I Found A Letter In The Attic. It Was From My Biological Mother || Best True Stories Animated

I Found A Letter In The Attic. It Was From My Biological Mother || Best True Stories Animated

Hi! I’m Evelyn. I used to be a normal kid and used to think
of my life as completely ordinary, maybe even borderline boring. The only thing that made my life stand out
was the fact that I was the only girl in a family with 5 children, I had four younger
brothers. But recently, everything changed so much that
I feel like I’m living in a TV series full of drama and complications. My dad’s new job actually started a life-changing
cycle of events. One evening he just came home from work and
said that we were going to sell our house and move to another state. He did it in a way, well, you know, with a
dramatic sigh and an upset look on his face, so that everybody thought that it was bad
news. Mom was setting the table at that moment and
she even dropped a plate on the floor. But dad turned out to be a bad actor; he suddenly
smiled happily and widely and announced that soon we were going to become a really wealthy
family. At first, everybody was a little worried about
the upcoming changes because it meant that my brothers and I had to switch to new schools
and find new friends and stuff, you know. But as soon as my parents found a place to
live, which was actually a huge house with a garden and a swimming pool, all of our worry
switched to excitement. Imagine: every one of us would now have our
own room with our own personal bathroom, so, thank God, no more morning waiting in line
for the toilet or fighting over being the first to take a shower. Even better, dad promised to buy me a car,
since I was about to become a sixteen-year-old! Nothing could be better than this and it seemed
like nothing could even slightly spoil this life-changing period of my life. The only problem with all this was that we
had only 2 weeks to pack our stuff, and since my brothers were far from helpful, I asked
my best friend Joshua to help me. Joshua and I had been friends since kindergarten,
and he was probably the only one here that I was going to miss a lot, so I was happy
that we were able spend a lot of time together while packing. We’d decided to start from the attic. There was plenty of stuff there. “How was one family able to pile up this
much stuff,” I kept wondering to myself while sorting through old toys, clothes, photos,
and much more. Suddenly Josh came across a nice pink box
with my baby stuff in it. Every child in our family had a box like this
and I knew perfectly what they usually contained: the first baby-blanket, comforters, something
like the first tooth box and so on, nothing interesting. But I knew Josh was really obsessed with all
the baby stuff. He was like “Oh my God! What tiny little shoes you had!” and so
on But then he suddenly found one strange thing deep inside the box, which was actually
wrapped in a blanket, as if somebody really wanted to hide it. It was a little wrinkled envelope without
a signature or anything, but there was a letter inside, which looked like it was written many
years ago. Normally, I don’t read somebody else’s
correspondence, but this time curiosity got the best of me. Besides, it happened to have been here for
my whole life and nobody had found it before and that, in and of itself, was amazingly
mysterious, you know. It turned out to be a mother-to-daughter letter,
full of gentle words of love and adornment, as well as some pieces of advice on wife-and-husband
relationships. I thought this might have been my granny’s
letter to my mom, but in that case, how did it manage to get into my baby-box? By the way, there were no names on it, but
everything sounded like the woman who had written it was never going to see her daughter
again. It was really strange, though, and touching,
so I decided to ask my mom about it. I managed to finally ask later that day when
the whole family gathered around the dinner table. At first, neither my mom nor my dad seemed
to have a clue about that letter when I had mentioned it. But then when I specified the contents of
it, I noticed that two of them shared a fast glance and tried to sort of drop the subject. This seemed pretty suspicious and after dinner,
I once again tried to find out at least something about that letter from my parents. But no luck again, because, you know, my brothers
were running around all the time, and my dad pretended like he and my mom were too busy
with moving and packing stuff, so at some point, they sort of escaped from the living
room. The mystery surrounding that letter put me
on high alert. However, I couldn’t really get my parents
to stop and talk for the next couple of days. Josh and I together were just like Sherlock
and Watson, making assumptions and thinking over different versions of where that letter
could have come from. And when we’d finally reached a point where
we couldn’t make sense of anything and were thinking that this letter must have been written
by a mysterious woman who used to live in our house a long time ago and who might have
lost her daughter and left her that letter right before she’d died, I finally decided
to demand that someone make sense of it and go and get my parents to confess. I will never be able to forget what they told
me. It turned out that this letter was addressed
to me and it was written by my mother, not the one who was sitting next to me, but by
the one who had actually given birth to me. She was my dad’s first love and his first
wife. Her name was Alice. She died a couple of months after giving birth
to me, suffering from some complications after labor. She knew she wasn’t going to make it, so
she’d left me this letter, sharing the things she really wanted to tell me some day. Dad missed her very much. He knew it would be really hard for him to
raise me on his own, so he hired a nanny for me. At first, he even seriously thought about
giving custody of me to my dead mom’s parents, but he happened to fall in love with that
nanny. Soon they got married and we began living
together as a family. I felt tears flow down my face, but my voice
seemed to refuse to produce any sounds at all. My parents said that they didn’t know about
this letter, and that they were planning to tell me everything one day. But since the truth had been revealed now,
they were ready to give me all the answers to my questions and all the necessary support. I, in turn, didn’t know how to react. Of course, my parents told me everything they
knew about my biological mom, and dad even happened to save a few photos of her just
in case. So later that night I was sitting in my room
trying to imagine what she was like and what our life would’ve been like if she hadn’t
died. I was also crying hard, while re-reading that
letter from her. It was easily understandable that she loved
me so much and that she was so sad that she eventually had to leave me. Of course, I couldn’t sleep at all, so I
called Josh and we were on the phone all night long. At least I had this good friend, who had never
lied to me. I knew when the morning came that my parents
would be waiting for my final reaction to everything. At first, I felt really distant. I can’t say I actually blamed them for not
telling me the truth, but when I saw them worried and frightened because they thought
they would lose me, I couldn’t help but start crying. Mom said I have always been and will always
be her little princess and her only daughter, and she’d always loved me in a special way. Once the peace and harmony in the family had
been established again, there was only one unsolved question left. While telling the story, dad had mentioned
my biological mom’s parents, and I wondered if they knew that I was born and living somewhere
and why they never associated with me? It turned out that my grandma had died soon
before my dad’s second wedding, and grandpa was now safely living in a retirement home. He didn’t want to bother my dad’s new
family, so he’d become distant. But my parents, at his request, had actually
been sending him my birthday photos annually so he could follow me growing up. Thinking about having a grandpa somewhere
was tearing me apart. I mean, I definitely couldn’t say “Hi,
grandpa!” to a total stranger. He might not actually want to meet me. I also didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings,
you know. I thought that my mom might not be very happy
if I went there and talk to him. Besides, together with my parents, we decided
not to tell my brothers anything yet. Even I thought they were too young to understand. Josh was the only person who actually knew
everything about my feelings. He was really excited by the whole story,
by the way, thinking that if he didn’t find that letter that day, then I would probably
never know anything, you know. And one day he sort of infused me with determination. Josh said that if I wouldn’t at least try
to meet my grandpa, who was definitely a very old man, he could die anytime now and he knew
I would regret not meeting with him for the rest of my life. I knew this was true, and the next day, which
was actually the last day of mine at our old place, Josh and I went to that retirement
home to meet my biological grandpa. What can I say? It was really awkward, that meeting. I didn’t know what to say or what to ask
about, and he seemed to be on the verge of crying during the whole half an hour meeting. He said that I resembled his daughter so much
in the way that I looked. We had some tea and he ended up saying that
my parents did really a great job raising me to be a nice person. He wasn’t that old, by the way, and he promised
not to die until I’d be able to come back and see him again. I don’t know how to describe the feeling
I had after I left my grandpa, but I guess it was more pleasant than anything. Well, now I’m happy to say that we’ve moved
to our new big house and have almost totally settled in to the new place. I am going to be 16 next week and I will finally
get my own personal ride. And one more thing: I told my parents about
my visit to meet my grandpa. I just thought that this family wouldn’t
be able to stand any more secrets. My parents were really surprised, but they
didn’t actually say that I shouldn’t have done it or anything like that. So now I’m going to write a letter to my
grandpa, where I’ll tell him about my life, in detail. And in the summer, I plan to visit him again
because I have to go back and brag about my new car to Josh. If you liked my story, click the corresponding
button. And feel free to share in the comments what
you would do if you suddenly found out that you are not the person you always thought
you were.

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  1. If you liked this story, click the corresponding button. And feel free to share in the comments what you would do if you suddenly found out that you are not the person you always thought you were.

  2. Lol i have photos of me with my parents as an HOUR OLD newborn so i know my parents are really my parents. But I think my middle younger sister is adopted because we only have very few photos of her that start at 3 years old.

  3. Im So happy you got to visit your grandfather. I lost mine almost 2 years ago and I’m still not over it and I believe I never will, he was like a father to me while growing up. My dad was always working and too busy for me so my grandfather was always there. He wasn’t the best person in the world but He always tried his best.

    I’m very happy you got to meet him. Till this day I wish I wouldn’t have left my home country that way I could’ve told him how much I Loved him and appreciate him.

    ( Ps. Sorry about my grammar. English isn’t my first language)

  4. this is why you tell kids this for me young at young age and let them accepted it as fact, when they grow up knowing it it's normal. the story may not be true but the experience is oddly common so many parents think they're saving their kids by telling them nothing and then are shocked when they're traumatized by this news….

  5. I would never forgive my dad if he did that I would be like if you want me to stay then lease that brat that is pretending to be my mother

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  8. Oh gee just imagine if the dad never got a nanny the memories of her mother would actually still remain not in the attic but inside their hearts

  9. Amazing story… I'm so sorry for ur lost, but you got another good mother who took good care of you since new born… Very lucky.

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