Whole vs. Skim: Which Milk Is Better For You?

Whole vs. Skim: Which Milk Is Better For You?

Ads tell us milk, does a body good. But are
we talking whole milk or 2%? It’s not what you think. Hi guys, Lissette here for DNews. If you were
a child of the eighties or nineties your parents likely poured you some low fat milk – it was
all the rave. In fact in 1985, the United States Department of Agriculture officially
recommended a switch to skim milk – three glasses of it a day. But, more recently, we’ve
begun collecting evidence that says the USDA might be missing an important piece of the
story. In a recent study published in the journal
Circulation, researchers looked at data that spanned about 15 years. They were specifically
interested in how dairy fat biomarkers in the blood are related to diabetes. What they
found might surprise the USDA. Higher concentrations of dairy fat biomarkers were associated with
lowered risk of diabetes. And whole milk has been tied to more than
just a decrease in diabetes. Another study published in the Journal of American Nutrition
looked at its relation to obesity in more than 18,000 women over the course of about
11 years. They found that high dairy fat intake was associated with less weight gain and lowered
risk of obesity. In fact, a meta-review of 25 different studies
published in the European Journal of Nutrition, supports these findings. Researchers found
that there are no benefits linked to low fat dairy compared to whole fat. When it comes
to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, people who consume either products come out
about the same. What’s more, their data indeed indicated that full-fat dairy is associated
with lower obesity rates. Eighteen of the 25 studies showed that participants were either
at lower risk for obesity, experienced less weight gain, or weighed less overall than
those who consumed low fat dairy. The results for the other seven were inconclusive; but,
altogether these studies suggest that at the very least, full fat milk is on par with skim
milk. But, this isn’t really a story about milk.
We’re not suggesting you go chug down a glass – in fact, if you’re like two thirds
of the population, the lactose in it will cause some nasty side-effects. And it’s
not really a story about fat, either. Rather, it’s more about what we do when we cut the
fat. See, what some scientists think ends up happening when we drink low fat milk, is
that our bodies try to make up for the lost calories. Simply put we stay hungrier than
if we were to drink whole milk. And rather than reaching for, say a zucchini or cooking
up a chicken breast, we tend to load up on carbs. Our body then turns excess carbohydrates
into sugar, which then gets stored in our bodies as fat – yes, those fluffy love handles.
It’s sort of ironic that cutting fat in our diets leads to more fat on our bodies
– but this is exactly what’s happening. In short, all these associations between milk
fat and its benefits may be due to our behavior – not what milk fat does to our bodies specifically.
So before you go inhale a glass of whole milk hoping to be healthier, you might instead
want to pay attention to the variety of foods you’re eating and drinking.

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  1. Here's what I would recommend…. whole milk ~for babies or kids growing up since the whole milk has fat but it helps them to grow more skim milk ~for teens or young adults since they don't need a lot of sugar or to grow.

  2. It’s incorrect that mere excess sugar turns into fat. You’d have to have thousands of calories surplus of carbs for that to start happening

  3. Cow milk is acidic and it removes calcium from your bones. So when you drink whole milk with lactose and cream in it, it actually brittle your bones, look it up! Don't believe the lies the government is trying to deceive you with.

  4. My dad is diabetic so my whole family drinks skim milk. It is honestly the best thing ever. I don’t know why people hate it

  5. Lactose intolerance, bloating, spoilt milk is caused by Uht..or pasteurised heated milk..drink raw to get the full non allergenic experience…UHT or pasterised milk is unheatlhy and is commercially produced to keep u sick and dependant on the so called "health n pharmacetical industry ..whiich is worth billions worldwide if not trillions..dont get tricked…do the research yourself

  6. You should be having at least three glasses of whole milk a day in my opinion. It bridges nicely between mealtimes and personally I feel much better after a refreshing glass of cow's milk than any sort of other milk. Nice to have after your workout routine too.

  7. "The only thing I hate more than lying is skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk."

    – Ron Swanson

  8. I was going to give a thumb's up until you started encouraging people to drink Soy Milk, non fermented Soy product's are now being shown to cause a large range of hormonal problems such as Creating Soy Boy's and Soy Girl's look it up Soy Is Bad. Whole Cow or Goat's milk is the best milk with Equal amounts of Fat to Carbs and fortified with double cream if necessary to achieve 50:50 Fat:Carbs. Fake milk is not Milk, Milk comes from Mammals

  9. Why do you think you can't buy raw cow milk is not because of bacteria or any other lie
    All th additives they put is what will kill you
    Almond milk REALLY ?
    yes I will be selling poop milk that is good for you is low in fat and sugar free

  10. why do all boxes of cereal use skim milk as the nutrition facts… I am a dairy manager at a large chain of supermarkets … I might sell 8 gallons a week compared to hundreds of whole milk followed by 2% and then 1% then skim

  11. Anyone who drinks milk obviously hates America..why don't you just move back to Arabia since you hare America so much..fucking milk drinkers

  12. Listen here, scrubs. We are all supposed to drink cow milk. It improves our bones and it’s good! That’s the circle of life.

  13. I have to drink whole milk to gain healthy weight
    I eat fruits and veggies, chicken, brown rice, potatoes, water, milk lol

  14. My parents get skim milk and
    I have been drinking it for most of my childhood but I prefer whole milk. Personally, it tastes better and I just like it and I’m drinking skim milk right now and it tastes like whole milk so if anyone knows about that feel free to comment.

  15. This is an issue, a lot like the organic vs nonorganic debate, there are pros to whole, there are pros to skim, either way, it's probably a lot better if you drink milk period, then just drinking soda like so many people do.

  16. Organic whole milk I can't drink none organic milk makes me break out !! And organic milk taste better and actually helps me too sleep

  17. My mum has been feeding me semi skimmed milk all my life. I now live at university and do grocery shopping for myself so I was curious if I should continue drinking watery milk.

  18. Full fat milk only. The only contraindication is high cholesterol. Low fat milk means that it’s low in vit D as well as calcium. Also, low fat milk is low in CLA as well and CLA promotes fat burning and protects from insulin resistance.

  19. Cutting fat in our diets leads to more fat on our bodies, if we make guns ownership illegal crooks will not own them. If you believe either of these statements, you are officially brain dead.

  20. If you drink skimmed milk you might as well just have water with your cereal. Whole milk actually tastes like something

  21. I tried my hundred percent whole milk I tried 1% milk I tried 2% milk and I'm trying to skim milk they taste much better with chocolate syrup and chocolate protein powder whey ,30 Grams- 80 grams especially with body fortress muscle gainer 60 g and muscle milk gainer 32 g

  22. I've always had to percent but now I use almond milk for cereal and cow's milk for drinking (mostly chocolate milk).

  23. Doctors just don't want their patients to be healthy they see everyone is turning into health nuts. You know what that means? You're hardly going to the doctor and if you're not going to the doctor the doctor's don't have patients & if they don't have patients they can't get 💰.

  24. I have been drinking skim milk for 61 yrs, no health problems ,tall and thin , thanks , I will keep drinking my skim milk

  25. Tbh I think cows milk is healthier for you but the pasturizing of the milk kills a lot of vitamins and nutrients. It's really a shame

  26. It’s not rocket science,if you are overweight then drink skimmed milk,if you want to bulk up then use full fat milk. All other milks are junk,man made junk.

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