Working Out When Sick (LIFTING WEIGHTS)

Working Out When Sick (LIFTING WEIGHTS)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. As you can probably tell by the sound of my
voice, I don’t feel so hot. But I figured instead of bailing out on this
video all together, this is actually a great opportunity for me to get a little bit closer
to the camera so I can make sure you can hear me and cover
a topic that we get asked about all the time. And that is, ‘Should I be working out if I’m
sick?’ Now, I can tell you that I haven’t been working out in the last few days, but
it’s because of how I’ve been feeling. There’s no really easy answer about whether
you should be working out if you’re sick or not. Everyone deals with sickness differently. But I can tell you that if you’re dealing
with lots of muscle aches, if you’re dealing with, you know, body pains, if you’re dealing
with a fever, if you have a respiratory infection, I don’t care if you’re doing cardio or not,
if you have a respiratory infection, all these things will be things that I would say are
not beneficial for you to be training. And when I say training, I’m talking about
doing actual weight training workouts because you have to understand a good weight training
workout is in itself a catabolic thing, a breakdown, that we then allow our bodies
to recover from and build back bigger and stronger. I can tell you right now, when your body’s
worried about its immunity when it’s compromised first and foremost is dealing with that. It’s not worried about you adding those next
2 or 3 pounds of muscle. So, it’s almost that the effort that you put into the gym will
lead to a further breakdown, and it certainly won’t become an anabolic
event for you. So, I would say, weight training goals for sure, you put them by the wayside if again you’re
dealing with those symptoms that I talked about. Now, different scenario here. If you have
a headache, and I’m talking about the common, average, every day headache, not concussion
headache, not meningitis headache, not things that you should be in a hospital
for, a lot of times training can actually help you to relieve the symptoms. The redirection of blood flow that you get
to your working muscles can actually redirect from the area in your brain that’s causing
the pressure of the headache and make you feel a hell of a lot better.
Stuffy nose, runny nose, earache, again, little minor annoyances that you can probably work
your way around,. Now that being said, if you are the guy with
the runny nose, you know, this guy, doing this in between every set and then going and
grabbing the dumbbells? For God’s sake, stay home. It doesn’t mean
that you have to go to the gym and stay on schedule with your workouts. You could always do something at home for
those few days that you’re not feeling great because if you’re not feeling good, the likelihood is it was the last person who
went to the gym and didn’t care about wiping their nose and grabbing the dumbbells that
got you sick in the first place. So, all in all guys, this is a very individual
thing, you know, and staying on schedule is very important I know to a lot of you guys. And we know that it’s the cornerstone to our
success, and on any weight training program is to be consistent with our workouts. But I will comfort you with this last thought,
Even if you’re out of the gym for a week, you will not lose your size gains in a week.You
will not lose your size gains in 2 weeks. You probably won’t even lose your size gains
in 3 weeks. Not if you’ve been building it over the course of a, uh, you’ve been setting your foundation over the
course of many, many years, have been very consistent in the gym, a lot of times a layoff
is actually a good thing for your body. What happens is, what you see is a flattening
of your muscles. You get a glycogen depletion, you’re probably not eating the same way as
you did. You’re probably not drinking the same. I couldn’t
even drink as much the last couple days because of my sore throat. So, you’re getting a change in the appearance
of your body, but it’s so quickly reversible when you start to feel good and start eating
right again, and start, you know, doing everything else
right, that it’s nothing to be concerned about. You do not lose muscle gains in 2 or 3 weeks. If you are a strength training athlete who
relies primarily on 1, 1 rep max, and 2 and 3 rep max training, you could see a faster
decrease in your performance because those are neurally driven, and neural gains
will go away a little bit faster than your actual physical gains. But again, most of the guys found on this
channel are not training that way. They’re training a little bit more for to build lean
muscle. So, again, you can be comforted in that fact;
however, I will say one more time, you don’t want to throw the baby away with the bath
water. If you’re not going to be training, then above
all else, if your body allows you to, try to still eat well because the longer you can
continue to eat well, then the more you’re able to feel your best
and you’re still going to be able to, and I’ll tell you good nutrition is going to help
you to bounce back faster. But it will make it a lot easier for you to
get back in the routine. I know some guys, they start getting sick and they figure if
they’re not working out, well everything should go down the shitter
and they should also not be eating well too. That’s a mistake. So, hopefully, in my convalescence here I
was able to give you guys some decent advice. You know, I don’t know if my brain’s thinking
so clearly now, but I think it’s good, decent advice for you. And I thought it was appropriate
timing because there’s never a time when I’m going to make
this video again unless I’m not feeling well, so why not throw the camera on and let it
roll. Alright guys, I’ll see you again back here
soon, hopefully feeling a hell of a lot better than I do now.

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  1. Ya…Been sick for a week…tried to go to the gym…As soon as l got out the door l realized how sick and shitty l felt…Missed a week of workouts and feel"n guilty…and sick

  2. Does anyone know if it's dangerous to drink a booster before training when sick? Because I feel a slight pressure on my left chest. It doesn't hurt, it's just a slight pressure like someone is pressing with the hand on your chest. I don't know if it's my lung or my heart. I heard about an inflammation of the heart muscle when you are not completely in health after a flu. Last year I started working out again after I had the flu but I wasn't quiet sure if it was completely gone and just in time like every year I'm sick again and feel the same slight pressure in my chest. I feel a bit better than a week ago and I hate not being able to wokout. But I'm using almost everytime a pre workout booster before training, after a 12 hour working day unfortunately I'll need it. I want to know if it's dangerous to take some boosters before working out when beeing a bit sick?

  3. I find working out when ill just will make you sicker. Take a couple days off and get well. You could end up sicker if you don't.

  4. I have gone 3 weeks without lifting a couple times and didn't loose one bit of gainz. I just looked a little flat. Just like Jeff said.

  5. I’ve been sick for a couple days. Just for the hell of it I looked to see if Jeff had a video about sickness and training. Well….. I shouldn’t been surprised!!! This was very helpful.

  6. I was pretty sick over a week ago. Didn't work out for a while because I was on a trip right before. My decreased appetite actually helped me get a lil bit leaner through. I'm just so glad I can go to the gym again

  7. Thanks for the advice you really got it off my shoulders. I was sad that l lately get sick almost off training for a week every month 🙁
    But still I'm consistent with not giving up and focusing on my strenght gains in the long run

  8. Jeff! I'm in cycle where I go for a workout, but then I feel like I'm run down with the flu for a few days. I don't end up going to the gym for a week or two afterwards. Over the last few years I have been playing hockey, and doing HIIT type training. I used to be able to workout and not feel like this. Having said that, I am 38 and am wondering if age is starting to catch up with me, perhaps i need more recovery time? Do I need to ease my way into it again? The problem is I think I'm still 22 and can do anything so I go hard when I workout like I used to be able to. Maybe I need to accept that I'm getting older and need to slow down a bit. Am I on the right track?

  9. Well, unless I'n not be able to wake up from bed, and thank God that's quite rare, I always train. From slight to severe cold/flu, I'm the one who "wipe up nose and grab the dumbbell". My experience is the workout will make the cold go away faster. Even if I injured, I always train the body part that still can move. I know I'm a little bit force myself to do it, but I'm not feeling comfortable just sitting at home. Workout is some kind of therapy for me. Workout makes me feel better. My tips is, just reduce the sets, the reps, or the weights; add a little bit recovery time between sets. Unless you're really-really-really sick, you should train.

  10. i`m not sick right now, but usually when i am sick, i`m bed ridden for days!! even getting up to go potty is a chore in itself!! i don`t think about it that i could be at the gym working out, because most of the time i`m out cold. i sleep a lot when i`m sick. thank you so much for sharing Jeff, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  11. It so upsetting, it’s Monday today and I was so ready to have a great week of working out and getting ready for football, and I woke up with an achey body and was cold when it’s hot and hot when it’s cold and it’s just been eating me away today, i haven’t been hungry and fell asleep in the afternoon, and I just don’t know what to do:( I want to go to the gym so I can make myself feel better but then again the video says I should take it easy today. Please help

  12. Got sick round lastnight at 10pm. Stuffy nose, sore throat, stinging pain in chest while coughing up mucus. Achey body

    Went to work today and almost died. Sat in the gym parking for 10mins and said FUCK THIS. And went home.

    One day missed wont hurt.

    Plus, junk food time!!

  13. Got the flu, then got a terrible sinus infection. I've been sick for almost a month now… I've been blessed enough to be able to set up a home gym (half rack with bench, various bars, tons of plates, heavy bag + a pool); it's killing me that I can't work out. I get so much satisfaction from training everyday. Being unable to train, is depressing me.

  14. I always use the neck line rule: If the thing you have wrong with you is above neck, there should be no problem to train. Otherwise give the gym a miss and rest. Coughs, colds and sore chest, sore throat are really part of respiratory system which is below neck, so rest in that case. The video says it all.

  15. Guys, let’s be honest. Don’t workout if you’re sick. Take this time to rest and recover. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or powerlifter or whatever else, you can get all that progress back very fast. I had the flu for a week and couldn’t eat anything or even move out of bed without feeling like I’m absolutely dead. My lifts went down a little but I got my strength back in a short time. I dropped 10lbs that week and when I looked in the mirror I was almost terrified. But the moment I could eat again, I was just fine in days. You’ll get your strength and size back in no time.

  16. I missed two workouts because of a shingles breakout. I feel like a fat and lazy slob. I finally made it back to the gym yesterday and today I feel as though I destroyed myself.

  17. I've not trained for just over a week and getting a bit panicked about it but after watching this, I'm feel a lot more at ease. Thanks.

  18. Probably the closest thing to a complete answer I've ever gotten from anyone on the topic. People either say, 'Hell Yes' or 'Dude , never', but they never explain why, how, or what. Thanks coach.

  19. Once you're in recovery phase of the illness, light exercise, by way of increased blood circulation, does aid in flushing of the toxins generated by the action of the WBCs

  20. Thank you for the advice given in this video and your other videos. They have been of tremendous help to me. Thank you!

  21. Hi, Jeff!
    You have explained when to train and when not to train, but please make a video about the differences between a usual workout and a sick workout.

  22. I MISSED 5 days not good i gotta hit the weights starting tomorrow this headace will effect my breathing n form so i will play it SAFE

  23. Jeff, my guy, PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON HOW TO BALANCE TRAINING WHILE HAVE A PHYSICALLY DEMANDING JOB! I work for a local appliance store and it's been killer trying to still hit the weights and work hard every day. I really can't afford any muscles being sore or tired because we deliver and install appliances all day while also just throwing heavy loads of appliances all day when we stock our small store location. It's a grind for sure. Toss guys like me some advice so we can keep getting gains!

  24. Dude thanks for educating us. I used to work in a gym and hated when people would be coming in sick, wiping their nose and shit with their hands then touching every piece of equipment. STAY YO ASS HOME!

  25. Hygiene is never available at the gym. Ive seen guys piss then walk out w/o washing hands. Keep your hands away from your face!

  26. Probably the only video where Jeff doesn't talk of Balanced Muscle gain. 💪

    Great Video, Jeff. Useful to hear those who are already feeling guilty about missing workouts/ for falling sick (like me).

  27. I wish there was a winter workout when you can’t go outside. I live in Minnesota and it’s cold 6 months a year. 😪

  28. I hit my head first week had to rest half of it, second week got sick whole week iver Been so unlucky, i had just achieved so much at the gym and hit many of my goals and ofc this happens

  29. I'm wanting to start the athlean program but my stomach is acting horrible and I'm like crap but if I workout I'm gonna crap. I might have to do half of week 1 then do the full week the following week.

  30. I was sick two weeks ago for 2 weeks, then went to school for 2 weeks, then i hitted gym twice and now im sick again. Fuck me.

  31. I traveled over seas for 11 days and only did 2 workouts while i was away and was planning to get right back into it, then got sick the day I got back. I lost 3.5 kg in 3 days today I plan to get my gains back😉

  32. Eating really depends if it’s a viral or bacterial but still it prolongs your illness when you are increasing your glucose, the cells will manufacture more of the replicated virus. I wouldn’t eat much other than soups and water or better to just do fasting so the virus dies and doesn’t get the chance to replicate. There’s also a reason why your body is telling you not to eat.

  33. I was as the gym a couple of days ago, and i managed to touch my tongue With my finger, and at that moment i knew i had fucked up.
    Next day, and i had a splitting headache, a Fever and threw up like crazy.
    2 days later, and im not throwing up anymore, and eating again. So i thought i could hit the gym. When i got there, i had lots of energy in my head, but my body was tired.
    I did some pushups to warm up, and after 10, i felt light headed, weak and tired.
    I'll just stay in bed for a couple of days i Guess…

  34. Haha, very true. I am not feeling great so, decided to watch this video. Taking off 4 to 5 days is not bad. I just wonder if I still eat the same amount of calories while I’m working on says that I am sick will make me gain body fat?

  35. Ever since I got sick I have been less like less appetite. I feel like I have been eating less. Is that normal ?

  36. THANK YOU! I have the flu and knew it was time for a break while I recover, but wanted some advice on how to proceed – this video is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you thank you thank you.

  37. Thank you X i looked up a bunch of videos and pages just talking about sniffles

    I've had a chest infection and general man flu for 9 days now.. been wanting to lift but been feeling so weak and sore i figured it wasn't the best idea.

  38. Today is the 1st day I do not have a sore throat in 8 days. Can I work out directly today or should I rest?

  39. You search this on google and get so many mixed answers. Of course I should have looked to Jeff first.

  40. im sick as shit and have been piggin out these last 2 days. Will be skipping a few gym days but will definitely clean up the diet.

  41. I was sick and stopped working out, but when I got better and tried a light workout I got a sore throat again. I gave it a few days and felt better and when I worked out I got a sore throat again! ! !?!?! Ive gone through this cycle four times now and it never fails, Work out , sore throat!?!?! What is up with this?

  42. Jeff you never made this video again since 2015 and it's 2019 now. Does this mean you have not been sick for the past four years?

  43. i have lost about 4 kgs in a week from the flu. I look disgusting with my shirt off, a week ago i looked brilliant.

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