These 5 Foods Are Killing Your Kidneys – Shockingly Dangerous Foods for Kidney Health

These 5 Foods Are Killing Your Kidneys – Shockingly Dangerous Foods for Kidney Health

Oh I love doing grocery hauls! And today’s video is going to be really interesting! Let’s see what’s inside
This doesn’t look so good In the bags you see here with me, ranked from
fifth to first, you will find the most unhealthy and most dangerous foods people eat every
day. We’re talking about this much sugar per serving
And this is not even the worst part Hello, this is Katherine, welcome to 00kidney. Today we talk about the worst foods for kidney
health. Healthy foods replenish your body with vitamins
and minerals, protect you from disease, and keep your kidneys healthy;
these are not those foods. These foods are full of sugar, unhealthy fats
and cholesterol that are damaging your health and your kidneys without you even noticing. Let’s face it: a lot of people have kidney
problems without knowing it. According to statistics, 96% of people with
kidney disease reached the advanced stages without even knowing they had a problem. Yes, one in seven North Americans have chronic
kidney disease but only 4% of those with early kidney disease know they have a serious condition. The point here is that, even if you’re healthy
and you want to keep it that way, focusing on a healthy nutritional regimen is the only
thing that can prevent kidney damage. Kidney disease is a silent killer and if you
eat the foods I’ll show you today, severely damaging your kidneys is a lot easier than
you may think. Eating healthy is even more important for
people with kidney disease since their kidneys will tolerate a lot less toxins and unhealthy
ingredients. So what happens when you go shopping around
without checking the labels of the foods you are buying? You end up with a grocery haul like mine! So let’s see what we have here today! Number 5, let’s see what’ inside! Is this pizza? Oh yeah it is. While pizza can be healthy if you make it
the right way, most of the pizza you buy counts as junk food because of the high amount of
calories, of refined carbohydrates, including sugar, fat and sodium it contains. What not everyone knows is HOW unhealthy pizza
actually is. Eating pizza regularly may be as bad as smoking. I’ll show you why. Let’s see what happens to your body when you
eat a slice of pizza. Let me show you. mmm this doesn’t look so good. Should we heat it up? Let’s do it. A lot better now. This slice of pizza is about 6 ounces or 170grams. There’s about 55 g of white flour in it. Now, the flour used for pizza… is the unhealthiest
kind of flour: refined wheat flour. This flour has almost no fiber so it’s less
filling than whole-grain flours. It makes you eat more. And if you eat it regularly it can lead to
conditions like high cholesterol, fatty liver, high blood pressure and can even raise the
risk for obesity, according to nutritionists. And you’re eating this much of it for a single
slice. Now, in this slice of pizza there’s even sugar. Sugar is probably the unhealthiest food for
people who care about the health of their kidneys. Sugar is usually put in the dough to help
it rise and even in the sauce. In a slice of pizza you will find between
4 and 8 grams of sugar, depending on the toppings. This is between one and 2 teaspoons of sugar
for a single slice. The worst offenders are pizza with ham, Canadian
bacon or pineapple. There could be even twice this sugar in a
single slice. If you want to avoid health and kidney problems,
watching you sugar intake is a priority. And it doesn’t end here, because there’s also
an unhealthy quantity of saturated fats in this slice of pizza. We’re talking between 30 and 50 grams of fats
per slice, equivalent to this much butter. Last but not least, there’s sodium. Sodium is between 2 and 5 grams per slice,
this could be about one teaspoon of sodium. Question. How many people you know limit themselves
to just one slice of pizza? I mean, these quantities of sugar, salt and
fats I see here are unhealthy, but they won’t kill you if eaten once in a while… and if
you wouldn’t end up eating more. Because pizza is so tasty and it makes you
want more. So one slice is never enough and most people
end up eating a lot more than this quantity of pizza. Yes, pizza may be really bad if you want to keep your
kidneys healthy. And it’s a good thing that I’m not making
this video in Italian because if people here in Italy knew I’m talking bad about pizza
they would kill me. BY the way, if you like this video give it
a like and share it! Thank you! The final insult brought on by high-fat foods
like pizza is the prolonged, gradual blood sugar rise that occurs many hours after eating. This condition is associated with an increased
risk of heart disease and diabetes, and it’s really dangerous for our kidneys. Number 4, let’s see what’s inside! Diet yogurt… diet soda… no fats dairy…
our number 4 is anything diet! Ok, now that you’ve binged on pizza you may
think that it would be a good idea to focus on an healthier diet by getting some foods
marketed as healthy, or no fat or “diet”. Well, that would be a mistake. And it wouldn’t be your fault, either. Years and years of aggressive marketing campaign
by food brands ended up instilling in the consumer a fake sense of what’s actually healthy
or suitable for a diet. Often, we end up eating the most unhealthy
things when we think we are eating healthy. Example: this is diet yogurt. If we check the label, we can see that there’s
actually no fat in it. Ok, that’s 0,1g of fat, as advertised on the
package. This other one has 0, no fat at all. The problem is that fat-free foods are NOT
food good for kidney health or for health in general. The problem is right here on the label: sugar. Yes, they removed fats and added sugars. And this is not even the worst part. Everything that’s labeled free of this or
free of that is not an healthy food. No calories are ever, actually, free. Yes they removed fat, but then they added
sugar or additives to make it taste good. So don’t get fooled by the health halo on
sugar-free, gluten-free or fat-free food options while grocery shopping. If it says sugar free or fat free, always
check the ingredient list to see what is substituted in its place. if there is no sugar, then there may be more
fat added to a product or vice versa. Or maybe they added something even worse to
replace sugar. Look at this diet soda, for example. Yes there’s no sugar in it, but what did they
put instead? Aspartame and Acesulfame potassium. What’s wrong with Aspartame and Acesulfame
potassium, you may ask? There are tons of studies proving that these
sugar substitutes are dangerous. Especially aspartame. There are studies showing a correlation between
aspartame and headaches, heart disease and weight gain. So basically even if there’s diet written
on the can it still makes you fat. Aspartame has even be proven to be nephrotoxic,
meaning that it directly damages the kidneys. The point here is that you should always read
the labels and get informed about what you’re eating, if you care about your health. Be wary of ingredients you cannot pronounce
or that you know they shouldn’t be there. For example, peanut butter should logically
be only peanuts and perhaps salt. It’s unnecessary to have anything else in
it such as added sugar, hydrogenated oils or any other ingredient you aren’t familiar
with. So be informed, and read the label so you
won’t fall for marketing tricks. By the way, do you know anyone who thinks
that eating diet foods is healthy? Send them this video now! Ok, let’s see what our third unhealthiest
food is. Number 3 let’s take a look… and this is
morning cereals! Yes, breakfast may be the most important meal
of the day, but it could also become the most unhealthy if it is composed mainly by sugary
cereals! Yes, this is another food a lot less healthy
than people may think. Have you ever asked yourself how they can
transform grains of wheat and corn into flakes of cereal with this particular shape? They extrude them. This is a process that involves a high temperature
soupy mixture of all the ingredients. Then, they shoot the flakes out of a small
hole at high temperatures and pressure. So you get this shape. The problem is that the process kills all
the vitamins and essential nutrients present in the wheat and in the corn. All the heat and pressure involved in the
extrusion process can even damage the structure of the grains protein, generating toxic compounds
that can damage your organs. Yes, this is what we give children for breakfast. If this wasn’t enough, most of the brands
put so much sugar in cereals that sugar is listed as the second ingredient on the label. Now, as you can see,
this brand has 26 grams of sugar per serving. We’re talking about this much sugar
But let’s see how big a serving is. Who is ever going to stop themselves to this
portion of cereals? This is just too little for any breakfast,
if you ask me. Even for a kid, to which these cereals seems
to be marketed to. Now, your favorite brand may have a slightly
different portion size or sugar quantity in it, but the results are clear. All this sugar is a real danger for your kidneys. A high sugar breakfast will trigger a really
unhealthy chain of events. There will be a spike in blood sugar and insulin
levels. This is already bad enough, high sugar levels
are known to cause direct damage to the kidneys. Then, a few hours pass and blood sugar levels
crash, leaving you with a craving for another high carb snack or meal. Repeat this cycle enough times and you will
be at a serious risk for type 2 diabetes. Ok, I’m not saying that eating cereals for
breakfast will give you type 2 diabetes, but there’s a proven correlation between high
sugary meals and diabetes. The funny part about breakfast cereals is
that they’re actually marketed as healthy. How can a processed food with sugar as the
first or second ingredient be considered healthy is beyond my comprehension. This is why The American Heart Association
recommends to eat no more than 25 grams per day of sugar. If you eat just this small serving of cereals
you already got 26 grams. And no, the small quantity of whole grains
present in some brands won’t make all this sugar any healthier. Number 2 let’s open this one
Deli meat. Sausages. Processed meat. Hot dogs. Yes, these may look good on the grill, but
they are a lot unhealthier than people think. This is what the expert call bad protein and
it’s maybe one of the worst things you can do to the health of your kidneys. Why is processed meat so unhealthy? A little bit more info on how these cuts of
meat are made can make things more clear. A hot dog is made from leftovers. See, you can’t see anything that looks like
a cut of meat in here. It’s just processed leftovers. When the meat processing plants remove all
the good cuts from the animal, like the chops, steaks, ribs etcetera, what remains is still
edible. But not really good looking or appetizing. We’re talking about trimmings and leftovers
like the head of the animal, the feet, the skin, the blood… everything that’s still
edible is never wasted, they process it and they put it in these. All these scraps are full of bacteria, so
they precook them, then they add binding agents and chemicals and mix everything to produce
one of these. How incredibly appetizing. But is it unhealthy? Yes, actually things are even worse than they
look when it comes to processed meat. It’s one of the biggest sources of saturated
fat, and it has been linked to cancer and diabetes. According to the American Cancer Society,
processed meat is associated with prostate and colon cancer. According to a 2013 report from BMC medicine
those who eat over 160 grams of processed meat per day,
(and 160 grams are just 2 of these 3 hot dogs I have here)
are 44 percent more likely to die within 12 years. Ah, the hot dog. What’s not to like? It’s pretty clear now why limiting your intake
of these foods is strongly recommended, if you want to keep your kidneys healthy. And we made it to the top! Let’s see what our number 1 is
ready Energy drinks! These days, it’s almost impossible to walk
into a convenience store in the US, or in any other part of the western world, and not
finding a whole line of coolers filled with energy drinks. Brands spend millions on these colored and
sugary tasting drinks, promising us an increase in mental or physical performance. What they didn’t tell us is that the combination
of taurine, caffeine and sugar these drinks are made of may not be as healthy as advertised. Question, are there hidden health effects
associated with energy drinks? some new research suggests a really unhealthy
effect of these drinks on the human blood vessel function. 44 healthy test subjects drank a large 24-ounce
energy drink just to discover that after an hour and half their blood vessels were constricted
to nearly half their size. Good for them that they were all healthy and
young, because restricted blood vessels will make it a lot harder for the blood to reach
vital organs such as the brain… the heart and the kidneys. The kidneys may be particularly affected because
they rely on a steady blood flow to work properly. Want to know more about unhealthy foods? I’ve made another grocery haul… watch it
here! Thank you for watching!

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