How to diagnose a bad motor mount or transmission mount

How to diagnose a bad motor mount or transmission mount

hey guys chrisfix here today we're gonna show you how to diagnose a bad transmission or engine man my engine mounts in this van are getting old they're shot and I'll show you how to diagnose that right now so whenever I shift it from park to reverse or from reverse to drive you can see and hear the engine moving that's neutral reverse that's not bad but for the reverse to drive you get that really bad engine vibration and that is because the engine mounts are bad and over time that's gonna wear our engine parts it's gonna cause damage to the engine and that's just a bad situation and obviously you saw how much that engine shook that that's horrible so we already went over one of the symptoms and that's the engine shaking a lot or clunking especially when going in and out of gear I'm driving right now I have my hands off the steering wheel and the car when giving slight gas well steer to the left now this car is just a line the alignments perfect now my hands back on the steering wheel cuz I don't wanna hit the snow but you get the idea it's steers to the left when I give a guess look at that and that's because the engine mount and the transmission mounts are bad so just an overview to diagnose a bad motor mount some symptoms are when you put it in gear put it in drive it clunks the engine clunks the engine moves a lot very easy to move so that's the first giveaway second giveaway is my car is pulling and this is right after a brand new alignment so I know everything's correct and the third thing visual inspection here the locations of the three engine and transmission mounts in my Ford so going in you can see there's a motor mount right there the other motor mount is right here and then the third is on the driver's side you can see it right there there's actually two transmission mounts on one engine mount but I kind of use transmission mount or engine mount interchangeably you get the idea so here's my third engine mount this engine mount is the worst so I'll give you an idea of what a bad engine mount looks like when you're visually inspecting it what you're looking for is cracked a movement of the mounts or the rubber in the mount when the engine moves you also want to see how old they are in this case and my vehicle they were 20 years old and almost 300,000 miles so they're pretty much ready to go I've heard of him going earlier and I've heard of him lasting longer it all depends on your wear and tear but just look at the rubber that's the big thing you'll know when the rubbers bed it'll look bad it'll it won't look solid engine and transmission mounts are important because they hold the engine and transmission into the car they prevent vibration of the engine I've heard of the piston walls getting scuffed because people haven't replaced their transmission mounts or engine mounts and the vibration causes warpage of the block or transmission especially if it's aluminum and the transmission and motor mounts they allow for a slight play and you'll see at the end when I show you the completed job with all three brand-new transmission motor mounts there is slight movement but that's the whole point it absorbs the shock of changing gears and accelerating so that not all that torque goes right into the suspension right into the tires or whatever it also prevents the vibration from going into the steering wheel and also the car itself so it's a more enjoyable ride if this video is helpful give it a thumbs up it's just a short video show you how to diagnose your engine and tranny mounts also consider subscribing then you get updates on when I publish new videos I try to publish videos weekly comment below if you have any questions or tips or things you want to add I add them into the annotations you guys come up with some good stuff check out the links below to my chrisfix Facebook and Twitter accounts join that if you use Facebook or Twitter it'll give you updates when I publish new videos when I have top tips when I do giveaways and also finally on the screen you'll see a video popping up that's gonna be the actual replacement of the engine mount or transmission mount to give you an idea what's involved and how to properly do it I'd suggest you watch that video if you're gonna try to attempt this at home it's a pretty easy job takes a little while the hardest part is getting access to the bolts but you could easily do it with basic hand tools the link to that video just in case you can't click on the screen is in description below as well

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  1. Chrisfix at your service at your local harbor freight. Does tranny and engine rebuilds in the parking lot come now before the sale end!

  2. Where can i get those spiffy blue gloves? So i can use my hands to talk italian style!!! CanadianFix at your service! 😉

  3. Place a 2×4 under oil pan and jack up motor about 1-2 inches , then in idle shift the gears and if vibration you’ll know it’s the bad mounts

  4. Hi, do you know whats the problem it is, I have automatic car (X-Trail 2005) and when it shifts from 1st gear to 2nd gear its a bit kicking, not smooth, other than that its running smoothly. Thanks.

  5. Not sure what the problem could be but my automatic car shakes more when I stop at a light while it is in drive. When I put the car in neutral or park it doesn’t shake as violently. I haven’t noticed any sounds from the engine but the engine does seem to be shaking a bit too. Could it be the mounts?

  6. 2010 Ford Fusion I just got jerks really hard in DRIVE when I'm coming to a stop or just stopped at a light. Same with REVERSE. Drives smooth as hell when I get going, but when stopped it jerks the whole car like hydraulics. Motor mounts ?

  7. My engine is jerking when I accelerate from a stop, I think it's the throttle body that is dirty not the engine mount.

  8. My issue is that i feel something buckling/twitching in the drivetrain when i either start accelerating or engine braking (manual car), would a bad motor mount cause this?
    It's especially bad in 1st gear when crawling in heavy traffic.
    It doesn't make any sound when it happens, i just feel it in how the car moves.

  9. Hi I’ve got a Ford Fusion automatic when I’ve stopped at a junction or lights or behind a car and pull away it shudders bad and a bit noise too someone said it could be the lower engine mount what do you think?

  10. My 2007 Jeep Compass vibrates while in drive (fully stoped) and in park or reverse etc stops vibrating? Help!

  11. @GidgetPeyton I lived in Georgia and a friend told me about a mechanic shop in downtown Decatur named Rita's Auto Repair, "Mechanics a woman could trust" was on their biz cards and sign,
    it was family owned by Rita & her husband, he and their 2 sons were the mechanics. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! Any car I brought to them they fixed it, didn't overcharge me and kept me on the road. They were the most honest people I've ever met. Unfortunately they moved out of state to take care of some family members I was heart 💔 broken. I've never found anyone else like them 😢 and I've been burnt by other mechanics even recently. I need motor mounts and I'm in California now with no where to turn, if I had the tools I would watch a few videos and do it myself I'm not afraid to break a nail. 🙃

  12. Great videos. Don't stop bringing them
    Check your ABS sensors or tone ring(may have expanded from rust.
    ) That ABS would annoy the heck out of me. Use black electrical tape to cover it.
    What's your OBD2 say about your CEL?

  13. I’m pretty desperate here. I have a 2013 Volvo C30 and my engine visibly vibrates and it feels like a big ass cell phone. I can feel it in the brake pedal and all through out the car when in Drive or Reverse. It does clunk just not every time. Heeeeeelp 🙃

  14. You will also here a popping noise when you take the oil cap off because the mounts are connected to the cars vacuum system .

  15. What does it mean when I accelerate I hear like a loud thump like someone using a mallet hitting my truck

  16. I got my mount replace today for the mount that makes your car vibrate while ilding.
    Soon I got it back from the repair shop it is vibrating whist driving when I never had a uncomfortable ride.
    I took it back they took it for a test drive admitted there a problem but denie they did it.

    It wasn't vibrating at alI on my pedals and engine sounds lounder but not in a good way sounds sick to me.
    It was quite as engine before I took it in.

    They want charge me more money to see what the problem is that wasn't there before they touch it to give me a price to fix it.

    I didn't get EBay mount I got it from most expensive but the best quality car parts. I paid $245 for Mazda 2 2006 RH mount then paid for it install.

    They reckon after the drive it could be dodgy mount which was check before put in a hour before I took it back.
    Or another mount damage from the one that was fixed has damage the other mounts.

    Does that sound right?
    I got tyres done and wheel alignment but feels like it pulling to one side.

    The engine mount they think might be damage felt fine to me.
    They always slowly gotten worse over about 80.000km they would start to get bad.

    I not happy it wasn't vibrating while driving now I don't want drive it because it so bad with the vibration.

  17. Hey so I just did motor mounts on my 98 Audi A4 with a manual, and seeing so many people (including myself) wanting help with symptoms of a bad mount on a manual transmission, wanted to give a good idea of what to look for in a bad mount in a manual with things that disappeared from my car after the fix.

    1: Same thing with automatics, pop the hood and give the engine some revs when parked to see how much the engine moves. A little movement is okay but shouldn't be enough to move the whole car a bit. This can also be used when trying to isolate between the engine mounts and transmission mounts when you have other symptoms.
    2: Gears seem to be hard to find, especially when shifting at high revs. This can be very obvious if you're going from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd at a high RPM, like you're trying to put it into gear but it doesn't feel like it's fully engaged.
    3: In 1st or 2nd gear at low RPMs, your car shakes excessively when slowly engaging the accelerator at low RPM. Manuals tend to do this naturally at low speeds, like parking lots, but it shouldn't feel like being in a boat when you slowly press the accelerator. If your car has a small shake or two when letting off the gas or slowly applying it, your mounts should be fine. Otherwise, you might want to inspect them.

  18. Same problem with my 94 w202 when at idle it shakes a little bit and sometimes you cant feel it but when its in drive or reverse it starts shaking … it shakes more at reverse …
    What do you think motor or transmission mounts !! Or both of them !!

  19. would it concern you if a motor mount had to be replaced on a 2007 accord with 108,000 miles? can it cause long term damage?

  20. So for a manual transmission car, would this symptom happen when you release the clutch? I think I'm getting this problem when I let off the clutch

  21. Chris this exactly what my mazda cx9 is doing when shifting into drive. I live in GA and finding trust worthy person is a women's nightmare

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