Sesame Seeds for Knee Osteoarthritis

Sesame Seeds for Knee Osteoarthritis

“Sesame Seeds for Knee Osteoarthritis” Ever since the 1920s, doctors have been
injecting arthritis patients with gold. Evidently gold-based medicines have
been in use for thousands of years, and remarkably are
still in clinical use as so called disease-modifying
anti-rheumatic drugs, meaning they can slow the progression
of rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately, such drugs
can be toxic, even fatal, causing conditions such as gold lung,
a gold-induced lung disease. Although its use can be limited
by the incidence of serious toxicity, injectable gold has been
shown to be beneficial. But maybe, some researchers
suspected, some of that benefit is the sesame oil that’s injected, which
is used as the liquid carrier for the gold. Sesame seeds contain
anti-inflammatory compounds with names like sesamin and sesamol, which researchers suspect “may
serve as a potential treatment for various inflammatory diseases,”
but these were in vitro studies. First, we have to see if it has an anti-
inflammatory effect in people, not just cells in a Petri dish, but there
haven’t been any studies on the effects of sesame seeds on inflammatory
markers in people with arthritis, for example. . . until now. Considering the high prevalence
of osteoarthritis, and since until now there
hasn’t been any human studies to evaluate the effects of sesame
on osteoarthritis patients, this study was designed to assess
the effect of administration of sesame seeds on inflammation. And they found a significant
drop in inflammatory markers, but what effect did it have
on their actual disease? Fifty patients with osteoarthritis of
the knee were split into two groups, standard treatment, or standard
treatment plus about a quarter cup of sesame seeds a day
for two months. Before they started, they described
their pain as about 9 out of 10, where 0 is no pain, and 10 is
the maximum pain tolerable. After two months, the control group
felt a little better, pain down to 7, but the sesame group
dropped down to a 3.5, significantly lower
than the control group. The researchers conclude that sesame
appeared to have a positive effect, improving clinical signs and symptoms
in patients with knee osteoarthritis, but the main problem
with this study is that the control group
wasn’t given a placebo. It’s hard to come up with
a kind of fake sesame seed, but without a placebo, they
basically compared, you know, doing nothing to doing something,
and any time you have patients do something special, you can’t
discount the placebo effect. But what are the downsides? I mean that’s the nice thing about using
food as medicine, only good side effects. Though the results are mixed, there have
been studies using placebo controls that found that adding sesame seeds
to one’s diet may improve our cholesterol and antioxidant status, and
the amount of sesamin found in as little as about one
tablespoon of sesame seeds can modestly lower blood pressure
a few points within a month, enough, perhaps, to lower fatal
stroke and heart attack risk by about 5%, potentially
saving thousands of lives.

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  1. i've seen a lot of korean recipes that use a lot of sesame seeds, garlic and chili flakes. they're pretty yummy! 😀

  2. Erm. Hi Dr. Greger. I would like to ask if the sesame seeds is stir-fried with minimal groundnut-palm cooking oil, with it make the same health effect as the raw sesame seeds? And how about the roasted pure sesame oil e.g. Ghee Hiang (Penang) brand (I think should be white sesame seed is used in production, now there's roasted black sesame oil product as well)? It has been our staple flavouring and sometimes cooking oil in our diet. Or how about milled black sesame porridge (which I really like so much)? What's your opinion? Thank you very much

  3. I'm really loving those "wheres waldo" pop-ups that you're doing. Puts a great big smile on my face every time!! Thanks so much Dr.

  4. So how much sesame seeds and in what form? I would do this in a heartbeat. My knees are in bad shape.
    Love the pop ups. They are wonderful, just like you.

  5. 2:35
    its actually easy
    put sesame seeds into some sort of container(/pill) that doesnt show that u r actually taking sesame seeds (obviously the container needs to be edible and not see-through)
    the other group gets just an empty container with the same weight

  6. I have neighbors who have osteoporosis and eat everyday sesame seeds (about 4tablespoon a day) they get better in a MONTH! thats crazy but its true.

  7. I thought about taking sesame seeds in the past, but was hesitant due to being high in omega 6, with a 60-1 ratio to omega 3.

  8. Hmmm. In the second Iranian Knee study, the one where they looked at oxidative stress and inflammatory markers, they did provide 40g placebo to the control group.

    Of the 4 markers they checked, only the decrease of inflammatory IL-6 showed a significant difference between both groups. Still promising, but 40 grams of sesame daily is not a negligible amount of seeds. That more than a kilo each month. Are you sure it's not Big Sesame behind these results?

  9. Great video! Considering I'm getting an MRI for my right knee tomorrow … This came in perfectly.
    I've been reading about isoflavones lately, however, all I can find is about menopausal women, but…I'm 24 and not there yet… hahaha. So I'm wondering if isoflavones (red clover in particular!) would do me any good. I can't find anything helpful. Do you have an idea or any sources, Doc?
    I purchased your book a couple weeks ago (it's awesome!!!) and I'm so excited for the cook book! Thank you so much for all your great work! – best wishes from Germany! Kat.

  10. Great videos – it was just the facts, no fluff and noise…until now…

    Looks like he's deleting (censoring!!) any criticism of these ridiculous pop-ups and irrelevant new distractions in his last few videos. wow. That's extreme…and not exactly, um, "democratic".

  11. Oh man, Dr. Gregor you're a funny guy……put a smile on my face this morning when I saw you popping up in the video!!! 🙂

  12. should I inject myself sesame seeds now? 🙂 or maybe I should eat more tahini, actually I have no problem with the last one… thanks doc… hope they aren't experimenting on animals though.

  13. DR Greger….are you ever sitting down?……when ever you are visible now in any video, you always….ALWAYS walking on your treadmill ….LOL……well, it is definitely your fault that I got myself standing desk now with a treadmill 2 and I LOVE it so much!!….        🙂

  14. So how much sesame do you recommend – a cup of seeds per day or so?Also, does heat destroy, e.g., if you cooked them in oatmeal?


  16. I would take this one with a pinch of salt… I mean, sesame, considering, the placebo effect is particularly strong on pain.
    No harm in sesame, I'm sure, but if it changes your eating habits or makes you complacent in other ways, it's a potential opportunity cost.

  17. I would REALLY appreciate big time if you could answer my question on sesame seeds:
    I've been using roasted sesame seeds for both iron and calcium intake. However, I hear it inhibits the iron absorption due to its large amount of calcium.
    My question is: how bioavailable is iron in sesame seeds? Can it lower my iron absorption even if eaten with iron-rich foods?
    Thanks a lot! Really looking forward to hearing from you!

  18. Thank you Dr Greger for giving and giving and then giving some more. I love what you do 🙂

  19. Sesame seeds, tahini, halva … have bin linked to salmonella. Unfortunately, in some countries, animals have access to the fields. The seeds must be roasted well to avoid contamination.

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