KEVIN DURANT Achilles Injury | Doctor Reacts to Devastating NBA Finals Injury

KEVIN DURANT Achilles Injury | Doctor Reacts to Devastating NBA Finals Injury

as you all probably know Kevin Durant was able to return for Game five and unfortunately he had to leave the game after re injuring his right leg in this video we're gonna get right to it and break down kind of my initial reaction what happened on that play obviously the fear and concern about a possible Achilles injury or certainly making that calf strain much much worse as always go subscribe if you guys like this type of content we want to stay up to date for future videos and let's get to it now at the time I'm recording this I haven't seen any official word yet come out from the Warriors about what his diagnosis is or what his status is and so if we find out that by the time this gets uploaded I'll fill it in the description but forgive me for not having it in this video let's get right to the footage and explain what might have happened on this play and what could be going on with this worse injury pulling up the play here we see him start to drive in with his left hand remember it's his right leg that was injured and I think it's probably right here where he's pushing off on that right leg we're here II injured it an extreme amount of dorsiflexion under load where he's trying to push off and accelerate with that right foot puts a ton of stress on the Achilles and on the calf muscle he was still able to take off and kind of plant that right foot but he didn't really exert much load on the calf or the Achilles when he planted that foot just given the neutral position of it but then right away of course he held up he didn't want to put any weight on that foot key difference here if you remember back at his original calf strain when he came off the court he was grabbing much higher up on his leg implying more in the calf muscle or the gastrocnemius muscle belly but as we saw here this time he's sitting on the court he's grabbing much much lower down closer to his Achilles tendon raising the concern for an Achilles injury one interesting thing we saw him actually point the foot down murder planar flex and that's the motion that your calf muscles and your Achilles complex are doing it's pointing the toes down I wondered it first as this just that he's relaxing his foot and it's falling down but it looks like he is actually actively trying to activate those muscles and push it down if you've got a complete rupture of your Achilles tendon it's gonna be really really hard to do this and you're also gonna have a really hard time bearing weight and walking on it like we saw him doing on the way back to the locker room now in the locker room they've got the tools to determine right away if he's got a complete Achilles rupture and they can also probably get a good sense of if this is the Achilles versus the calf there's something called the Thompson test where you lay on your with your leg hanging off the edge and then squeeze the muscle belly of the calf to see if that Achilles complex is completely intact if you get movement in the ankle that means the achilles tendon is still intact but if there's no movement that means it's ruptured but even with just a basic ultrasound machine you can tell right away if that Achilles is still intact or if it's been completely ruptured I respect the heck out of him for trying to come back and be a competitor and really support his team but this is why there's so much stress and anxiety with team physicians and medical staff with whether or not a player can return because yes sometimes they come back and they do really well there's no issues but sometimes this happens and this is why as medical providers it's really hard and we really have to stress about these situations not saying I told you so I'm just explaining the nature of the situation that makes it really hard for these medical teams and the players to know what the best thing to do is in these circumstances either way though you guys don't need me to tell you that this looks really severe the way he acted the mechanism of injury of course my concern would be a damage to his Achilles tendon it didn't look like it would be completely ruptured just based on the way that he was acting on the court and able to sort of put some weight on it coming off the court but certainly this is something that could have huge ramifications on the rest of his health this upcoming offseason in in future years like I said though if we get updates by the time I published this I'll try to include that in the comments below so you guys kind of a sense of what the official word is I hope for his sake this is not a really severe Achilles injury and just more the calf even if it is the calf though this could be a much more prolonged recovery and sometimes these injuries even require surgery if it's a severe enough calf strain thanks as always though for watching let me know questions comments below if aught you guys have about this whole situation and until next time thanks for watching and we'll see you later bye

41 thoughts on “KEVIN DURANT Achilles Injury | Doctor Reacts to Devastating NBA Finals Injury”

  1. After recording this I saw the clip where it looks like something snapped in the leg, and then we saw him in a boot and crutches leaving the arena. These certainly raise concern for rupture (in video based on some other info i originally said maybe not full rupture) but we'll see with more info tomorrow.

  2. Apparently it was a rupture and he did get surgery. It went well though! Achilles injury sucks and hope he recovers soon!

  3. I noticed that when KD went to the bench briefly, the training staff put what looked like ice packs on his lower leg. Does that seem counterintuitive, since he spent pre-game and the first few minutes of the game warming and loosening up his muscles and tendons? Seems to me that ice would tighten his calf and Achilles, making them more susceptible to strain or tear.

  4. Any comments about Steve Kerr’s comment about the Achilles injury not being a direct outcome of the calf strain?

  5. Dude at around 2:50 you are WRONG to call out the medical staff , Kds first injury was a knee not his ankle . If he had messed his knee again then you can question the medical staff .

  6. I am a Raptors fan and I saw this stupid decision playing out like it did before the game.
    I knew he was going to hurt himself and then be out for the year, even longer.
    Those desperate Warrior bastards just wanted to win, KD was stupid to come back (I bet under pressure) and ruin in free agent prospects having the edge he needed with his health.

  7. I THINK It was the achilles the first time he was injured..They were icing his ankle in the in the Rockets series…

  8. Are you even a real doctor? Wow you must be a lousy doctor dude. KDs injuries are all fake like the scripted games of the NBA.

  9. Brian Sutterer, congratulations for getting on BBallBreatkdown with Coach Nick for the collaboration. It was a great video, and will be a big boost for your growing channel!

  10. Hey Brian great channel, he did in fact though rupture his achilles :/ wich you said was very hard to bend his ankle if in fact It was ruptured

  11. So now he won't play until 2020. Great doctors and trainers in Golden State! Someone going to be the fall guy.

  12. I new from the first time it was his Achilles whoever the doctor was that cleared him should be fired smh

  13. Seemed pretty obvious that would happen. Out for a month, 1 practice, no restriction, and you play him 12 of the first 14 minutes!? Ameteur hour. If they let those giys be doctors im curious if every team medical staff is severely overrated.

  14. I'm wondering if he would have kept his pivot foot and did not travel, he would not have gottn injured!?

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