Walking & Talking #187

Walking & Talking #187

hi guys it is 859 and you about to get
out here and do my walk so let’s go right now because well I don’t know I
started this morning off pretty good but it seems like wow come on oh this
camera dude I don’t see anything there we go okay so that was just a there’s a lot of
things I wanted to talk about but you know I can think of a bunch of things to
talk about when I’m sitting here you know getting dressed or putting on my
tennis shoes you know whatever ooh but then when I get out here it’s a
whole different thing and so now my beeping in my ear sound so well the first thing I wanted to talk
about is you know I have been waiting to hear from the Social Security
Administration about my my you know disability and so they say that they
don’t have enough information to make a determination about my my disability I
guess so they made an appointment for me to go to
a Medical Group and have what they call an internist exam so I’m not sure what
that entails but it’s something I have to do in order to continue to get my
benefits so that’s going to be on October 16th and it’s at 3:30 in the
afternoon which well you guys know I usually I usually take care of my
business early in the morning like I make my appointments
you know if it’s from between 8:00 in the morning
and 12 in the afternoon I’ll do my appointments but this is not an
appointment that I was allowed to make Wow basically I have to go by what they
set up for me so I’ve arranged to get a ride to the appointment so I’ll make
sure that I’m not late let’s see what else well that was one thing that I
definitely wanted to be to have taken care of so I’m glad I got that taken
care of morning anyway so the next thing is
let’s get this thing is I can hear a beeping in my ear but it’s not on it’s
it’s beeping because my my my earbuds are Bluetooth and I started off walking
too fast a guy amantha slow it down a little bit but my pulling on my sleeve
sorry my earbuds are bluetooth and so they are also attached to my computer
and unfortunately they’re telling you that I mean that’s an error beep it’s
telling me that I’m too far away from my computer so
I forgot to well I always do I always forget to turn the Bluetooth off for the
computer when I’m gonna do a walk I like to have headphones on when I’m you know
watching stuff on my computer because my hearing is not that great when I was in
the army we had we have an exercise where you qualify
with your weapon meaning you know they give you a gun in an sixteen and they
you know give you a target and you shoot up the target and based on you know your
results that would determine whether you’re a sharpshooter marksman or an
expert I think it’s expert so my drill sergeant
at the time remember I told you guys she didn’t like me and what she did was you
know she ordered us to put these earplugs in to protect our hearing well
needless to say me being the nincompoop that I was at
age 19 I didn’t put the earplugs in so you know we’re just shooting away
shooting away and it affected my hearing in my left my left eardrum so there’s a
little little damage there and that’s why I used the headphones when I’m safe
watching a movie or you know something on YouTube I used two headphones so I can hear
better and also so I don’t have to I don’t have to you know if somebody comes
to my door I don’t have to answer it they just think I’m not home so yeah
that that’s another reason I’m here I’m gonna stop right here because I’m about
to take this this hill and I think I Oh Lord I put this thing on yep
I think I broke it but I put my sweater on because it was chilly out here but now after I started walking it’s uh it’s
kind of kind of warm so let’s just stop and put that on so let’s see um I don’t want to talk
about the president I think I think he’s gotten enough attention from me this
week just what I told you guys just what I told you guys what’s yesterday yesterday or Monday I
don’t remember but best east in trouble to talk about that so you know watch these uh I watch these
uh I guess you can’t with ratchet shells housewives the Potomac Love & Hip Hop
Hollywood basketball-wise and another one I like is married to
medicine and you know these shows is something else it’s of course it’s just
entertainment but I don’t know I guess it’s uh I guess I watch them because I I want to escape my life because you
know my life is it’s pretty uneventful I um I gotta clean my kitchen remember
those dishes I told you guys that I needed to wash I am washing yet I’ve
just been I don’t know I’ve just been lazy I guess just not wanting to you
just go in and I don’t know I say I go in after my walk and you know the first
thing I do is I download my video onto my editing software and you know because
it’s thirty minutes it takes it a while not 30 minutes maybe maybe fifteen
minutes to upload it and then you know get it into the software so I I could
use that time I could use that time to wash the dishes
there’s not a lot of dishes actually it’s you know silverware one plate and you know the glass problem is I didn’t
wash it the last time I ate it’s not gonna wash itself so it’s just been
sitting here I didn’t eat yesterday and oh I know but
I wanted to mention now I don’t know how true this is because I saw the
information on social media I think it was Facebook and basically what it said
was people with high blood pressure heart disease diabetes pre-diabetes
anyway instead of people with those conditions you know one or the other are
all that they are shortening their lifespan if they are getting less than
six hours of sleep a night now that concerns me because
I don’t get I don’t think I get six hours of sleep I wake up a lot at night
say I go to bed and eight I usually fall asleep about nine so let’s say nine
o’clock nine ten eleven twelve one two three four five okay so I do get I get
enough sleep if I were to sleep straight through
I don’t sleep straight through I usually wake up two or three times so I’ve got
to really get down to do the math and see whether I’m getting about six hours
of sleep I think eight is the superb number but not have to see but yeah that
kind of scares me because you know I have heart disease and you know I I
didn’t realize that sleep was that important I know that you’re you know
you supposed to like your diet and stuff like that you’re supposed to watch out
for but I had no idea that sleep was something that’s important to say my
health my doctor never said anything to me about sleep one way or the other you’ll see that’s why we have to watch
out when we are walking do you see how that man wasn’t even looking and then he
had the nerve to look at me funky when he saw he has a way for me to cross the
street like dude anyway we’re not gonna dwell too much on taxes that’ll be
another thing that scares me into staying home instead of getting out here
doing home my walk and so shucks forgot what I was talking about now see that
that kind of shit anyway so let’s think of something else to talk about charge
my memory that scared me you guys so oh I guess I was talking about the sleep my
doctor never mentioned to me anything about making sure I get enough sleep you
know she talks about my diet because you know she doesn’t want me to wait as much
as I weigh you know I took off 20 pounds and then put it right back on so I don’t
know I I guess I’m just gonna have to more pay more attention to getting
enough sleep but I mean if my body’s needs to sleep it seems like it would
sleep because you know like I said I wake up in the middle of the night and
I’m just not sleepy now I don’t get up out of the bed because I always try to
make it like a like a little sleep break I don’t get into deep sleep maybe that’s
something I can do some reading about some kind of self hypnosis where I could
you know not make myself sleep but time to allow myself to get into a deep sleep
you know what I haven’t heard my RunKeeper he stops that’s so weird I don’t know
why it stops like that it uh yeah it still there pardon me yes it stops I wonder why it
does that so weird and like I said I have it moved or anything too you know
they get it to stop I just set the thing and put it in my pocket but mmm these
apps honey I don’t know anyway so it’s really beautiful here today it’s not as
breezy as it was yesterday for the for the most part it’s still kind of warm
and it’s obviously the sun is shining and it’s not as clear as it was yesterday
yesterday we can see the mountains and everything but today it looks a little
hazy and kind of a smoggy well that’s what you get in Southern California a
lot of smog because you know there’s a lot of cars on the street that’s a crow and we got some big ones
here too I would see them sometimes I’m looking out my window and you know maybe
somebody you know left some bread out for them or something like that and
honey I looked out there and I saw these big old crows I was like oh my God look
like roosters not roosters turkeys well I’ve never seen a turkey fly but yeah
they look big I was like whoa reminds me of that movie
the Alfred Hitchcock movie the birds and I mean those birds were you know they
were I guess medium-sized but can you imagine a turkey sized bird expert taking us you trying to get you cuz
that’s what these birds would you but they never in that movie I don’t think
we ever found out what the deal was with those birds why
they were being so aggressive so alright we are here at our spot pardon me so quiet right here nice Jew what time
is it it’s not nearly enough time I guess we started off walking pretty fast
I did the same thing yesterday got quiet when I stood here well I’ll just uh this is a pretty good
spot right here there was a house for sale across the
street there and I told Brittany for her to buy it and she’s like mom I cannot
drive that way they know the big distance long distance from here to
where she works they you know I think it’s about 30 or 40 miles I’m not sure I
do some math but can you imagine having to drive that way every single day huh
Wow I lived in in Los Angeles and I worked in Santa Monica now on the
weekends that’s not a long drive not even a I don’t think it’s even a
15-minute Drive but on the weekday doing you know what they call rush-hour
traffic still not sure why they call it rush hour because you ain’t getting
nowhere but I would get on the freeway and girl I’d stay on that freeway for 35
45 minutes just to go to Santa Monica there’s just so many cars and you know
it’s traffic everybody’s trying to go in the same
direction and Ronnie I think yeah they come up with some new
ways to walk come up with new ways to walk that take exactly 30 minutes because now it seems like what I’m
having is to when I first started doing this walk it took longer than 30 minutes
but you know that was last year obviously in July or August and I
started off on the track I was walking around the track and and I noticed that
I would just do the galway around go all the way around until I think was like
four times you’d have to go around for it to be a mile but I don’t know am i
concentrating on how long it takes me to walk or am I just walking a mile because
if I’m just walking a mile then naturally that may or may not be 30
minutes depending on how fast I’m walking so there’s that anyway I’ll try
to figure that out tomorrow but right now we’re going to go in and
get out of these sweaty clothes and get to Eddie are back good walk no see that says 9:30
and my my watch says almost 9:30 like 9:25 all right you guys that is it for
today’s video we’re doing pretty good this three days in a row okay so I did
get over the hump but like I said I’m just doing one day at a time and we’ll
call it what it is until I can get into a full routine we’ll just do one day at
a time okay guys thanks for walking with me and we’ll see you in the next one bye

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  1. You are killing it! This new time is really working for you I think. For sure when things start to get boring, we gotta change it up! I hope everything goes well with your appointment, and glad to hear you got a ride!
    Don't worry, those dishes are not going anywhere 😉

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