Hybrid Coronary Revascularization for Coronary Artery Disease

Hybrid Coronary Revascularization for Coronary Artery Disease

I joined the gym and I was doing aerobic exercise
on a treadmill. I started noticing discomfort in my chest. I started getting some pain go up into my
throat and on a few occasions I had pain radiating down my left arm. I went down to my primary care physician and
told him about the symptoms. He made an appointment with the cardiology
services at Emory Midtown. My name is Dr. Michael Halkos. I am a cardiothoracic surgeon at the Emory
Heart and Vascular Center. I currently practice adult cardiac surgery. My primary focus is on minimally invasive
cardiac surgery including minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery. A typical patient that is referred for a hybrid
coronary revascularization procedure is a patient that has a blockage in the artery
in front of the heart called the left anterior descending artery. Plus, at least one other blood vessel that
has disease in it. When I first met Dr. Halkos, at that time
he had done over 100 robotic bypass surgeries. I was pretty impressed with that. His manner was just very very friendly. He sat down, looks you in the eye – very empathetic. He knows you don’t want to be here and he
knows that the road we’re about to take together is kind of treacherous. But he also comes across as very knowledgeable. Historically patients with multi-vessel coronary
disease are treated with stents or they were treated with surgery. Hybrid revascularization is the best of both
worlds strategy. We are combining the durability of surgery
with the minimally invasiveness of stenting. We are trying to provide an optimal therapy
with a minimally invasive approach. I did not know what to expect. This was the first hospitalization that I
had in my life. The people that I interacted with were wonderful. They were’nt just going through motions. I was their focus. The advantages of hybrid revascularization
are that we provide a minimally invasive option to provide complete revascularization for
patients with coronary disease. That means that all blocked arteries are treated
either with a bypass or with a stent. That translates into a shorter recovery time,
a quicker return to work, and potentially fewer complications after the procedure. Now I am doing great. I am back to full exercise. I walk in the neighborhood with my wife and
then actually, this past sunday, a friend of mine and I walked up to the top of Stone
Mountain. And that was a good experience. The Emory Heart and Vascular Center is one
of the few centers in the Southeast thats offering a hybrid revascularization strategy. Collaboration between cardiologists and cardiac
surgeons is crucial. We sit down together and review findings and
try to determine the best treatment and option. That’s done on a daily basis. I know that Emory is all about customer service
and patient family centered care. But, to talk it and teach is very very different
from experiencing it. The experience was pretty wonderful.

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