Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad | Jamie Oliver

Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad | Jamie Oliver

This is my Super Food take on the classic
Caesar salad so instead of mayonnaise I’m gonna be using really good quality organic
yoghurt I’m gonna get four big tablespoons we’ve lost 90% of the saturated fats but we
wanna still get that lovely Caesar salad vibe a teaspoon of worcestershire sauce, half a
teaspoon of English mustard I just want two fillets of quality anchovies there finely
sliced so we’ve gonna go in with a fine grater these are really really useful for getting
off that beautiful zest off the lemon you want the juice of half a lemon a tablespoon
of good quality white wine vinegar followed by two tablespoons of cold pressed extra virgin
olive oil then we’re gonna go with a classic flavour which is parmesan let’s just mix this
up let’s have a taste simply utterly delicious ok and in a funny way if you did a taste test
with mayonnaise and quality yoghurt I’m telling you this is cleaner more delicious and creamier
next, veggies, slice up a whole romaine lettuce nice and finely then I’m adding some chickery
which gives it a subtle bitterness that works really well with the parmesan the humble cauliflower
cut it in half we’ll put it into a mandolin the best thing to do is use the guard ok keeps
the fingers away just put it through such an everyday vegetable made beautiful simply
by a piece of equipment, now you want a small red onion sliced up by a mandolin get stuck
into mixing up the salad with that gorgeous dressing so salad looking great we’ve got
two breasts of chicken about 120 grams and then I wanna just pick up a little bit of
rosemary so just use your fist to tenderise it and flatten out the fat part of the breast
it’s gonna make it more tender the anchovy tin has got some seasoning in there so I’m
just gonna go one tablespoon, we’re using skinless chicken breast here which reduces
the fat content by about half compared to the skin being left on and we’ll need about
4 minutes on each side and look at that after all these years of cooking I still get quite
excited we want croutons cut about a centimeter and a half thick slice of bread into cubes
just move them around and let them soak up all the natural fat that”s cooking out of
the chicken doing it in a dry pan like this you’re minimising that fat you’re giving a
lot of flavour the meat’s looking great just let it rest it’ll be much more juicy that
way and then the croutons keep toasting them until the last minute you want that hot crunch
with the cold salad it works so so well, slice up the juicy chicken about a centimeter thick
and then load up your plate with the dress salad and the hot crispy croutons from the
pan one stroke of parmesan unbelievable so there you go still delicious but it’s half
the calories of a regular Caesar salad it’s just beautiful and delicious!

100 thoughts on “Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad | Jamie Oliver”

  1. Sure it's a nice recipe, but honestly I miss the old Jamie. He seemded just to have loved food and cooking. But now it's all about calories, nutrion and vitamins. Where is the soul in counting vitamins? If you cook fresh and without processed garbage, everything is fine…. Going with the hype of superfoods and nutrition values isn't fun or enyoing food.

  2. This is much better than Ramsay's, as he put the dressing on the side. Isn't a salad much better with the dressing on, rather than on the side?

  3. I would happily take this to work with me for lunch and I'm not really a salad fan and usually can't stand Cauliflower

  4. EVEN LOWER CALORIES… if you make it Japanese style:
    instead of chicken use raw fish marinated with lemon juice (or white wine vinegar). It's delicious! I just tried it, and loved it!
    For all the lovers of the Japanese cuisine, there you go: Caesar Salad Sashimi Style.

  5. Also @Jamie Oliver, my chicken breast always get burnt, what level do you put your gas on medium to high ? 4 mins a side for the flattened out chicken breast

  6. Oliver, I just made it a few days ago following your recipe. It was SHEBANG BOWOWOWOWOW!!! Enuff said! ;D

  7. Went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Reykjavik today. I was looking forward to a Caesar Salad that tasted something like a Caesar Salad. I ended up with salad, smeared together with pure Greek yogurt. I could not taste any parmesan, anchovies or vinegar in the dressing. I can respect substituting the mayo or egg with yogurt like Jamie does in this video, however… the restaurant version, was simply just greek yogurt. How far can you get from Caesar salad dressing?!?

  8. I’ve just tried the dressing. It‘s too much lemon, imho. You don’t even taste the anchovis. Next time I‘ll try with no/less zest/juice.

  9. The dressing could cost more than the meal! Anchovies, Parmesan cheese, fresh lemon, organic yoghurt etc etc. Heston-esque

  10. Jamie, wann willst du endlich die Tiere leben lassen???
    Sie sind Freunde und kein Lebensmittel.
    Das versteht jedoch nur wer Empathie besitzt. Alle anderen tierfresser sind Idioten.

  11. Where's the garlic from the get-go??? tis part of the joy of slopping up a huge bowl of caesar bashed romaine leaves with crunchy crout's…. !!!! :O) it is still beautiful and very tasty looking… the yogurt, (i'm a fan of the greek style myself), is an underutilized vessel to impart that creamy element desired in tasty eats. :oD

  12. Like please…

    Great poupon mustard


    Pepper (not used here but highly recommended)

    Organic yogurt

    Worcestershire sauce

    White Wine vinegar

    Olive oil

    Parmesan cheese

    Garlic (not used here but highly recommended)

    Yellow lemon

  13. I've just tried this tonight and it didn't come out so good.
    The dressing felt a bit too salty and bitter.
    In fact, his reaction at 0:47 looks a bit more like disappointment than delight to me.
    I'm gonna cut down on the vinegar, lemon and mustard next time and re-check…

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