Full Spine Adjustment with Shoulder Muscle Treatment for Champion Boxer

Full Spine Adjustment with Shoulder Muscle Treatment for Champion Boxer

Hey everybody’s doctor Blake from Doctors
Adolph and Kalkstein, hope everybody had a great weekend. We got Yahu, the champion in today, right? You guys have seen in our other videos. So he’s got a sparring match on Saturday,
and you’re in Cancun? Mexico on Thursday. Mexico on Thursday for a fight. And this be a contender, a bell fight? No, just regular professional bout. Regular professional boxing, so he’s been
coming in once every couple weeks, we’ve done dry kneeling on the shoulder. I’m sure if you guys follow him on Snapchat
and Instagram it all over his feeds there. He’s got orthopedic massage scheduled. We’re going to show you an adjustment for
him just keep them in good shape. We work on both of his shoulders, do some
ART, we adjust him head to toe, we check out his hips, his pull the legs, make sure the
knees are working well and all that fun stuff. So when I’m working on Yahu when we work
on the shoulders we’re going to work, you know that reaching punching motion is a lot
of biceps, tendon, pec major, pec minor, sub scap, shoulder complex, so we’re work his
pec right now. How’d you like the dry needling? Oh it was amazing, amazing, the next day I
felt wonderful. Was it sore during? Ya. It was sore for maybe a few hours after, but
the next day… The next day it was good. Ya, good to go. So we do pec minor, we’re going to come in
here, we’re gonna get his lat next. And we’re on lat and his terries group here. Roll his AC joint. We’ll sit him up will do his biceps, but since
he’s laying down here we’re gonna do his pec minor and his lat on this side, his lat and
his terries group. So we did, was that two weeks ago we did dry
needling on you? Ya. We did, you’re a lefty and we did his left
shoulder, and we did his anterior delt, we did his biceps tendon, we did middle delt,
we did a little bit into his pec a little bit here, we did a little bit down into his
bicep, and I see you were saying a sore spot kind of like right up through here, kind of
middle delt, anterior delt, biceps tendon area. And you guys aren’t following Yahu on Snapchat
or Instagram you’re silly, okay? You got to get over there. And so if you want to see that, when we do,
when he’s in here we Snapchat and we, I don’t know what Snapchat is but we do it, and we
Instagram. There you go. And we’re always taking pictures and doing
videos are there. So you guys, you gotta follow him on that. And you want to see how he does on his fights
you gotta follow him on his YouTube channel. He’s all over the place. He’s got, how many followers you got on Instagram? 16,000, 18,000, somewhere around there? Somewhere around there. Ya he’s about 15,000 more than I do. So this is the guy, this is where it’s at. Alright turn your head this way for me. We’re going to adjust first rib next, reach
this arm around, grab my shoulder up. Good, nice and easy, that was real easy, just
[…] (0:03:21) turn head this way, reach around, good, let this relax back, good. So you’re not going to hear a big crack. You know Yahu gets adjusted once every two
weeks, once a week, once every three weeks depending how often he’s fighting, how often
he’s sparring, so he’s probably a pretty good shape when it comes to spinal health. You’re not going to do that big crack, that
big thunder crack that you hear in some of our other patients. There’s a good one. Alright roll on your side, face me. So fight in Mexico next Thursday, and then
title fight coming up in June. Let this roll down, good, and fighting every
month, let this drop, good, other side for me. You guys you think Yahu looks strong, I know
you guys are all commenting in the comments about how strong I look. I think I could give Yahu a run for his money
about who’s in better shape. He’s laughing because he knows it’s not true. Let this roll down, there you go, on your
back. So we’re just getting his ankles, pulling
his legs right here. Let’s sit on up for me, one two three, swing
your legs around for me. So next we’re going to, feet firmly on the
ground Yahu, slide forward a little bit, next we’re gonna work his biceps tendon, you’re
gonna come up like this, his anterior delt. Take this arm behind your back, and your back
right pocket. Good come back up. Actually make sure you get my forearm, how
strong I am in this picture okay? Good, come back up. Good. And what I’m feeling for when I’m doing this
is the adhesions, the quality of the muscle tissue when I get through there. You know, you hit a bag a thousand times you’re
going to build up some scar tissue or some adhesisions within that bicep tendon, that
anterior delt. And we want those muscles to move as well
as they can. Next I’m going to get a posterior capsule,
occipital […] (0:05:39), give me the weight of this arm. Go arm across your body and I grab this elbow,
pull, good. And now we get into the posterior capsule,
if you can swing around here actually you can see where I’m working on the backside
of here. If you’ve a lacrosse ball up against the wall
you can almost replicate this. Get that lacrosse ball or that massage ball
into the back of the shoulder, your terries, terries group comes up this way, your infraspanaedus
is right here, and you go a little deeper like I am, put some pressure into it, you
can get into that posterior capsule and get that posterior capsule to loosen up. This stuff again, anterior delt behind your
back, biceps tendon, this side is good. So he’s a lefty, so his right, what do you
through, seventy percent of your punches punches with your left hand? Ya, ya. Now come back up. He’s got big hands too, I would not wanna
be, whoever his opponent in Mexico… They gonna get it. There you hear it. I’m available if you’re gonna need a chiropractor
after you get in the ring with this guy. Come back up. So that feels pretty good over there. Arm across your body for me. Good. Ya we’re feeling pretty good here, go ahead. Good. Now let’s stand up for me, let’s get your
mid-back one more adjustment. Doctor Blake’s the man, this is the man
right here. Yahu I appreciate that, that’s very kind of
you. Absolutely, absolutely. So let’s go face down, good. So we adjusted him, you saw we adjusted him
head to toe, we worked ART on his punching muscle so speak and his scap stabilizers. Relax your your arms, here we go just, adjust
the full spine, hips ankles, were a new mid-back here and here and we’re gonna adjust his knees. I think my back’s bigger than yours Yahu,
I think I got that going on. I’ve seen you put the work in Doctor Blake. Take a breath in and out, lift your head sir,
good. Nice and easy, nice and easy there, perfect. So again, a little knee adjustment, good. Good. So you guys there you have it, a full spine
adjustment for a championship boxer with some ART on his punching muscles, you’re good,
you can step off for me man. If you guys aren’t following Yahu, Instagram,
Snapchat, YouTube, yes all those above. Fight’s on Thursday and for watching man,
thank you man. Thank you, thank you, this is Doctor Blake,
he’s the man, if you’re in sports or if you need adjustment, this is the man. Dude that’s awesome, that’s awesome. I’m like blushing. Alright guys we’ll see you guys later, have
a great week, bye.

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