  Notes for anywhere. Texas, Indiana or Alaska, nowhere is too far or too near
  •  Download when you need, return to work when you’re well rested

If you’re going to have an absence from work, your medical paperwork needs to be up to snuff. And if you’re not familiar with how it’s supposed to look, chances are good that someone’s going to notice. This is particular true if your workplace requires a release or discharge form, stating that you’re ready to go back to work after your absence. These excuses are like art or tattoos; you really do get what you pay for.

The Benefits of a High Quality Doctor’s Note

While a free, make-it-yourself note might pass muster once, it will look suspicious. And if you’re unlucky trying to pass a fake, do-it-yourself doctor’s note can get you caught, which can lead to penalties or, more likely, getting fired. So if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Not only do good quality notes look better, which definitely helps them pass muster, they come with all of the hallmarks that someone who knows what to look for will be checking. Whether it’s the letter head on top of the note, or the authentic looking setup of the text, there’s a lot that goes into a note besides a doctor’s scrawl and a few words that say you’re all right to get back to work.

What’s more, if you purchase a package of high quality doctor’s notes you have an excuse for a variety of different situations right on hand, no questions asked. You might have had to go to your gynocologist, the dentist, the E.R., there’s a variety of different forms so that you’re not giving the same, tired excuse over and over again. It looks less suspicious if you’re taking care of different health concerns, and if you’re constantly offering different notes, then if you have the same problem again and again. Learn more about doctor’s notes at our homepage.

Don’t Risk It

If you’re going to use a doctor’s note to take a rest day or two, get one made by a professional. If you don’t have the skill to make your own notes, and most people don’t, then a small investment in sliding by isn’t that much to ask. If you consider the consequences of getting caught, then you’ll definitely want to have a quality, authentic-looking piece of paper to back you up.

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