Oxy-Powder: How Does Oxy-Powder (A Natural Colon Cleanser) Work?

Oxy-Powder: How Does Oxy-Powder (A Natural Colon Cleanser) Work?

Hi! I’m Dr. Group from globalhealingcenter.com here to answer some of your questions and today I’m answering one which I get asked all the time about our top selling supplement and that is How exactly does Oxy-Powder work? now Oxy-Powder is an oxygen based intestinal cleanser and for colon cleansing to work, you must dissolve any solid compaction you might have in your intestinal tract into a liquid or gas using time released oxygen This is exactly what Oxy-Powder does. Oxy-Powder uses a controlled reaction to
release pure monatomic oxygen (O1) straight into the bowels basically a single oxygen atoms is bonded to
a magnesium compound the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and the positively charged toxins in the bowel releases these oxygen bonds pumping enough oxygen into your bowels to literally burrow through or neutralize the toxic sludge and contaminated mucous caked on the sides of your intestines the vital oxygen provided helps to purge and detoxify garbage from
the small intestine and colon and also serves as a excellent remedy
for constipation and IBS as we proved in human clinical trials that were done on Oxy-Powder. There’s no healing element on the planet better and safer than oxygen and I congratulate you on your decision
to start cleansing and wish you the best of health.

36 thoughts on “Oxy-Powder: How Does Oxy-Powder (A Natural Colon Cleanser) Work?”

  1. this product is pretty good. it really melts away compacted sludge in your intestines. making your tummy flatter. thats what the muscles on your stomach is, the digestive system. i am a little worried about the magnesium content causes its seems high

  2. Will this help with parasites?Hope to hear from you,I don't know If I have them  but I'm 57 and think It's bout time I did some kind of cleanse.

  3. you can ingest enzymes also.  yeesh.  magnesium oxide is used as an antiacid and as a magnesium supplement.  since it is alkaline, the citric acid in this powder brings the pH back towards neutral.  If you are having regular BMs then you are not filled with sludge.

  4. Do you suggest for people who are trying to overcome candida to do the 6 day fruit fast? wont all the sugar cause the candida to go out of control and make things worse? please help. thanks!

  5. I took 1 this morning just went to the toilet pooh was kinda wered looking ,like lumps in it , kinda scared now , are these worms they were like small lumps

  6. Can I take oxypowder in the daytime? I'm having an ibs attack for the past two days with cramping and passing only mucous. I'm sure I need to be cleansed and oxypowder works well for me. But I need help now…I wouldn't even mind if it worked for me late tonight. I just have an appointment in the morning so I do t want to wait till tonight yo take it. Thanks for a reply. Carol

  7. Dr group I got my oxypowder today , how many do I take per day ? says 1 on bottle? but I've heard many people say 4or 5a day? what is the recommended dosage for clense please?

  8. Do you have "Stink Butt", Do you find yerself wiping excessively after every movement? Then use Oxy-Powder Intestinal Cleaner.
    They do clean you out. It says they don't cause diarrhea, but that's what i got, and was only in the morning, but that could be do to not taking on an empty stomach before bed (late dinner). The bottle recommends 4 pills at night before bed, I started with 3, crapped 3 times in the 1st hour and a half the next morning, the 2nd night; same dose, crapped 6x in 3 hrs, Drink plenty of water because you may end up a little dehydrated.
    2 days later i had the best poop in years, clean long extrusion, no excess wiping, no stink butt. I think they opened a decent sized passage way, but haven't totally scoured to the intestinal walls, but that's only 2 days of use. as soon as i have 2 more days with free mornings i'm gonna do a 2nd round, maybe i'll poop like i did when i was a kid! LOL… Poop 🙂

  9. I start the liver/colon cleanse today. Am I able to drink coffee or tea during the 5 day cleanse?

  10. Is it ok too do the 6 or even 7 days of cleanse on BONE BROTH instead of fruit? I’d like too avoid the sugar if possible. Thnku

  11. I know this is insanely late comment but does he oxy powder also remove muciod plaque? I haven’t been able to find it online and clearly you can’t really see much with the stuff that leaves your body lol

  12. This stuff is so amazing!!! I am so healthy and so thankful for this cleanser. Overcomer of SIOB and ulcerative colitis. I follow the blood type diet/ paleo with rice 2-3 times a week. I am no longer suffering and medication free

  13. This powder changed my life. I had IBS and crippling stomach pains. I've just finished my first bottle of 120 capsules and I do not suffer from these ailments anymore. It is amazing. Huge thank you to you and your team.

  14. Hello DR. Group,
    I have been on the oxy powder for 2 days I would like to know should I take probiotics while taking the power? To replace the good bacteria flora.

  15. Thank you for the information. This is exactly what I needed to know. My regular products have been discontinued for some reason, so I will be trying your product, since it sounds like it works the same way, but with one product instead of four, and without messy mixing, so that's bonus!

  16. Hi doc,I am doing a parasit cleanse and heavy metal cleanse, but I am really constipated, is this a good product for Clearing out this toxins ?

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