1. i dont believe a word that comes out of this gorl's swollen mouth. no medical professional would see a 600lb person and tell her to loose weight SLOWLY. they would take one look at them knuckles and immediately order blood work. also if u do the math she might've leaked her real weight at 694lbs 👀👀

  2. Okay… so he wants you to lose 8 pounds a month, and in 4 years you’ll be 310. So 8x12x4 is 384. So if you stick to the plan you should lose 384 lbs. right? So if you weigh 562 like you say you do, in 4 years you should be 178 lbs. Unless of course you’re not 562…

  3. 00:29 already annoyed she's back at it with the fake accent IT SOUNDS SO BAD IF YOU'RE GONNA FAKE AN ACCENT AT LEAST LEARN HOW TO SAY STUFF PROPERLY

  4. Your entire “journey” at this point doesn’t need to be on YouTube. You need to stop posting and focus on yourself. Both you and Becky need to lose weight and Becky needs to get an actual job. This was also a clever way to stop doing the weigh ins you already don’t do.

  5. I liked the last intro you did.. where you put the camera down and cried. That should be your new intro to every video

  6. Not to be a Denny downer, but you are your own worst enemy. I was super disgusted watching a video of you eating plate after plate of nasty toxic foid. Do you not understand that food is meant to nourish our bodies. Not just sit back and eat all sorts of processed toxic garbage. The food/pHARMaceutical industry LOVE people like you that conribouslygain weight and are 1p0% sick and unhealthy, because they want people to become huge and unhealthy/sick to make them rich. I am 5"9" 145 lbs. I have had four kids. 3 of which I gained70 lbs A PIECE, so I have lost the weight lots of times. Diet is about 90% when it comes to weightloss

  7. So your “doctor” thinks you can survive at 300+ lbs for the next five years ? With your kidney and skin infections, dark knuckles and poor wound healing that signify blood sugar problems, gynecological and hormone problems, Poor mobility and sleep apnea ??? Your doctor is either a moron or has no hope for you. Or you know, you’re lying

    There’s literally no way you would lose weight faster by not getting weight loss surgery … and then he tells you a weight loss goal of 8 lbs a month.

  8. Gorl weighing without your clothes and jewelry on is nothing. It's just a drop in the bucket and I highly doubt they account for 2 lbs.

  9. How can a viewer RUIN your diet.
    Quit blaming others
    If you must eat yourself 2 death then OWN it
    You will be happier but even better get PISSED and prove us all wrong

  10. You are so full of shit. A weight loss surgeon gets paid when someone gets WLS, so he is not going to tell you that. SECOND of all, I had WLS. I went from 271 lbs to 144 lbs in 2 years. I lost my first 100 lbs in 8 months and you weight over 550. You could lose 100 lbs in 6 months after WLS and there is no way in hell that you would lose more not having it. I can comfortably say that because I have had weight loss surgery. I went through the process for 10 months and I cannot even express to you how full of shit you are by saying that! Not only from a health standpoint but a money stand point, the doctor is going to want you to have WLS>


    1) stop being personally offended by amberlynn reid.

    2) amber does enough dumb shit y’all don’t have to make up rumors. on twitter she said she and the doc didn’t see eye to eye about her goal weight. not about his plan for her in general..

  12. First of all 8lbs?Really?what kind of doctor is that?!Taht is like your bathroom trip in 2 days.
    And secondly are you trying to say that you might fail at this bcs of us and our “opinions “ girl ….

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