Top 5 Most Challenging Rib Tattoos | Ink Master

Top 5 Most Challenging Rib Tattoos | Ink Master

Which one is that one? Angel.
Angel of death. Yeah, on his ribs. Kyle. He is going to …
bricks today. The ribs suck to tattoo. Black and gray
isn’t my strong suit. This sounds like a nightmare
from the start to finish. How do you want to do it? Pop it with the angel. Okay. He has a staff,
standing by a tombstone with the crow there
with his hand out. Do you want to do a full-body
type of thing? Yeah. I’m at the mercy of this …
who will not budge on his idea. Do you feel comfortable
just doing him? Nah, man. I need it to look it’s
apocalyptic in the background. You’re not going to put
a background behind it? That’s a lot of … to cram into
a six-hour tattoo on the ribs. You know? There’s no way
I’m going to be … able to pull this off. God damn, this is painful.
All right, that’s it. Oh, …
All right. You got to finish it, man. No. Nail in the coffin. Great tattooers go home
all the time on this competition because you’re at
the mercy of your canvas, and this dude is done.
I think I’m going home. Don’t plan your funeral
before your body dies. Even if he was being a …
Kyle is still my little brother and I love him
and I want him to do well. It’s so difficult knowing that I can’t do anything
to help him out. Who’s getting the ribs? Jason. Right here. Look at how white her skin is. Blowout’s will be …
super apparent. Yeah, thanks Roly. You know what? From now on, it’s …
Team Steve. First thing, on the ribs,
we have to go smaller. It’s just going
to be less detail because it takes a lot longer
to tattoo it on the ribs, so I want to
switch it off the ribs. I mean, I really want the ribs just because my legs are water
and my torso’s air. The more likely we can change
the location the bigger, cooler the tattoo. I’m not going to tap out
or anything like that. I have a full back piece,
sternum. I could be really
screwed right now. I mean, if this girl makes
the slightest movement my lines are going to look like …
and that will send me home. I’m super happy that
Steve’s team is in trouble because I’m pissed
at Roly right now. He gave me the rib tattoo. He’s in the tricky spot. When you put a design
on the ribs and then they lay down
it gets really big, so you’re having to do
twice the amount of work. I wanted to go detailed,
but it’s on the ribs, so I think it’s better to make
sure we get a tattoo done and it’s clean. Jason. Your color looks punched. You’re the first one so far that
has a waxy glow to your tattoo. The placement is
what kills this thing. The balloon is so slender
and straight, and the basket is
directly underneath it and it’s just turned
on its side. It just doesn’t look
like a hot air balloon. It looks like
a chalice of blood with butterflies
flying out of it. What did he want? A volcano. Black Anchor. They gave us the biggest piece.
I was like what the … What’s up, Erin and Doom?
I thought you guys had our back. Volcano, huh? Big as you can get it, yeah. Are you open to moving it
or you pretty set on- No, I’m with the ribs. Can you just take off
your shirt for us? I’m nervous about him sitting
for six hours on his ribs. He wants it big.
He wants it bold. It’s a lot of saturation. Did you see Carlos and theirs? Yeah.
It’s … massive. That’s what they do
all day though, every day. Black Anchor is
a world-class shop and it is known the world over
for having really great realism [inaudible
00:03:40]. How you guys doing? I’m going to have to …
jam on it. I’m confused, at this point, that I am even in an alliance
in the competition. I think they gave us
the harder one maybe to try and knock us down a little bit.
Biting that lip off right now. Honestly, I feel like
we could really shine. I just hope that time
is on our side. Final hour. Switch. Oh, you got that lava flow. They got a big piece there. Crank it out, man.
Pedal to the metal, guys. We expect a lot out of Aric
and Carlos just because we know
where they come from. Black Anchor Collective
is already a very well-known, very established shop
in the country. Black Anchor’s struggling. None of the details
they have so far are finished. All that wavy ground. It’s sketchy. I just don’t think that
they’re prepared to do a tattoo that can be finished
in six hours. They don’t do it at home and I don’t think they’re going
to be able to do it here. Black Anchor. The perimeter shape
is just an obtrusive, big smear on the side
of this body. You’ve got to leave
some open skin. It’s like everywhere you look
in this tattoo is a coverup. The only contrast you have is
from the areas of solid color to the areas of
light color you did. As far as details go,
there’s no detail. This is one of the rougher
tattoos I’ve seen here. This guy wants aliens
battling each other. Mike. I got this crazy … who wants a space battle
on his side. This is a nightmare. I wanted a whole battlefield
and then with a planet, a black hole,
or a wormhole, whichever, and some kind of alien
battlefield. Are they battling on a planet? No. They’re just
in outer space … Shooting at each either? Yeah, pretty much
flying saucers … shooting at each other. Okay. You have got to be …
kidding me. The tattoo I’m going to make will probably
be around this size, but it’ll be easy
to build off of. Because we won’t finish
if you do your whole ribs. I think you should be able to. Total [inaudible 00:05:45]
you should be able to. It’s not possible to finish
something that size. If I don’t finish this tattoo
I am screwed. That tickles. Just a little bit, huh? That tickles so good.
Oh, yeah. This canvas keeps moving around. He is not sitting
very well at all. Sorry. Mike’s tuned into outer space
right now with his canvas. He’s a … weirdo. I think I’m really … Mike. You’ve hit contrast here. There is some nice areas
of darkness in the space, but you’ve got circles.
You’ve got different areas that are geometrically supposed
to be parallel and perfect, and they’re all
a little rough. That dude was weird. He just kept sitting up
and moving all around and he wouldn’t sit still. What I don’t like
is the way you tattooed. It doesn’t have
that finished look that I’m used
to seeing from you. It doesn’t have the polish. This is why you don’t want to
phone those flash challenges in. No. Yeah. You’re going to get a guy
like this if you do. If I get a skull pick
I’m going to get him. Dragon coming out of my ribcage. Ripping out of the skin? Yeah, like …
and putting his head out. Right. Yup. You’re not moving it
from your ribs? Nope. Is this guy serious? I’m not moving it. This canvas’ ideas are nuts. If this is what he thinks
traditional Japanese dragons are,
he’s looney. Sausage. I’m just wondering what
Sausage did to them guys. Oh, Lord have mercy.
Boy’s going to be screwed. [inaudible 00:07:23]
about a lot of things, but it ain’t
coming off the ribs. Okay.
I had Lap-Band surgery. You had Lap-Band surgery? I had it done and I lost
over 200 pounds. Can I take a look at your ribs? Yeah, sure. Holy crap. A lot of loose skin. The swelling
is going to be immediate. When people lose a lot of weight
their skin becomes very rubbery. It’s like thin paper. You can blow a line
just by whispering. The biggest thing that I have
going against me is your skin. Of course. You’ve got
to overcome and adapt. Is the skin as bad
as you thought it was? Oh, the skin’s bad. Because I lost the weight?
Is that why? Totally.
It’s been stretched out. I got the worst canvas
of the day. Because the skin is so fragile, if I’m not careful it’s going
to swell up to the point where I can’t tattoo it. You all right? It burns so bad. It’s not very fun. Oh, my … Christian and Clean were
clearly out to screw me. I’m a threat and they’re trying
to take me out, so I appreciate you
fighting through with this. Oh, my god. How you doing, buddy?
Starting to get a little rough? If it wasn’t for the burning
I’d be straight, man. Sausage is totally rattled.
I almost feel guilty. Almost. I’m pretty sure Sausage is going
to eat my face tonight. Oh, is he angry? Oh, he’s beyond angry. Sausage should be feeling
like a little kid because he’s going
to get spanked today. Let’s take this last stab at it.
Okay? Oh, man. My canvas is really
feeling the pain. He’s kind of jostling
around in the chair. This is not making it easy
for me to do these really smooth
blends that I need to nail. God damn it. I’ve got none left. I’m screwed. Sausage. The legibility of this tattoo
is lost just in the way
you shaded it. You put black right up
to the edge of the dragon and then black right
inside the dragon. The same tones inside the head
as there are outside the head. It makes it overall messy. The problem with skin
that has weight loss, it’s much harder
when it’s deflated. That being said, you do have
some anatomy issues. The neck is so thick and then you really taper down
to this thin body. It makes it seem like the head
is way in the foreground and the rest of the dragon’s
way off in the background. Your big downfall
is the drawing.

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Challenging Rib Tattoos | Ink Master”

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  8. I don't think as clients, they understand or are really explained to on what it is that they themselves arent just clients but a actual canvas's for these artists that are expected to execute that task in a timely matter. When your going on a show like this you need to accept an be willing to just say hey "this is what I want, whatever position you think will work best for you go at it." An see what you can come together on, not sit their expecting to be catered to because you would expect to have more say in your average tattoo shop.

  9. This show reaks of deception it upsets me when people don't know how long the tattoo they want will take and even after being told it won't all be possible in 6 hours they still don't budge if it wasn't on a show id turn them away and if I was the client and didn't want to budge I wouldn't let someone uncomfortably do a tattoo he's or she isn't confident in

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