Rick Perry’s Death Penalty Record Receives Thunderous Applause from Sick Republican Crowd

Rick Perry’s Death Penalty Record Receives Thunderous Applause from Sick Republican Crowd

let q_-one reminder as to why you don’t want
a republican president in a reminder just how bad shit crazy republicans are uh… they gave it to you last night and of long-time listeners is program know
that i’m uh… claim against the ban that death penalty
matters because it’s been proven to kill innocent people uh… philosophically i am against the death penalty i do not
think that uh… the state should have the right to murder people to kill people i’d just don’t think that uh… that’s what civilized societies do i
just don’t think they do that uh… in texas a parent on so civilized and uh… in that words the seamy belly is that
were regulatory is i’m not sets of eyes either uh… we’ll just listen this is gonna make you noxious if you didn’t see the debate this is
gonna make you nauseous this must be loudest applause line of the entire the loudest applause line the governor perry question about texas
found uh… in your state is executed two hundred thirty-four death row
inmates more than any other governor in modern times do state that night uh… forking insane is that and i’m sorry to swear during the uh…
free segment of the show uh… but if you have children or that i can assure you that my saying that
word is far less obscene than a crowd of people cheering because
this guy has the record number of executions i mean in black universe would people applied because he’s got the word curd number of
executions i mean even if these people were all supporters of the notion that when someone kills a
cop or when someone kills a kid or when someone does uh… heinous crime people
should be executed implant universe do you op along that one the biggest applause line of the whole because this guy has killed more people than any other governor what a lot wigand women by leaking where what is d candy even contemplate what goes through the mind of those people in the audience to
spontaneously albumin if if they didn’t think it was route they’ve been hooting
and hollering yeah yeah matches guy are you applying like there were so many murders silly people got killed in taxes that we
reelect bill two hundred thirty four other that the people committed those
things how most picture your seventy second
street continue sits white just it’s just it’s just bizarre it’s just bizarre how much do i think you’ll plotting
their then you know that probably means that
there were whole families that were killed by murderers dash by plane from the beginning to see can
get the disgusting this animal that uh… rick perry pretend like he’s solemnly thinking about this issue cousin of god life-and-death held in the
crucible ma pa or in incidentally of there is strong reason to believe that rick perry not only executed
innocent people but uh… cost multiple investigations
into proving innocence of those people that he executed uh… and will put a
link up on the site to a a full run down of that but uh… that’s why he’s gonna think about it plan to keep his gamer score right the record number of killed don’t don’t take me off the leaderboard perry question about texas found uh…
in your state is executed two hundred thirty-four death row inmates more than
any other governor in modern times fiscally that night carlo with the idea that any one of
those who might have been innocent no sir i’ve never struggled with that at
all the state of texas has a fought for very clear process in place of which spin someone
commits the most heinous the crimes against our citizens they get a fair hearing they go through the teleprompter figured up to the supreme court of
united states if that’s required there we go ladies and gentlemen uh… the mary possibly the max nominee for the republicans and of course you know in this country uh… being
number one it’s really that’s probably going to be an asset to
’em sadly but that’s probably going to be an asset

72 thoughts on “Rick Perry’s Death Penalty Record Receives Thunderous Applause from Sick Republican Crowd”

  1. I think one of those executed was a father of three children who died in a fire that the authorities believe he set. Of course it didn't matter that evidence, found well after his death sentence was given, proved that the fire was accidental and not arson.

  2. The question concerned innocent people on death row. His answer only addressed guilty people, but he was allowed the sleight of hand. Why was the high number of executions in TX mentioned, instead of the fact that TWELVE long-term death row inmates have been exonerated or found INNOCENT in TX to date? The question was about INNOCENT people being killed, yet he got applause and a chance to dodge the issue with law-n-order posturing. TWELVE, but he sleeps fine.

  3. I'm always perplexed by the cognitive dissonance most conservatives seem to display when it comes to the issue of the death penalty.
    They claim that they don't trust the government at all, but at the same time they are perfectly fine to grant that very government the absolute power to execute some of it's citizens…
    What kind of logic is that?

  4. Now when it comes to the death Penalty I agree that it has to be carried out on those who have committed the most hanis of crimes. Ex: 60 year old Florida couple were buried alive by four twenty something year old's all over SS checks. Buried Alive! So all the really left wing liberals whining about how even if a prisoner has killed some one their sorry about it. News flash they aren't sorry for what they did and its just one of thousands of examples of those who deserve to die for their crimes.

  5. @MrChrisfranko You dumb ass inbred hayseed, executing people costs way more, enormously more than imprisoning them for life.

  6. @MrChrisfranko You know what would be even cheaper is to just shoot them for being accused! A bullet costs way less than judges and courthouses. I think you're onto something.

  7. I didn't watch the debate. Sam just showed one of the reasons why I don't watch republican debates. I prefer to keep my sanity.

  8. It's not insane to put murderers to death. For those who think people who are for the death penalty are racist, my choices are split between Cain and Perry. I, like many Conservatives, don't care about race – we care about the Constitution and this country. Less government is the way to go. If our next president is either Cain or Perry, I will be very happy.

  9. don't blame all Texans…believe it or not most of us don't agree with Perry. I do not understand how he keeps getting re-elected as Governor.

  10. @jjmcoates, new DNA tests have shown that some of these people were not associated with the crimes. Perry even knew about one of them and refused to stay the execution so the evidence could be brought forward to prove the innocence. It was later proven after the execution that the convicted and executed person and the DNa from the scene did not match.

  11. They were applauding, not cheering. They don't want murderers roaming the streets attacking their children. I guess this guy doesn't mind that. Typical liberal. Give them some therapy, medication and let them go I guess! Geez!

  12. @DisturbedHavok You mean the overcrowded prisons that have people living on death row for decades being paid by tax payers? If someone is innocent, they should have every right to be proven that but how long do you give them or pay the lawyers to prove this. People also get killed in prisons too you know. Murderers can still in or out of prison. I don't want them having the chance to kill or rape anyone I know or related to, do you? Just voicing my opionion, while I still can in this Country!

  13. @rickrolltide "Murderers can still in or out of prison. " thats why stuffing ppl in jail for no non-violent crimes is ridiculous.

  14. I agree with you. The applause was disgusting. It made me sick to my stomach when I heard this. Even if you think the death penalty is just and necessary, there is no reason to celebrate and applaud it.

    I had the exact same feeling of disgust when we saw crowd of people cheering in the streets on hearing the news of Osama bin Laden's killing. Yes, he was responsible for the horror of 9-11. But I only felt sad relief that a certain chapter of our history was over. Happy? Jubilant? No.

  15. Thank God for TEXAS, and thank God for Rick Perry….
    Speaking of not being civil… Lets look at abortion…
    This reporter is an IDIOT!!!

  16. Thank God for TEXAS, and thank God for Rick Perry….
    Speaking of not being civil… Lets look at abortion…
    This reporter is an IDIOT!!!
    When I saw this debate on tv, I raised a glass and was very proud of Ricks answer!

  17. @starandanchor Sure abortion is just like killing innocent adults. Do you blame god for all the dead children from natural causes? Please come into the modern world!

  18. @starandanchor So you're against abortion, but it doesn't bother you that some people who have been executed were innocent? And not only does it not bother you, but you raise your glass to it?? Sick.

  19. @leftyms I raised my glass to Rick Perry's answer, it was exactly what I would want to hear from a presidential hopeful. As for the topic of abortion, that is the innocent killing of millions, strange to me that you are not able to differentiate between the two.

  20. @starandanchor So you want a president who will execute anyone on death row even if it later turns out they were actually innocent? Ok…my point is you only seem concerned about the murder of innocent people if they haven't been born yet. The numbers are irrelevant, an innocent life is an innocent life, whether it's a 3 month along fetus, or a 49 year old man. Strange to me that you are not able to understand that.

  21. @leftyms First you should realize that it is not ‘BAM’ ‘You are Guilty’ away you go to wait for your turn in the chamber. There are appeals that are filed automatically and the number of innocent lives lost to the death penalty are extremely minimum. An innocent death is a tragedy, no matter which way you look at it. However, the guilty who are served their just deserts through the Death Penalty is far more convincing to me than the idea of simply life in prison with cable, gym and education.

  22. @leftyms First realize that it is not ‘BAM’ ‘You are Guilty’ away you go to wait for your turn in the chamber. There are appeals that are filed automatically and the number of innocent lives lost to the death penalty are extremely minimum. An innocent death is a tragedy, no matter which way you look at it. However, the guilty who are served their just deserts through the Death Penalty is far more convincing to me than the idea of simply life in prison with cable, gym and education.

  23. @starandanchor I understand perfectly how the process works, thanks. And by the way, do you know it costs the state far more, due to appeals, to execute a prisoner than to imprison them for the rest of their lives? I'm sympathetic to your feelings of rage, and desire for justice against those who have committed murder, but personally, I would much rather have all guilty persons sit in jail for the rest of their lives than wrongly kill even one innocent person, because I value all innocent life.

  24. Innocent blood is spilled everyday. That's no reason to be against the Death Penalty. How much money could go to schools and infrastructure projects if California would just kill Scott Peterson and the rest of their death row inmates they house at millions a year. You Liberals want to save everyone and in the end you'll end up screwing everyone.

  25. The same Universe and County that used to hang people in the county in the middle of town square the day after the trial. Go watch a F**king Western you dumbass. You liberals turned Death Row into a 20 year appeals

  26. process thats helping California go bankrupt. Thats why you heard the applause. Were sick of all the Scott Petersons sitting around costing tax payers millions.

  27. @dolan2159 If you right-wingers are so pro-life then why do you support murdering people in Iraq who where no threat to us? And all the other wars where your Teabagger cronies generate revenue? Odd how you people only have compassion for a human when their not born.

  28. @dolan2159 And what does crazy mentally ill conservative say? "I don't give a shit if women are going to give birth to unwanted children, I am pro life! But fuck criminals, execute them I don't care if there are some people that innocent because I am a conservative and anti-life and forgivness."

    Fucking conservative glenn beck crybaby looney.

  29. @icemankennelsny you really ought to consider shutting your big ignorant mouth before someone sticks something sharp in it. If you had a valid point to make rather than a Simpleton's racist rant, you wouldn't need to type it in all caps.

  30. Idiots like this try and claim that capital punishment isn't a deterrent to violent crime. That's because it takes umpteen automatic appeals and approximately 20 years to enforce capital punishment! By that time, many of the family members or anyone that has recolection of the crime is no longer living! It would be better if they hung these violent criminals to a TREE!

  31. @JohnCurtisFolkerts Dumbfuck Rick Killed Innocent people. I hope you get accused of a crime you did'nt commit and get put on Death Row dumb conservative fuck.

  32. I like how these conservatives will try to defend their Lunatic actions by trying to paint Liberals as weak. No one here is defending Criminals, If you believe in the death Penalty or not, Cheering like Wild Gorillas because someone has killed 200+ people is insanity…that is the point. Conservatives are like Dumb Animals they can't see why Sam Seder is upset so all they can do is call him a "Liberal Pussy" or accuse him of defending Criminals. I hope these same people end up on Death Row..

  33. I'm not american and I could care less about republican or democrate . I fail to see where the death penalty is wrong. As for the its not a deturant excuse thats just plain stupid.Its not meant to be a deturant it is a suitable punishment for the crime period.

  34. @deadman66691978 Then you must really not understand a thing about the US justice system. Read about what the innocence project has done just in Texas alone. When you see the horrible miscarriage of justice that was done by these convictions you'll see why the death penalty should be abolished.

  35. @NorthForkFisherman There are nine cases that the death penalty may have killed an innocent man since 1976, but in non of them Is there actual proof that these men were innocent and in non of them have they arrested or convicted anyone else for the crime. The innocence project, and other groups like them have done far more harm then good by getting criminals off on technicalities rather then innocence then they only give half truths about the appeals that these criminals get.

  36. @deadman66691978 Then unless you stand among those nine cases, it's all good? It's a lot easier for you to say that since you're Canadian. And the death penalty was abolished there when? 1976? And the last excution was in 1962. When you have states that have a mass-production mentality about their death row and no oversight, innocents will die. And since you say the Innocence Project has done more harm than good, then it's up to you to provide proof.

  37. @NorthForkFisherman I'm not saying that killing a man or women that may be innocent is right i only said that to prove a point. there are to many anti death penalty supporters that say "there are too many innocent people on death row"….they have not been executed yet which means they aren't executing a bunch of innocents. yes it bad that even one (if they truely were innocent) person has been executed, but for all the ones that are proven 100% guilty without a doubt they certainly need to die.

  38. @deadman66691978 So kill'em all and let God sort 'em out? See that that's the problem. The standard of proof isn't 100%, its "beyond a reasonable doubt", and that's based on a very subjetive standard. You assume that witnesses are 100% accurate, police 100% honest, and forensics completed correctly. This is the real world. People lie, forget, or are just plain wrong. Prosecutorial/police misconduct plays a huge role in some in some "100%" convictions. If even one innocent dies, the system fails.

  39. So everyone is wrong about everything and all cops and lawyers are just looking to fry innocent people. You watch far to much television if you really beleave that these types of things are in anyway common occurances .In real life prosecutors and judges are not going to risk there very lucrative jobs to make sure some poor schlep gets the death penalty. As for forensics that type of evedince is is what it is.

  40. WOW another idiot complaining about the death penalty. I mean really, who gives a fuck about a killer getting executed? Fuck the liberals.

  41. SamSeder, have you ever heard of a repeat offender? Someone who gets out of our precious jail system and murders or rapes again, Idk about you but I'd rather the rapist or murder be executed after their first offence than let them violate the law yet again. But I guess I'm a sick minded conservative.

  42. This is today's confusions. More leniency than affirmative actions taken on repeat offenders because lack of funding to jail suspects.

  43. It is much cheaper to kill people instead of keeping them in jail for $40,000 per year. Don't know why they applauded though

  44. Are you people even watching the same video as i am? He clearly says even if you support the death penalty, why would you cheer about it because Perry executed more people then any other state? That's more then just supporting the death penalty. That's Blood lust. Conservatives i know its hard for you, but have an open mind and listen.

  45. God Bless you Governor Perry and God Bless the GREATEST State of Texas for pursuing justice via the death penalty. Unlike the liberal trash as in kkkalifornia or in new york, we here in the GREATEST State of Texas actually have a sense of justice.



  46. Just because someone gets convicted doesn't mean it's absolutely certain he/she actually committed the crime they were convicted for. Plenty of peole have been found innocent after spending decades behind bars or even put to death. And when the punishment is as severe as death, you better be absolutely certain or also innocent people will end up getting executed.

    And I agree there's such thing as unborn child, but a fetus just days or few weeks old is far from that.

  47. Opinions surrounding this law become trivialised when you realise that 11% OF PEOPLE SENTENCED TO DEATH TURN OUT TO BE INNOCENT. This is a fact, you only have to do a little research to realise that the Texas, and many other states justice systems are flawed. You can be content in saying 'murderers should be put to death', but what about the innocent people? This law is responsible for the wrongful convictions of over 100 of them. 

    Anthony graves is one example, he was convicted of murder following a false testimony and served 15 years on death row before the state found him innocent (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eva-paterson/an-innocent-man-on-death-_b_1132242.html). The latest example is Reginald Griffin, he was on death row in Missouri for 30 years for allegedly stabbing a prison inmate. He was found to be completely innocent because the state had withheld the evidence proving that Reginald was not connected to the crime (http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/2011/08/reginald_griffin_missouri_supreme_court.php). If that doesn't suffice there's 141 more http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/node/4900#138 

    So when Rick Perry says that 'the state has a thoughtful and clear conviction process', he is either ignorant or lying through his illiterate sparkly teeth. Both results make him an evil man. The people in support are no better. I'm sure you people would not fail to have empathy if someone you loved was wrongly sentenced to death.

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