‘Snapshots’ of eyes could serve as early warning of diabetes

‘Snapshots’ of eyes could serve as early warning of diabetes

(troubling music) – [Narrator] Diabetes affects
over 20 million people in the U.S., and can lead to
both disability and death. But researchers at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center have released a study which
examines a new diagnostic tool that may help to recognize diabetes long before symptoms appear. – The key complication of diabetes is the effect of diabetes
on blood vessels, be they large or small. The eye is one area
where the blood vessels are prone to damage, and we call that kind of
damage diabetic retinopathy. This leads to areas of the
retina that have leakage of blood and can actually have closures of vessels, leading to small strokes in the retina. The cumulative effect of
the retinopathy can be, however, total blindness. FA imaging will let us know whether the retina has
a metabolic dysfunction. Because of the prevalence of
diabetes in the population, there’s a 90% chance that
a metabolic dysfunction is due to a problem with diabetes. In this study, we examined
diabetic individuals without any evidence of retinopathy, and diabetic individuals
with background retinopathy, and compared their results to individuals without any disease. The diabetics demonstrated
consistently abnormal metabolism when compared to the control
individuals without disease. Patients with retinopathy
had significantly more abnormality to their readings than patients without retinopathy. This pilot study raises the promise that this technology may be
used in a reliable manner to detect patients with diabetes because almost all of them have
metabolic dysfunction in their retina that can
be detected by FA imaging. (troubling music)

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