KT Tape: Middle Back Pain

KT Tape: Middle Back Pain

This application is for middle back pain or thoracic pain-which is often caused by facet joint irritation, costal or rib joint irritation, or herniated disc and this is an application you can try. Body position for this application is to flex forward through the thoracic spine to stretch the skin over the area of application. Your pain may vary as far as level though we will use this red dot to indicate the
level of pain in this case. My first strip is going to be an I-strip. And what I am going to do is tear off the paper off the logo end of the tape to form the anchor. And going above that area of pain I’m laying that anchor down with no stretch on the tape. Then I am going to peel that paper off and lay that tape down with no stretch, and on the bottom- no stretch. Create a little friction. My next strip, again another I-strip. And what I am going to do is tear off the anchor down by the logo on the tape. And placing that on the other side of the spine- basically framing that area of pain. Again- no tension, no stretch as I lay that tape down (no stretch). And for my third piece I am going to tear off another I-strip, this time tearing the paper in the middle. Being careful not to touch the tape, just so it would adhere better, I am going to put full stretch on the middle section of tape over that area of pain. So full stretch on the middle section of tape- laying that down and then just taking that paper off and laying those anchor ends down with no stretch on the tape. From here I am going to use a bit of the paper to create a little friction, a little heat- to make sure that adhesive is warmed up and adhering well to the skin. And then standing back up- that is how you would tape for middle back pain.

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