Canadians mr. Harris thank you for seeing me dr. Mayfair oh of course of course I heard your last doctor was horrible I hope you find my offices more to your liking are you kidding this place is a castle gives me a real sense of serenity but to be honest I've been so worried about my condition I haven't been able to come up with any more references to your career that sounds serious what seems to be the problem well hi I'm Neal I sleep a lot and when I dream I dream in puppet news puppet dreams what is it dr. Feldman well it's nothing serious just your mouth hole is very wet hmm is that bad yeah could be and when was the last time you gave your skin our once-over with that tide stick um or at least I hit it with a lint brush so now we're going to just lift your gown up for a moment don't you want to buy me dinner first that would be very unprofessional humming oh my god what what is that what is good what is what right now it's a it's yeah how long have you had that my whole life fascinating yeah would you excuse me for a moment hmm hey guys get a load of this mr. Patrick Harris would you mind if my colleagues and this warthog took a look at that could you have asked me that before you brought them in absolutely hakuna matata right my god it's hairy thank you it's huge yeah yeah I'm real proud of it how long have you had this problem it's only a problem when I drink too much good to write that one dad what do you call it well David affectionately refers to it as my trouser weasel I really just can't take my eyes off it it's a medical marvel oh okay now you've done it it's awake oh hi folks names Winky nice looking crowd so what do you want a little music a little dancing cards he does tricks all the time let's just sit hmm play dead Oh oh very Jamel Winky do the moonwalk Wow is that it no I can do this for two hours straight oh my okay um you know what it's a he's a little wired now so can you guys leave for a few minutes so I can calm him down oh yes the Internet wait I'm going with them but you live in my pants hmm it's getting kind of crowded in there at that giant of yours you see doctor I gotta get this fixed you'll never believe what I was dreaming about well I have some idea you are after all wearing a hospital gown Oh Canada thanks so much for watching if you want to see more Neil's puppet dreams just click this thing down here not my hee-haw the subscribe button although you

50 thoughts on “NEIL PATRICK HARRIS & NATHAN FILLION in DOCTOR'S OFFICE – Neil's Puppet Dreams”

  1. Trouser weasels and giant cocks have been known to vomit when vigorously stroked, so please take special care when petting your penis analogues.

  2. so, i clicked neils hee haw at the end, funnily enough, took me right to the scene where all that shenanigans began. how fun!

  3. WTAF is this and why the hell don't I know about it???? More importantly, has Neil ever given David a Cleveland Steamer?

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