SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus

SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus

Glitchy Boi and SMG4 intro time 😛 A normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom… Oh, boi. AYYY! I’m-a got a 🅱️ O N E R. -Eh! Ima got a boner *merio song* I W A N T T O D I E.
(KCG: SAME TOAD…) *meanwhile, two weegee dolls are making some sexes.* LUIGI: Heeeehhh? *luigi gibberish* Hmmm…. *le t-posing begins* OMG WTF HAPPEN TO SHROOMY LUIGI: *moar italian gibberish* Ooohh… *SMG4 goes to check on Shroomy.* LUIGI: Mama mia. *Weegee gibberish* Marioo? MALLEO: WHAT IS IT!? MAMAF*CKER! *grunt* No! *Glitchy is approaching the T-Posed Shroomy, spoopy…* (GV: Very) (KCG: Much) WEEGEE: *cries like a man-baby because he is one* Luigi: ooohhhhh… MARIO: Woah! *positive gibberish* LUIGI: WHAT?! OMG THEY’RE LOOKING AH! OH, GOD! WHAT THE F*CK?! They’re coming for the booty.
(KCG: Damn, that’s creepy) MARIO: Oh, no. *🅱️ANG X1* *🅱️ANG X2* *🅱️ANG X3* *Weegee freaking out while the 🅱️anging continues* MARIOOOO! Halp! Halp! Halp! Naahh, it’s probably nothin’. *luigi”s fear* WAAHH! HOLY SHIT! *panic* AAH! AAH! Oh! I got it! AAH! AAH! Oh! I got it! MARIO: FOR THE MOTHALANDS! TOAD: AAAH! JESUS CHRIST! Toad: AAAH! JESUS CHRIST! *yelling* Super Toadie Grenade! Super Toadie Grenade! AAAAAAAᴀᴀᴀᴀᴀᴀᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃ Hasta la vista, toadetta. (GV:Great joke) *mario takes his time to celebrate* DEFEATED NOW, 🅱️ I T C H?! *merio fear shriek* *FINAL 🅱️ANG* AND THEY REKT SHREK TOO?! *panic noises* Run, Bitch! RRUUNN!!!! MARIO: RUN, 🅱️ITCH! RUUUUUN!!! LUIGI: *screams* GET YO ASSES UP DEM STAIRS NOW! *Meanwhile, on the 3rd floor, Garbage, Inky Gal and that aquatic piece of shit known as Fishy Boopkins have a happy game of Yu-Gi-Oh* Nerd: Ha-ha! Looks like you’ve activated my trap card, Meggy! *meggy is confusion* Geek: I use my… Trap Hole, to destroy Exodia, the Forbidden One! *worried woomy gibberish* *Jesus, and I thought Mario was stupid…* *you dare insult le Meggy?* wHaT? oH, i ThOuGhT wE wErE pLaYiNg PoKeR, lOl. *mass woomy* Mistake: No, guys! We’re playing Yu-Gi-Oh!
Boopkins: No, guys! We’re playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Boopkins: No, guys! We’re playing Yu-Gi-Oh! MARIO, LUIGI: *panic and screaming* Mamma mia! Mario: Mamma Mia! *inkling relief* MALLEO: RUUUUUN! *yelling* *Meggy is confusion 2: crash-t-posing* *y’all don’t mind if we T-Pose?* (GV: I’ve never seen a more horrific sight)
KCG: I agree…) MEGGY: *shocked woomy* BOB: wHaT tHe TiTs? wHaT’s GoInG oN? BOOP-KUN: Oh, hey, guys! Did you come to play Yu-Gi-Oh with us? *nope, we came assert our dominance on you* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bishy Foopkins: Oh, you guys here to see my Yu-Gi-Oh collection? Here’s Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier! He’s my rarest card right now! *boopkins run!* I’m out of names: Oh, are you guys really that interested? Here’s my binder! I’ve been collecting for a who- BOOP: AAAAH, NO! STOOOP! MOOOOOM!!! *scared and worried Woomy* FISHY BOOPKINS IS NO MORE! FROM THE ASHES RISES… T-POSE BOOPKINS! *more inkling gibberish* hAhA, nOpE, lOl! i’M wItH tHe BoIs! sEe YoU, MeGgY. *dissapointed followed by confident inkling gibberish* *oof* *hey can i assert my dominance on u pls* *lmao dodged* CoNcRet Sleb FAK OFF! FALCON! *ow my goddamn ballsack balls* *badass one liner* *STRIKE* *meggy’s celebrations* LOOK OUT, MEGGY! DA ZOMBIES ARE COMING BACK TO LIFE! *shocked woomy* *luigi continues to freak tf out* MAAAARIO! WAAAAA! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE. 😀 lEt’S sEt ThIs PlAcE oN fIrE! bUrN tHe T-pOsInG bItChEs To ThE gRoUnD! LUIGI: WAAA! NO! *le weegee fears* No problem! Meggy number one! YIPPEE! *you sure she ain’t robbie rotten himself?* *excited mario noises* YEET 😂 AAAAAAH! BOB: DoEs ThIs MeAn We GeT tO sEt ThE pLaCe On FiRe? *scared gibberish from weegee and the fat italian* *big ass ni🅱️🅱️as gon get the yeet on 😂* *ikr? this is so sad… alexa, play despacito.* A S S E R T, A S S E R T *weegee strength 100* uH… uM… sHiT, i’M gOiNg To ThE rOoF. No! *malleo talk* oH dEaR lOrD, lEt ThEsE tWo GeT iNtO hEaVeN; tHeY wErE cOoL, i GuEsS, aNd NoW tHeY’rE gOiNg To DiE. rEsT iN sPaGhEtTi. pEaCe OuT, bItChEs! *a n g e r y m a r i o* You son of a bitch! *shit, they got in* *more panic noises* *Blam* *panic noises continue* AAAH! MAMMA MIAAAAAA! aH, tHeRe We Go. nOw I wIlL bE dA lAsT tO dA lIfE, aNd ThEn AlL oF tHe BiTcHeS wIlL hAvE tO rEpRoDuCe WiTh Me. bOb, YoU aRe A fReAkInG gEnIus. nOw It’S tImE tO- *scary noise* (There goes bob’s dream) pIsS. HAHAHAHAAAA! WAAAAAAOOOO! *panic continues* *Waasshooop* HELP! *grunts* Mama mia! WAAA! *oof* WAAAAHAHAHAHA! LUIGI, YOU LITTLE SHIT! HELP, NOW! Wah! Okay… *mario and luigi continue their efforts to force the door open* *mario gibberish* uH, yOu DoN’t WaNnA cOmE uP hErE. tOo MaNy T-pOsE zOmBiEs. WAAAH! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE! jEeZ, gUyS, cOuLd YoU pLeAsE dIe qUieTeR? i’M tRyInG tO rEaD. ANGERY MARIO: GRRRRR… *HOMER SIMPSON STRIKER – MARIO EDITION* *crash* BOB: oH, sHiT! Whoa! I did it… I did it! LUIGI! I DID IT! I DID IT! LUIGI I DID IT!!!! I DID IIT *weegee laughter* Oh, yeah! Hey, that’s-a pretty good! *taken 4: weegee’s t-pose* MARIOOOOO! LUIGI! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! MARIOOOOOO!!! *luigi being asserted* *nsfw mode activated* LUIGIIIIIII!!!! *RIP luigi, 1985 – 2018* gReAt, NoW tHe T-pOsE aSsHoLeS aRe Up HeRe. hOw CaN tHe WoRlD sUrViVe If I dIe? YOU KILLED-A MY BROTHER!! YOU SONS OF-A 🅱️ITCHES!!!! *ATTACCCC!* oW, mY oVaRiEs! aW, sHiT! hEy, WhY’d YoU dO tHaT? iT wAs JuSt A pRaNk, BrO. i DiDn’T mEaN tO gEt YoU gUyS kIlLeD oR– *malleo ain’t having dat shit* hOlY sHiT, cHiLl OuT, bRo! pLeAsE, i StIlL hAvE sO mAnY bItChEs To LoVe AnD mOnEy To EaRn! FAK YOUUUUUUU! HOO! bUrY mE iN wOmEn…. *splat* 🅱️IATCH! *mario gibberish* D’oh! *scared mario noise* MAMMA MIAAAAAA! *more scared mario noises* AAAAAH! *shit, there’s a lot of them* *mario gibberish* The hell was that?
(La Cucaracha) PEACH: *cute laughter* Oh no! Mario! WHAT?! *pew pew pew pew pew pew* MARIO: MAMMA MIAAAAAAAA! DIE, 🅱️ITCH! *power up* *bowser is confusion* I’m ready! TACTICAL NUKE! INCOMING! *beeping* *KA-BLAM* HORI SHITO! *bombs continue dropping everywhere* PEACH: This is fun! *master hand gibberish* I LIIIIIIIIVE! *inkling noises* Mario! Oh dear, I can’t believe it! OHH! *mario gibberish again* *peach gibberish* Get it together! I’m a superstar! I am the princess! Oh, yay for me! WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS THIS?! *Everyone looks at Shroomy almost like the look in T-Pose form* *chuckles* Uhh… I think it happened this morning… *Flashback* *Shroomy merrily sings while walking around the forest* Oh what a wonderful day! The sun is shinin’, the birds are chirpin’, and… Oh, there’s an ominous lookin’ figure in the distance! *oh damn… it’s our lord and saviour.* Oh, it’s just you, Waluigi! How’s it goin’ there, bud? Oh, nice wand you got there, too! *angery waluigi noise* *regular waluigi noises* Okey dokey! Oh, uh… What’s this? Eat it. Dewit. Hmmm…. Strange man in the forest tellin’ me to eat a mushroom? Yeah, I don’t see anythin’ wrong with that! om nom nom nom.. MM! Delicious! Y E E E E A A A A A A S S S S S S s s s s s s s… Well, golly gee, I don’t think I was very good scout today… Sorry about that, fellas! *weegee gibberish* *bowser gibberish* *inkling gibberish* *mario gibberish* BOOPKINS: Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Now that THAT’S all over, who wants to check out my Yu-Gi-Oh collection? MARIO: ‘Ey, stinky! How ’bout NO? *everyone cheers in agreement* *helicopter takes off with everyone still cheering* Oh, okay…. The end. Thanks for watching, lads! Captions made by: Mr. Nut, River Macdougall, ImaLegendaryWeirdo, Some Stingy, and fixed and remade by Angel on the internet and FK03 edits to captions made by Gaming view. Extra edits and updates by: KingCobraGaming Thank you, sponsors! See you next time!

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  1. Hey do you want to see my UGO collection The boys ha ha let’s go I go off to pick up some hot babes without you and I never see you again 😅😀😄😁😊🙂🤔🤨😒😕🙁☹️😔😣😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😐😑😳🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. Infected:
    Cow Guy
    Fishy Boopkins
    Donkey Kong
    Ronald McDonald
    Old Toad
    Girl Yoshi
    Big block guy
    Shell guy
    Chef Guy
    Smg Guy
    Other characters I don't know
    Shell Guy #1
    Tinky winky
    Laa Laa

  3. Shroomy-T-pose Mushroom
    Toad – Shroomy,SMG4
    Boopkins – Shroomy,SMG4,Toad
    Meggy – Boopkins,Shroomy,Toad,SMG4
    Luigi – Shroomy,Meggy,SMG Guy,SMG4,Toad
    Bob – Some Random Characters

  4. 4:16 – 4:17

    When me and my sister both have an f on our exams and we are hiding in one of our bedrooms and mom is outisde the door

  5. Me and my friend were t posing at school and the girls were running away. Then I find this looks like this story is real

  6. Who else thinks meggy is bae or is it just me 😅😅😅😅😅😅🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  7. Mario:we’re all going to die

    Heres johnyx8364782647727383723833837373827293842728373
    If that is in the vid its gonna yeet our ears

  8. Yep so this is Mario in Waluigi's Resident Evil to Survive in Smash Ultimate i wish in smash got biohazard mode if you got Leon as DLC (Zombie Mode)

  9. беги лес беги лес которым заражённые т-позирующие не подумают сюда нарватся

  10. this happen to me in 3rd grade everyone was doing t-pose and they all called the t-pose line everyone in 3rd grade: t-pose line !! me: why did happen to me D':

  11. Mario: Oh problaby Nothing!
    Shroomy: T poses For 2 months)
    Fortnite Pro:Does T pose Until Season 90)
    Shroomy: Gets The Default Virus

  12. SmG4 Your the best YouTuber In the whole World, I have Watched You for so long! you deserve More Subs, You should Be on the Top of T series. your almost The only YouTuber That Makes Mario videos Like these. But Search Up Sonic Zombies It's like this series But it's Sonic. And it's gmod

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