High Blood Pressure: Natural Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

High Blood Pressure: Natural Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to
you about High Blood Pressure – Natural Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms.
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But back to our topic. Heart pumps out the blood to all the tissues
and organs of the body through the vessels called arteries. When the blood flows in the
arteries with pressure it results into hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure.
Normal measurement of BP is 120/80 and when this measurement goes to 140/90 or above then
this condition is considered to be high. There are many causes of blood pressure and
sometimes it is the result of another disease. In that case when the root cause is treated
the BP returns to its normal position. This condition may be kidney disease which is chronic,
pregnancy, dysfunction of thyroid, intake of birth control pills, addiction of alcohol,
tumors and coarctation of the aorta. Many factors, that cause high blood pressure
is still unknown. But some factors that contributes to the cause of high BP are age, race, overweight,
hereditary, intake of excess sodium, use of alcohol, lack of exercise and also due to
intake of certain medications. Some of the major symptoms of high BP are-blurred
vision, Nausea, dizziness and constant headache. Sometimes the high BP show no symptoms but
cause progressive damage to heart, blood vessels and other organs. If the degree of high blood
pressure is high then it requires immediate hospitalization. It is very necessary to lower
the BP to prevent stroke or brain hemorrhage. It can be reduced to a great extent through
nutritional changes. It is necessary to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. It not
only reduces our fat and cholesterol but also reduces the blood pressure with loss in weight
also. 1. Restrict the intake of sugar, salt, refined
foods, junk foods, caffeine, dairy products and fried products. 2. Drink plenty of water. 3. Avoid food sensitivities. 4. Increase the intake of fresh, whole, unrefined,
unprocessed foods. It is necessary to include vegetables, fruits, garlic, onion, olive oil,
cold water fish, soy, beans and whole grains in your diet. It will finally lower the blood
pressure and weight is also reduced. 5. It is must to reduce the intake of sodium
in your diet. It will help in reducing the blood pressure. This fact is known to almost
every educated person. 6. Some herbal medicines also reduce our BP. 7. To lower the BP flaxseed meal is also a
best option. Grind 2-4 tablespoon and take it daily. 8. Vitamin C, calcium and coenzyme are also
recommended top lower the BP. That’s it! Thank you.
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