Paid Family Leave: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Paid Family Leave: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Mother's Day it's the day we honor moms as opposed to every other day when we look at our phones and go yeah not now mother's day it's not just an opportunity to do something for your mom it's an opportunity for businesses to be the thing that you do for them JC Penney believes mom deserves to get everything she wants the JCPenney Mother's Day sales baskin-robbins Mother's Day cake pick one up today for Mother's Day personalize your M&MS on my mms comm welcome to Hooters right this way moms Rock bring yours to Hooters on Mother's Day and Shirley cream perfect what what better way to honor the woman who gave you life than taking her to Hooters mom I just want to thank you for making me the man I am today a man who takes his mother to a hooters on Mother's Day by the way I don't have to pay for you so order me some wings yeah even America's national pastime wants to publicly acknowledge mothers hey Mets fans come spend Mother's Day at Citi Field on Sunday May 11 every mom in attendance is going to receive this Mets t-shirt on Sunday May 11th make sure your mom receives this Dodgers Mother's Day clutch celebrate Mother's Day with the home team the first 10,000 women get a raise flower pot it's the perfect gift for the mom who enjoys the three B's baseball botany and being disappointed with her Mother's Day gift in America there is nothing we wouldn't do for moms apart from one major thing according to the United Nations we and Papua New Guinea are the only countries in the world that do not provide any paid time off for new mothers just us and Papua New Guinea that is unlikely appearing as Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon separately great but if it's just the two of them with no one else it makes you feel like one of them has taken her eye off the ball Reese in in the u.s. here in the US federal law grants workers just 12 weeks of unpaid leave and there are some stark limits on that you have to work for a company with 50 or more employees you have to have been there for over a year you have to be a full-time salaried employee so if you're a freelancer contract or something like that and it doesn't apply to you and what that means is that 40% of workers are not covered by the federal law so if a worker with no paid leave goes into labor at work she better hope it's on her lunch hour and that her co-workers don't mind if the break room gets a bit messy and and this is not to say that women don't take leave they just have to get very creative about doing it what we have right now women do take maternity leave it is oftentimes unpaid and it is through a patchwork system where they use up their vacation time they use up their sick days one woman I talked to put her maternity leave essentially on her credit cards no sure that sounds bad but on the plus side think of all the points she turned towards vacation she can't now take because she has a baby this is not how it's supposed to work mothers shouldn't have to stitch together time to recover from childbirth the same way that we plan for day weekends in Atlantic City oh I'll take a vacation day Thursday call out 6:00 Friday hit the slots Saturday win big Sunday and I'll never go back baby whoo and look I look there are women who want to get back to work as soon as they can and that's obviously fine but for many women the current situation forces them to return well before they want to like this new mother right now I'm using the Family Medical Leave for my time it's not paid and it'll guarantee me my position back only for 12 weeks I see myself probably maybe like a month that's what I don't see myself taking longer than that I don't know how I could take longer than that so probably like a month that is a woman who deserves real gratitude in the form of a Tampa Bay Rays flowerpots just to help her in the baby and that's if your pregnancy goes according to plan if a baby's born prematurely parents can be forced to make some truly heart-wrenching choices like Selena Allen whose baby was six weeks premature and who knew that she could only afford to take four weeks off in total we decided the best thing we could do is to spend the one month with Connor when he's home with us I gave birth on Wednesday and on Monday I went back to work it was like a piece of me got left in that hospital and now I had to pretend that I'm okay okay that's terrible although I will say you have definitely got everyone's what I did over the weekend story beat oh oh really Carol skydiving that's interesting I dropped a baby from my innards and I was forced to leave it right there in the hospital for financial reasons but go ahead tell me what you had for brunch the next day you had waffles you're incredible Carol that's a great King story look I don't have to suggest that this is an issue that only mothers should have to think about family leave should be thought of as an option for both parents which will take some cultural adjustment look at major league baseball which offers all of three days off two players who become fathers but when one of them the Mets Daniel Murphy actually took it things happened this week sports radio skewered him for missing the first two games of the season for his son's birth he gets ripped back to your team when you play baseball that's my take on it what what you done you can do anyway you're not breastfeeding the kid said c-section before the season starts I need to be I need to be at opening day oh good luck selling that to your wife uh listen babe I know I play 162 games in a season but I can't miss a single one so let's cut that thing out of your belly talk and wear my baggy pajamas and swing a cone of wood to make a ball go far so so why do we have this system in the United States well for a start employers tend to fear any sort of mandate but when it comes to family leave any fears do tend to be overblown look at the way that lawmakers discussed our current 12 weeks of unpaid leave system back when it was proposed in 1993 I want to make sure that all of you who will vote for this have no illusions this bill will cost jobs today America's businesses are already saddled with too many suffocating regulatory burdens now is not the time to shove restrictive federal mandates down the throats of American businesses and American families this bill is unfair anti-business anti-growth invasive deathly expensive I say this to the house if we allow new mothers to take time off work businesses shall crumble our city shall burn and hungry wolves shall roam our streets I'm not anti mom I'm anti wolf that's all I'm saying no to walks no to the wall think about the wolves now that that bill obviously passed and a 2012 survey found few work sites reported negative effects of complying with the law so we thought the bill would kill us but instead we just got used to having it around like an irregular mole or a new stepdad I don't know why I was so afraid of you gene you were fine now now some people might argue but but that was unpaid leave paid leave is two-owner us but is it because back in 2002 California passed a plan providing six weeks of partially paid leave funded through a small payroll tax essentially it was an insurance plan that will cost employers little to nothing but all the same fear-mongering took place and in the end this happened more than 90% of the companies there reported either positive or at worst neutral affect businesses seemed to just make it work and and the polling data we have when we when we survey them most of them say it's just not a big deal yeah it seems paid maternity is a bit having hockey on in the background and a bar it's not hurting anyone and a couple of people are actually really into it so so look in California it worked and yet only two other states have followed their lead and that may be because any legislation that specifically seeks to support women often faces vocal opposition in fact Minnesota recently debated a bill which expanded unpaid maternity leave and provided other workplace protections for women which seemed like a slam dunk after all lawmakers love their mothers in Minnesota just look at these videos they made hi mom happy Mother's Day whether it's one day or all year round frankly we should be thanking their moms happy Mother's Day to all mothers in Minnesota thank you and do I talk about my mom or the mother of my children I love them both she always said there's two sides to every story you need to know them both before you can be wise enough to know what to do okay just pump the brakes a bit because moms are like feet the more you talk about them in public the more everyone assumes you want to have sex with them so so just just don't still it's it is it is we don't think too much about that it is it is interesting the representative Dan halls mother taught him that there's two sides to every story because you might like to know that he and every other lawmaker you just saw voting against that bill and you can't have it both ways you can't go on and on about how much you love mothers and then fail to support legislation that makes life easier for them in fact until we until we as a person do something to address this this should be the only message that were allowed to send on Mother's Day Mother's we owe everything to them they gave birth to us they nurtured us they made us who we are and this Mother's Day we have just one thing to say to all the mothers out there get the back to work seriously get back to work now because unless you can personally afford to take the time off you want we're gonna need you to get your exhausted ass back to work and show us that can-do attitude that moms are famous for we do anything for our models up to but not including paying them to stay home for a while after pushing a human being out of their body but we do want to say thank you and what better way to thank us for thanking you then maybe turning up on time once in a while we appreciate you moms that's why we're happy to allow you to bring that weird donut cushion to work just so long as you promise not to tell us what it's for and if you need to find a place to pump breast milk well no problem either use the break room or even better why not get some fresh air you'll be more comfortable out there it'll be like a picnic and mom's you love picnics the important thing is that you come back to work when you're ready or when you're not ready or even when your placenta is still technically inside you oopsie clean-up on aisle 7 look at you supermom taking care of everyone because remember not only can you balance work and family you have to and that's why this Mother's Day we know you'll be grateful mom's because you understand that even though 183 other countries do more for you we do as much as we feel we can right now what we're saying is you deserve the very best mom's you're just not going to get happy Mother's Day you

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  1. Living in Germany and it's incredible how not jealous Europeans are of American 'opportunities'. Things are so much worse for nearly everyone. Even rich people in the US often have a worse quality of life than middle class Germans. Americans are pulling a version of the UK, unable to belive that they aren't the best place tô live.

  2. With things like this the benefits are visible but the costs are not. Businesses are more hesitant to hire young women and have to raise prices to cover the time taken by mothers. Visible benefits, invisible costs.

  3. As a childless woman I believe if you willingly get pregnant and want to keep your child then you are telling the rest of the world "I would rather be a mother than a productive economic member of society". YOU should take on ALL responsibility for YOUR child. Not the government, not the corporation you're working for, not your family, but YOU. Can't afford your hospital bills? Should have budgeted for that before deciding to have children. Daycare? Formula? Diapers? Housing? Your problem. If YOU get pregnant that's YOUR problem. The company I work for can't afford not to have employees, we need people to work, so they aren't going to pay for someone who got knocked up and stays at home.
    Don't have children if you can't care for them on your own.

  4. There’s some issues here. If you force businesses to pay family leave, they are going to hire fewer young women. Unpaid leave makes sense, it guarantees you’ll still have your job without burdening the company. Also, Every one of these sob stories, I wonder “where is dad?” and “were they not prepared for a new child?”… why were they not saving money, or preparing for dad to be the prime income for some time? All these problems could be solved with some self reliance and family preparation. It’s not a simple “America sucks” issue John Oliver you fucking HACK!

  5. I almost always agree with john Oliver. But I will say here that I work for a small business and when men or women take off for leave due to the CHOICE of having a baby it often leaves everyone else picking up the slack. By helping the mothers in this story you are almost always inconveniencing so many others.

  6. Viewers from the rest of the world: "Hm, I'm gonna watch that. I wonder what's wrong with the paid family leave system in the USA."
    John Oliver: "We don't have one."
    Viewers: "WHAT THE FUUUUUCK??? What the hell is wrong with you people?"

  7. My wife and I just found out that we are expecting our first child this December. A week later, her boss at her school said “you’re putting the baby in daycare, right?”


  9. “Moms are like feet, the more you talk about them the more it seems you wanna have sex with them”
    He says while talking about moms and making a Mother’s Day special

  10. This just shows how shitty people are. We need to care about one another more than this. I would gladly sacrifice some of my much needed money so that dads and moms can take care of their babies so those babies don't die or (like Chris rock said) rob me in 17 years. Families need support to be healthy.

  11. O.K so I live in a developing country and even we have paid family leave, the fact that the US is not only so against abortion rights and still don't give paid maternity leave is absolutely insane

  12. This is just another mark on the wall making the US an even shittier country….almost communist.
    In Canada we get 1 year paid maternity and that's your full pay and it can be split up between the mom and dad.

  13. I love how Republicans don't want abortions to be legal. And don't want these women to get paid leave. Like jesus you're supposed to be force into birth, child care, and not get any leave from that.

  14. You want rewarded bcuz you got a baby thrown up in you? Why are you even bringing kids into this fuc#ed up world. This world is sick and your getting nutted all up in you.and want rewarded.

  15. First world country.
    Brazil, the violent third world country has 84 days (your 12 weeks) of PAID maternity leave since 1943. 120 days since 1973, and it works, hell Brazil was a right wing military dictatorship supported by and supporting the US during both of those.
    How can the richest country in the world be 50+ years late on basic workers rights?

  16. I'm a German engineer and my (male) colleagues usually take 2 to 4 months paid parental leave when their wife just gave birth… Amongst engineers, this is considered perfectly normal nowadays…

  17. America is a piece of crap country. We say we love mothers, veterans, lgbtq folk, etc. But when legislations that supports those claims come to surface, everyone ignores them! Americans say we're the greatest, but that's just ego, brainwashed idiots talking…

  18. This is probably why there are so many stay at home moms in America compared to other first world countries.
    They literally can't stay home for 3 months and then go back to their jobs so a lot of mothers choose to take as much time as they need but then they have to find a new job afterwards with a cv that's got, say a year of work missing because they were raising a child.
    It's also why less Americans breastfeed and therefore why breastfeeding is not such a common occurrence in public that people don't make a fuss or think it's an issue like almost everywhere in Europe and Africa.
    I've even seen a woman breastfeeding in public in Tanzania which is a Muslim country.

  19. Beautiful thought, but why get paid if you're not working? An employer should hold your position and promote you in absence, but why get money? It's the employee's responsibility to get insurance to cover the cost of a prolonged absence.

  20. Since I don’t want kids, I believe I should be entitled to 2 months off for personal development and growth. Additionally, I would like 2 months off when I get a new puppy in order to properly bond and train it. Let’s see, what else do I feel I deserve? If you want equality, all men should receive the SAME EXACT THING, period. Since I cannot “give birth”as a man, I believe I am entitled to the same amount of time for personal development and traveling. THE FMLA ACT ALLOWS WOMEN TO TAKE 12 weeks off. Is it the companies fault that that woman decided to have a child when they couldn’t afford to? If a person does not have 12 weeks of savings to carry them, they shouldn’t have had the gd kid. Why should companies pay for people’s personal decisions? I am sorry, women who argue for this wonder why they might not get hired…well if I am an employer, who do I want? Someone who is going to be out for 3 months every year that I have to compensate them for? Or a guy who will work for 12 months…

    Equal pay for equal work, equal leave for equal genders. If women are given any time off specific to their gender, then men are due the exact same thing. Same for women who are unable to have children…

    Please try to argue. How about the women who plan on having children be forced to take out a savings plan from their own paycheck that is used as a paycheck for when they take that 12 weeks off? What is wrong with that? What is wrong with women having to use their paid vacation to cover? Why is that wrong? Oh, you want to have your cake and eat it too, oh I get it…

    EQUALITY FOR ALL! It is what the leftists preach for…

    How about companies just giving women who give birth 40k dollars? Why not? How about women who give birth just don’t have to work for a year, two years, three years, all paid by the company. Why stop at weeks? It is as arbitrary as years…let’s just let them retire, company has to pay them for the rest of their life…why not?

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