KT Tape: Lower Back Pain

KT Tape: Lower Back Pain

This next technique is for low back pain low back pain can be centralized or to
one side slightly. In this case we’ll tape right in the middle so following right down the middle of the spine What I’m going to do is tear one piece off. You’ll actually need four pieces in total torn this way. I’m going to tear the paper in the middle peeling the paper back again, stretching the tape evenly, and not holding
just with index finger and thumb which would cause uneven tension on the tape I’m going to have the patient lean forward flexing through that area taking the one piece of tape and going right across the area
of pain with even tension I’m going to lay that middle portion down and then lay the tails down with no tension staying in that position I’m going to take
my second piece of the four using the same technique, I’m putting middle tension
on the tape, and laying it down right over the pain site and again laying the tails down with no tension. With the next piece,I’m going to do the same thing, now on a diagonal laying the piece down with middle tension, seventy-five to one hundred percent, and rubing the tape to create friction on the tape and heat
the adhesive up slightly so that it will stick and for our last peice I’ll place on this diagonal again, good middle tension, seventy five to one hundred percent and I’m just going to give it a good rub to make sure those pieces are adhering I’ll have him stand back up how does that feel? and he is good to go

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  1. I tore a muscle in my left lower back and i play soccer quite a lot. Does that have anything to do with it? Im startin to get scared cuz the pain has been getting worse and i havent been able to play or run anymore. Will it go away completeley and if so, how long will it take???

  2. @edgarrodriguez333 Hey I recently sustained this injury, Can you offer any advice? Also how long did it take to heal thanks?

  3. @cotymorris uhh. i got some help from my gym teacher. he said that all i had to do was take plenty of rest and it should heal in a couple weeks. depending on how bad the torn muscle is. i took a whole week off of running and it healed very fast. i also used Bengay Menthol Pain Relieving Gel "Cold Therapy". that i bought at my local walmart, that also helped the wound heal and soothed the pain at the same time. hope this helps you. :]

  4. defiantly rest like edgarrodriguez333 said, i have had this injury myself, tearing left side..thought was nothing, my spine twisted..goodbye season

  5. Why, you going right down the spin? Humm, my physical therapist told me you can't go down the actual back of the spine. She said, she can go right beside the spine and across the back, that's what seem to help with my non stop chronic lower back pain.

  6. Check out our new version of this application. There is a link to it in this video. You'll notice that it no longer has the piece going down the spine.

  7. Visit our website for all the information on the tape. It doesn't hurt to put it on and you take it off after several days of wear.

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