Gynecologist Answers Commonly Searched Pregnancy Questions

Gynecologist Answers Commonly Searched Pregnancy Questions

does eating certain foods affect the gender of your baby my name is Candace Fraser and I’m an ob/gyn I’m here to answer some of the most googled pregnancy related questions can you get pregnant without having sex yes if you’re married but that happens already if you were to collect someone’s sperm let’s say you want to do your own intrauterine insemination that little turkey baster and you squirt it inside yes that can happen if you are having oral sex or other types of sex that isn’t necessarily penetrative if you have semen coming close enough to the vagina that they’re really excited and motivated and they make their way inside yes but again they would be super sperm you can get pregnant at any age after you’ve had your first period however there’s a caveat because women ovulate before they get their period someone may have ovulated and never had a period and get pregnant sometimes it can be very difficult to tell what’s pregnancy and what’s just food so basically some things that you may experience is Majah vomiting breast tenderness maybe some cramping sometimes it can just be different things but the most important sign that we’re looking for is that you’ve missed your period so anything that can cause direct trauma to yourself I will avoid I wouldn’t necessarily go ice skating or skiing I probably wouldn’t go on rollercoasters anything that’s gonna have like travel jerking motions and he really really hot bodies of water so not like a regular bathtub like a sauna or a hot tub that’s really heated you probably you probably you definitely want to avoid doing those if you were super active and exercising it’s probably okay for you to continue but I wouldn’t start CrossFit when you get pregnant so as far as foods go you don’t want to eat anything that is raw so no raw meats no fish no sushi soft cheeses so anything that’s not pasteurized most types of fish are safe to eat in pregnancy so as far as cold cuts and deli meats we’re concerned about the bacteria called Listeria and this is associated with preterm labor and miscarriages and then you can just get really sick things that aren’t caffeinated we give you one small regular cup of coffee or tea not banty regular 8 ounces cup of coffee or tea if you just stop cold turkey during pregnancy then you get headaches and things like that you don’t need to do that just cut it down significantly alcohol it is never recommended don’t do it nothing is safe to save it up as soon as you have that baby someone can bring you that bottle of wine you’re good do not drink a glass of wine to induce your labor I don’t know what that would do I’ll put you to sleep I don’t know don’t do that how much weight can you expect to gain any pregnancy I expect you to gain between 25 and 35 pounds you want to have a well-balanced diet and in general you need about 400 calories on top of what you would be eating regularly so you’re not eating for two it’s just basically a snack on top of your regular three meals just healthy snacks that you can think of it’s what you want to add to your regular diet sleeping positions this causes pregnant women a lot of distress so in your first trimester even your second trimester it’s probably okay to sleep on your back so what we get concerned about is as the uterus gets a larger it’s going to put pressure on that base blood vessel the vena cava which takes blood to the baby when you lay flat on your back so we say that it’s most ideal to lay on your side however who can control where they end up when they’re sleeping so what I usually recommend to my patients is just put a pillow just right under your back so that’s there’s more of a tilt so if you do turn kind a little bit more while you’re sleeping it’s okay sex during pregnancy do it you can safely have sex during pregnancy unless your doctor tells you specifically not to there are some problems that women may have with placental location or problems with the cervix that may make bleeding a little bit more likely but other than that yes you can have sex the vagina is wonderfully made so even though you push out a baby’s big ten centimeter head and it seems like your vagina may have just like stretched to the size of I don’t even know a big bowl it usually comes right back as far as stretch marks go you can try to prevent them but ultimately it just depends on your type of tissue there’s a lot of products out there that you can discuss with your OBGYN or great dermatologist but it’s something that you have to start from the beginning and use consistently and a lot of women despite what they try they end up with stretch marks because their skin is stretching and it’s just something you have to do to get your beautiful bundle overly stressed during pregnancy is something that I get commonly asked about so there are different levels of stress it’s just a matter of how much it’s affecting you if you are in a traumatic situation and it’s really giving you physical symptoms because of your stress it can also affect your pregnancy in terms of preterm labor things like that but generally don’t worry if life some regular stressors are there because your babies may be stronger than that mental health and pregnancy is something that you definitely need to discuss with your doctor preferably prior to pregnancy discuss it with your mental health provider as far as should you continue your medications should you try to stop your medications a lot of women can continue their medication throughout pregnancy because that’s what’s healthy and so you never want to be pregnant and stop your antidepressants or other medications that you take for any mental illness because that can be detrimental to your health you need to take care of yourself we always want to take care of mom first because anything that mom experiences can potentially have it have an effect teen pregnancies are a little bit of a different situation mainly for social reasons so as a teenager you’re dealing with school and possibly other things that are going on in your home and it may not be something that you planned on so there may be other stressors that you’re encountering because you’re a teenager you can have a healthy pregnancy the same as an older woman however we may want to monitor you a little bit more closely just to make sure you’re taking care of yourself the best way possible and that you’re safe in your home environment so I hope that these answers have been helpful but always remember that every pregnancy is you it’s unique to the mom it’s unique to the baby always consult with your own ob/gyn that you have a relationship with to get the best answer for you [Music]

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  1. The Vena Cava does not take blood to the baby, it brings it back to the moms heart from the baby (and from there the heart will pump it through the lungs, back to the heart, to the aorta and then to the baby)

  2. All I thought of after hearing turkey baster, was Petra. 😂

    If you know, you know.

    Hint: Petra Solano

  3. if people give you crap about stretch marks, don’t even listen to anything they say. i honestly do not find stretch marks unattractive, gross, or anything. stretch marks show that you carried a WHOLE ENTIRE CHILD inside of you for 9 MONTHS! i think that is fricken awesome. EMBRACE STRETCH MARKS

  4. I was so distracted the entire video because of how pretty she is. Her skin seems to make its own light with how much she glows 😍

  5. I am 19 I work 2 jobs and study and teach my sister and take care if my brothers and sister so I am usually very stressed and I started taking medications to help me relax and sleep at night because I put alot of pressure on my teeth at night and feel pain in my jaw as I wake up. Im not pregnant but I'm worried and I dont want to stay stressed in the future my dream is to have a baby of my own sometimes I am scared if I wouldnt be able to have one because of my hormones, polysistic ovary syndrom and my period that doesn't have the best timing and schedule but I saw many like me who got a baby after years of trying and medications, as long as I get my period I'm okay but I want one as soon as possible because im scared that I grow and my case becomes worse. Just thought 9f writing that and sharing it because Im annoyed and I feel better writing about what is bothering me

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  7. Imma eat healthy when I’m pregnant…in a few years someone better reply YOU ESTING HEALTHY FATASS it will motivate me that I’m fat and I should eat healthy and stay active

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  9. I really appreciate all the information I learned in this video but it really reinforced my thought of never wanting to have a child. I’m seriously wondering, is there ANYTHING about being pregnant or having a child that is good? It makes me sick with anxiety to think about what that must be like.

  10. I had a friend tell me that she only tried for a baby on years that are pair numbers because that’s how you have boys. Some people have no clue

  11. Why does someone with a mental illness want to have a baby like. “ haha I’m depressed let’s have a baby and mess them up” uhh no thanks

  12. Wow! I thouht I had to stop my medication if i wanted to have a baby. The idea of going throuhg such a huge change and emotional rollercoaster with out my medication was enouhg for me to "decide" no getting preggo. This video had an impact on me. I never asked my dr about my medication before. Asumí que tenía que dejar mi tratamiento sin preguntar

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