50 thoughts on “Jessie Reyez – Figures”

  1. I don't know if somebody here have Read After, but this is so After, so Hardin and Tessa… my god😭

  2. never dated never been in love but listening this song while I'm imagining future lovers and heart breaks 😂

  3. I must admit that I am brand new to any of your music Jessie Reyez, but now, I'll always be a fan. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  4. your voice gives me chills . love it music is on point . i listen to it when when IM having rough days witch is often.lol thanks for sharing your talents with the world.

  5. To all the heartbroken ladies out there, more guys can relate than you’d think 😅


    -a very damaged dude 🤙

  6. Click the subscribe button or your shitty ex will re-enter your life
    😀 She's mad for this video description

  7. her voice sounds so much like amy winehouse's it's amazing so talented and so much power in the words of this song!

  8. I've been listening to this on repeat for a while now and the amount of emotion just in her voice is heart breaking.

  9. As i listen to this song i start questioning my relationship and if things will ever change… i kno the answer just dont wanna face it yet…

  10. This song is so strong that i heard it seven times in a row, beautiful song, instant classic that will be heard for ever…..thank you for this piece of art that immediately touched my heart and soul, not afraid to admit that i cry when i hear it….

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