Knee Pillow 🌼Wedge, Legs| MEMORY FOAM PAIN RELIEF Cushion Lab REVIEW 👈

Knee Pillow 🌼Wedge, Legs| MEMORY FOAM PAIN RELIEF Cushion Lab REVIEW 👈

today we’re looking at a memory foam
knee pillow from Cushion Lab stay tuned to learn more alright so the memory foam knee pillow
from cushion lab comes in this nice little handy carrying case so I’m going
to take it out of the bag and I have one of these that I’ve already been using
So I can tell you about my experience with it I’ve been using one for about a week
it’s made of extra dense memory foam and it’s designed to help alleviate and
prevent lower back pain and hip in so as I said I’ve been using one recently I do
find it superior to what I had been using for knee support I have been using
I actually use three or four pillows and I’ve always used one for my legs for
many years but I’ve just used a traditional pillow or a memory foam
pillow not one specifically designed for this purpose and I’m really liking it
it’s less bulky never using a big pillow alright so this pillow is very very soft
so this is going to be something great that I can use at night as you can tell
you your legs will go on either side like this and this would be in whatever
position you prefer and it’s very very squishy soft and would conform to
whatever body type you are this does come with a zippered removable cover
visitors on the back and I’m going to take out to show you what’s underneath
it’s a very dense memory foam the cover is washable and you obviously can can
take it out I prefer using a pillow slip and I guess the reason for that is I
like to change it about every other night I don’t change my sheets that
often but had you change pillow slips so what I’ve been doing is using a
regular pillow slip up over top of it and that works much easier just you know
take the old one off put the other one on and not have to wash it in and you
put that cover back on I’m actually thinking about taking the pillow the
standard pillow slip cover and just cutting it back so it’s a little closer
to the size of this neat pillow now this cover like I said is removable and it is
said to feature air layer technology for maximum breathability so you’re not
going to get hot with this because it will nice and cool down and keep and
make sure you don’t retain sweat you could also call this a wedge pillow I
didn’t call me pillow wedge pillow and you can use it for support in different
areas it’s really great for pregnancy or for those with special orthopedic needs
guess she could use it for back support or breath support or wherever you NIC
wherever it feels comfortable now what I personally like about this pillow is
that it is small it’s not big and clunky so if you were to travel and are short
very certain that a hotel does not provide something like this to take it
along and it will help you and it will be very easy to change yeah it seems
like in hotels they’re never enough pillows this is because I like to use
three or four and this would be easy to take with you and your suitcase or in
the car you could actually use this in the car maybe if you were passenger or
in the backseat on a long trip I don’t think that’d be good for a driver but it
would be great for a passenger if you want to take a quick nap on a long drive
down you definitely could do that and I’ve
done that plenty of times I’ve actually pulled my car beside the road and in a
rest stop or whatever and taking naps these pillows are especially beneficial
for those who have issues such as sciatica I’ve never had except during
pregnancy a big problem with with lower back pain or hip pain and maybe because
I do routinely use a pillow elec pillow i read that most people are side
sleepers and this is super for side sleepers also for post-surgery recovery
so they’re even for those who don’t routinely like to use a Alecto this
would be good to have on hand and so again it is great that it has the
zippered cover you can take them clean so what I’ve been doing what I intend to
do is just to use a pillow slip on top that I can change about every other
night and then every so often I will take the cover off the pedal and wash it
all right so here we have the nice little tag on the side it says cushion
laps and designed in the USA and I don’t think I mentioned that is the covers
very soft oh as well soft breathable fabric that um you don’t really see with
these types of pillows series of the the little insert that it came with the
pillow and it says our memory foam is custom engineered and made with
polyurethane from Germany certified consumer safety and quality by Ola Kotex
global standards so here’s the other insert that came with the color just
shows some of the uses some of the locations between your cab
knees thighs you can kind of prop yourself up with it so you think you’re
going to try this out definitely I am one of the many side sleepers yes
alright guys so that is all that we have today for the cushion lab comfortable
memory foam pillow thanks for watching and make sure you check the description
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  1. I appreciate the video and I will try ☝🏽 now! Not using it for pregnancy tho…!! Lol. 2 knee surgeries on both knees, another to soon come, used a third pillow for between knees for passed near 15 years, want to see if it jus relieves the pain some thru the night!

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