Towson Chiropractor Reveals Neck and Back Pain Relief Solutions Dr. Blake Kalkstein

Towson Chiropractor Reveals Neck and Back Pain Relief Solutions Dr. Blake Kalkstein

Hi everybody, it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein
from Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, team chiropractor for the Baltimore Orioles, and
your Baltimore area chiropractor. And today we’ve got Sam in our office, and Sam’s coming
by for a tune-up. Same initially came into our office for neck pain, headaches, some
low back pain… Knees.
Knees, anything else? Whole lot of stuff going on.
Whole lot of stuff going on, and today we’re at visit number ten, and most of those items
are cleared up, wouldn’t you say? Yeah.
Yeah, and today is more of a tune up, make sure we’re on track. She’s finishing up her
treatment plan, so we’re gonna look at her neck, we’re gonna look at her low back today,
we’re gonna adjust her neck, her mid-back, her low back, and your knees and your hips
feeling okay? Yeah, my knees and my hips have been good,
we’ve just been mostly working on my neck lately so…
Neck, and Sam’s a senior, she’s getting ready to graduate, and she did an internship this
year which was a lot of desk work, right? So a lot of butt time, so we’ve got that computer
posture where our head’s forward a little bit, we got a lot of pressure on our neck.
Sam was getting some headaches and some mid-back pain so we’ve helped her resolve those things
as well. So, Sam take a look at me, stand and face
me, and turn your head to the right as far as you can. Good. And to the left for me as
far as you can. And she’s got some decreased left rotation. We’re gonna make a note of
that. Bring our chin down to our chest. That looks
good. Bend your head backwards for me. Good. Does any of those motions bother you?
Not particularly. Okay, so we’re gonna go back again here, and
over like this. Does that bother you? Yeah a little bit, yeah.
And does that bother you? Yeah.
So she’s got two positive orthopedic tests, and a decreased left rotation in her neck.
Now let’s see you bend forward and touch your toes for me okay? Good. And her flexion in
her lumbar’s fine and looks full. Does that bother your back at all?
No. And I want you to keep your legs locked and
bend backwards from this position right here. Does that bother you?
Slightly, not as bad as it did. Not as bad as it did, so slightly, so range
of motion was almost full with a little bit of pain. So bend back over here like this.
Does that bother you? Not too bad.
Okay, and bend back over like this. Does that bother you?
Not really. Okay. So negative on the kemp’s test for a
low back. So let’s start on your stomach, face down for me okay? So, we’ve identified
that she has decreased rotation in her neck, she has some compression irritation when we
take her head back and to the left, and back and to the right. And that indicates that
the joints in the back of the spine, she’s having some mechanical neck pain. And so we’re
gonna treat that and we’ll re-examine her at the end of the treatment to see if we’ve
made an improvement with her, which I think we will.
Good, now I’m just identifying where Sam’s spine is restricted and where we’re gonna
treat her mid-back, and she’s tight right through here, through here, and a little bit
up here as well. So she’s gonna take a breath in, let her arms hang down to the floor, take
a breath in, and out, and lift your head up a little bit Sam. Good. Right there, one more,
breath in and out. And let this loose for me Sam. Good. Good. Good.
Okay. Now Sam is gonna roll over on her back, and we’ll treat her neck next. Come on your
back. So, we’re right now finding out where her joints are restricted. Is that tender
for you Sam? And C2 on the right is restricted right here, and Sam will tell you that it’s
tender. I’m pushing on the joint, it doesn’t wanna move very well. And as we work our way
down, is that tender? And C4 on the right as well. What about right here?
A little bit, not as bad as the right side. Yeah, a little bit but not as bad. So we have
some joint restriction on the left and the right side of her neck, and we’ve got some
muscle tension in here. So we’re gonna work on the muscles first and then we’ll adjust
her, and this technique is called active release technique, and it’s incredibly effective for
trigger points, muscle tension, muscle tightness, muscle pain, anywhere in the neck, the shoulders,
the mid-back. It works great on the feet for plantar fasciitis as well. It’s great for
jaw pain and headaches, and Sam could tell you that she feels the pressure of the treatment,
but it’s not a painful treatment, but it’s an effective treatment.
Sam you can feel that knot back there right now? Yeah. So let this head loose for me.
Good. And right now we’re just working on the posterior muscles of Sam’s neck to try
to relieve the tension in there. And what this does is it allows the adjustment to be
easier on the neck, and it keeps her pain-free longer after treatment.
I can feel it. And the muscles we’re working on right now,
this treatment is great for headaches, for tension headaches, for cervicogenic headaches
which are caused from neck pain. Now that we’ve got the muscles to loosen up we’re gonna
treat her neck with the adjustment here. Let this shoulder drop. And that was just a very
nice and easy treatment. And just there too. So next we’re gonna treat Sam’s low back,
so Sam’s gonna lie on her side for us. Go ahead and lie on your side, face me. And when
Sam bent forward she had good range of motion. When she bent to the left and the right she
had good range of motion. When she bent backwards she had a little bit of pain, but there was
no pain with the compression tests. So we’re gonna do a specific low back treatment here
for that low back that was irritated with extension. Let this, keep that foot there
for me, let this drop over. Good. Other side. And this, this treatment is incredibly effective
for back pain, for sciatica, for disk pain, and it’s not aggressive, it’s pretty easy
on Sam. On your back for me. So that’s the treatment we’re gonna do for
Sam’s complaints today. We looked at neck pain, we looked at low back pain. Now let’s
re-test what we saw here. Sam step on off for me, and go ahead and turn your head to
the right for me as far as you can. Good, and go to the left for me. Great, and your
range of motion is full on that side now. Now bend your head backwards, and that’s improved
as well. Let’s take your head… Doesn’t hurt as bad too.
Yeah, back over here, does that bother you as much as it did? And does that bother you
as much as it did? No.
Great, okay, let’s see you bend backwards at the waist, and we see her range of motion’s
improved here. And does that feel better? Yeah.
Alright everybody, thank you so much for watching, and we’ll see ya next time.

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  2. It seems like a lot of your screening involves special tests, although literature doesn't deem them effective as screening tools. Do you you utilize functional screening tools to asses for example the cervical spine as a whole unit rather than special tests or one segment at a time (which has been proven invaluable)?

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