100 thoughts on “Viral Video Star Says He Doesn’t Talk To Family Because ‘They’re Irrelevant’”

  1. Somebody should tell this toy to be nice to people while you climbe the stairs, because you will meet them when you go downstairs.

  2. I know the guy with the whole "irrelevant" shtick got rejected by his family for either being gay, trying to be famous or just being a complete dinkhole. He's saying they're irrelevant on tv to make himself feel better like he doesn't need them, but I could tell there is a lot of sadness in his voice when he was talking about his mom. He needs to come to terms with the fact he's not interesting enough, talented enough or even hot enough to actually be famous and go crawl back to his family.

  3. I don’t say kill them either but first of all they like the same gender as themselves something is obvi wrong in all gay peoples heads look at these two

  4. Im not gonna listen to a knockoff jefree star and bootleg earnie w a hightop from sesame street, get them off of here 💀💀💀😭😭😭

  5. I'm disappointed in Dr. PHIL for even haveing these terds on his show. But then again there had been alot of terds on here lol

  6. Him: “It’s okay I get it, because these people already knew me right?”
    Crowd: “loud denying protests”-

    Me: well then 😳
    This ep. is one wild ride

  7. That hairdo is irrelevant and who are they NOBODY knows seems they are the irrelevant ones I really never heard of them

  8. Well i know these people are over reacting clearly and trying to say things to become famous like the cash me outside girl.

  9. i dont care who tf gets offended by this.
    their both men regardless of how many gallons of makeup he pours on his face and fake hair

  10. omg can you believe i actually used to know this guy

    As if i'd know an irrelevant person pfft i didnt even know about this guy until yesterday

  11. Larz (the one with the tall hair) has 27k followers on Instagram (something you can easily buy), he isn’t verified, and on YouTube he has his subscriber count private, probably bc he has little to none and he just buys views/likes. The guy in drag has under 1k subscribers. Dr. Phil needs a better research team, these two are fake and used DrPhil for clout.

  12. I want to know how people end up this way. They're so incredibly removed from reality they're basically living on a different planet. Especially that Larz kid. I'm also going to brush this off as a case of natural selection. They're predesigned to be flawed and so nature is weeding them out. They'll slowly wither away and disappear with the wind. I feel bad for Larz' parents though. I'm sure they never intended to raise such a horrible person. Hopefully they had other kids and can just pretend Larz doesn't exist (he's helping them out it seems).

  13. These two abnormalities just demonstrated why fruitcakes are either thrown in the trash or sent as gifts to ppl you don't like.

  14. Both of them look so awkward especially Lars his body language screams insecurity and hurt hes trying too damn hard

  15. people would beat these idiots up just because theyre dipshit egotists, but it would FOR SURE be labeled a gay hate crime.

  16. Man that dude dressed up as a lady gave me panic attack when i first saw him. Some times i wonder what kind of world are we living in now.

  17. “When you get famous you caught people off!” I dont get this logic and who is this guy 😂! Your certainly NOT Celine Dion LOL! Come back to earth dude!

  18. Where are your values and respect for having the nerves to not talk to your family just because they dont have followers LOL! I never seen such thing with celebrities cutting people off just cause they dont have followers or not “rich enough”! What a shame!!

  19. I swear this is fake. If people actually think like this then they’re too brain dead to snake their way onto national television.

  20. You never know what you have until it's been taken away, and you can never get it back.

    Also this new generation… so dilusional

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