Hey, what’s up guys Scott Herman here from now Whether you’re doing deadlifts squats Overhead pressing rowing or even curling many of you are finding it difficult to lift heavy weights or increase the intensity of your workouts because of lower back pain But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a weak lower back Granted there could be some form issues here that need to be dealt with some of the exercises I just mentioned But any part of your body is going to stop bothering you if you’re constantly abusing it with training and neglecting recovery or stretching Constant abuse equals tight muscles guys, and it’s that constant tension That’s causing all kinds of issues for you as well as your lower back pain So I’m going to provide you with two easy fixes that Everyone can do before and after their workouts to open up and relax the lumbar spine as well as the surrounding muscles so that you can progressively Overload with heavier weights without worrying about taking a trip to snap city So the first fix is taking the lower back through its natural range of motion This is important because if your lower back does not have full mobility across all planes of motion This means flexion extension and rotation Training with these limitations can lead to a serious injury so with that in mind I want you guys to drop to the floor so we can perform an alternating toe to hand touch Followed by a scorpion to do a toe to hand touch guys start off by laying with your back on the floor Next lift your right leg into the air and then twist and rotate your right leg towards your left hand While trying to keep your torso in contact with the floor the entire time Try to really feel the twist and stretch across the lower back and mid-back while opening up your thoracic spine Then repeat with the opposite leg and continue to go back and forth for 10 to 12 reps Always staying in control of the movement then as soon as you’re done You’re going to roll over onto your stomach and perform the same movement Of trying to bring your left foot to your right hand and then alternating with that same motion using your other leg This is called a scorpion, and you will again repeat this for 10 to 12 repetitions This combo of rehab prehab exercises is going to get some blood into the area warm up the lower back muscles and take way any tension that you might be holding in that region and remember you are to do this for one to two sets before and After training and for the second fix you’re going to learn how to activate your glutes Properly so now that your back is stretched out and not tense anymore It’s time to fire up your glutes and hamstrings the way they were meant to be trained The problem is however that most people’s lower backs are far too powerful Tensed up and end up overtaking any movement, which causes pain and discomfort This is why you usually see people’s hips shoot up first when they deadlift vs. lifting the bar but by pushing through their legs and hips So what you need to do instead is learn to activate your body’s most powerful muscle group Which is the glutes and hamstrings combo for this fix will utilize an exercise that is also present in my fix anterior pelvic tilt in three easy steps video and Here’s how you can do it what you’re going to do is lie on your back with your feet on the ground and make sure That there’s no gap between your back and the floor once in place push through your heels and extend your hips toward the ceiling Flexing your glutes and hamstrings as much as possible as soon as you extend your glutes You’re not going to just stop when your body’s in a straight line You’re going to flex your glutes as hard as you can and get a slight Hyperextension at the top of the movement. This is how you fully engage your glutes when doing a glute bridge Then you’re going to hold this position for 20 seconds come back down to the starting position Rest for a second then go back up for another 20 seconds repeating this for a total of 10 repetitions Next as soon as all 10 repetitions are complete You’re going to rest for about 60 seconds and then complete a total of 3 working sets guys I know it takes time to warm up and perform movements like this, but these are the things that prevent injuries And if you’re currently feeling pain and discomfort when you squat or bench or overhead press or curl It’s only a matter of time before a more serious injury Finds you be sure to give the video a thumbs up and if you have questions or future video Suggestions leave them down in that comment section it has always more good stuff coming soon. See ya guys

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  1. Lower back pain isn't the result of doing something wrong once during a single exercise. It's an accumulation of constant stress and tension from MANY exercises on the lower back without ever taking the time to loosen up the area. Even if you don't have pain now, if you're not performing these stretches and exercises before and after your workouts your lower back is a ticking time bomb of pain waiting to happen. So save yourself from having to rehab an injury and smash that thumbs up button if this video helped you out!


  2. Wasn't the lower back supposed to be the only muscles that you should move as little as possible. Thus twisting and stretching should not be recommended

  3. Hey Scott… right shoulder has been popping like popcorn (only mild pain, nothing overly serious) but my doctor stated for me to simply take a prescription strength form of Ibuprofen and to come back to see him if it persists. My shoulder pops loudly (but most times no pain whatsoever) at the slightest lateral movements. I fear Ill end up having to get surgery on my rotator cuff, as most attempts to alleviate the problem have failed. You think surgery might be my only option? Lifting DOES hurt. But common movements minus weights hurts only occasionally. Your thoughts?

  4. It’s funny how, today that I’m suffering for a lower back injury from the gym, I came across with your video Scott! Man Tks for sharing this information.
    Greetings from Mexico

  5. I've been doing exercises almost a year to get rid of pelvic tilt and pain in my lower back. Now days I don't have pain any longer but my Quadratus lumborum on both sides are cramping up 24/7. I have been trying to stretch and trigger point massage, and even added some rehab-exercises from my physio. Months has passed and no progress. Do you have any suggestions what I should do?

  6. How about for someone who has disc problem at lumbar region? Is this applicable too? I mean the rotation and the scorpion exercise

  7. Why is everyone copying Athlean-X lol?

    Vince with the shitty videos.
    You with the thumbnails.

    I don't get it man.

  8. Very informative video. I have never seen those stretches and intend to try them out. This stretches the quadratus lumborum too right? Problem with me is, whenever I try stretching my lower back, I literally "never" feel it. Never get the stretch no matter what.
    My gym teacher made me do one and I only felt it in the hamstrings, not lower back and said "you're the first person to not feel that stretch who I've met."
    Any reasons why I may not feel these lower back stretches? Could it be neurological damage?

  9. Awesome work as always I’m
    Going to live by it an follow thru.,. I love the work u done with ur physique an ur big ying an yang personality .. the intensity

  10. Sitting is constant abuse causing tension. I got a stand up desk back pain virtually disappeared now I have plantar fasciitis in my heals. But after 25 years of back pain i am good

  11. Awesome tips Scott! Using your exercises in addition to some other workouts found in Mike Westerdal’s “hidden survival muscle” workout sequence. I highly recommend checking it out at his

  12. My lower back pain came from a football injury a little over 6 months ago the doctors said my back would take 6 months to a year to heal cause I tore all the muscle in my back and sides (worst pain in my entire life) but a few months ago spring football started up and I was lifting weights on chest I was hitting new records on max bench and stuff but on legs with squats and dead lifts I was having trouble cause my back but I was still doing like around 135 squats for 4×8 because I didn’t wanna push it with my back and I was even deadlifting in the 200s but randomly now I’m been having pretty bad back pain for a few weeks now. I can’t even squat 135 but when I do front squats I feel no pain. Sometimes the pains gets bad or I can feel it when I run/lift/ or even move a certain way. Do you have anything to help me please? I have my last spring football game this Friday and I wanna be able to play it.

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  14. It safe to do these while in lower back pain? Had squat day today and my lower back is toasted… Annoying tension in the back, barely can sit in the chair :/

  15. Omg, never do it that fast unless you are already crazy fit (still not recommended to stretch fast !😒)..

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  28. Hello Scott, I have a question. What kind of exercise can be done for a person that has a herniated disc in the lower back. Can these exercise be performed ?

  29. I also highly recommend some planks and cat camel stretches. Activates your core and makes you aware of your spinal position during training. Good video scott

  30. Ok i will start this and i read ur comment that back pain is nt d result of a single exdrcise which u did wrong, bro i must agree with this . Ok can you tell me what to do and nt bcz i was doing squats, leg press, hamstring, static cycling and little cardio like jumping. Which one should i've to avoid . Should i stop doing leg exercises for some time & cure my back doing your recommended above exercise ? Plz Suggest , actually my Back pain not so intense bt i feel a glitch of something residing in my back for last 20 days. Plz help bro

  31. I hurt my back doing deadlift. Been to the chiro. Gotten massages, stretch before and after i workout and this pain wont go away. It only really hurts when i sit down or do a back workouts. Ill try this, hopefully it works

  32. Will this help with my warehouse job? Do I need to stretch during my 8 hour shift or can I do it just before and after?

  33. It's heartening to see more and more people are choosing alternate therapies and saving themselves from painful surgeries. We can't stress more on the posture and how it affects our back and spine health. Great video here.

  34. Could not getting enough sleep cause injury during a workout? I’ve been getting less sleep and hurt my lower back while doing a workout today.

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  40. 👍🏻 I will try adding this to my morning warm up routine and see how it goes.
    I can’t get through a full day without back pain unless I spend a minimum of 15-20mins doing mobility warm ups and a foam roller routine, fucking sucks, but is what it is I guess

  41. Guys if you have back pains that does not go away after 3-4 weeks GO to the doctor. I ignored constant back pain for 12 years and I had spinal stenosis since my mid 20s, a condition that usually happens to humans older than 50. I went to the doctor last year , I was 39 , pain started when I was 26-27… Doctor said to strenthgen my core muscles , back abs and glutes and lose weight. I started lifting weights but had pain during squating and deadlift. A lot of 'experts' told me to stop lifting. I went to my doctor and he said the exact opposite. He said continue squating and deadlifting , slowly without weights and slowly progress. No power lifting… Just fitness lifting. So now after six months I squat 50kgs and deadlift 60kgs. Thats not much and I propably will not increase the weights anymore. I also lost about 15kgs , I now weight 98kgs. The weight loss in comparison with the strengthen of my core took of a looot of pressure of my back. I feel like I am reborn. Dont listen to any expert but your doctor for any back problems. There are medical conditions where exercise is not allowed. In my situation exersice was the answer. Just go to a doctor if the pain persists. Dont wait for 12 years like I did. And when you are young , maintain a healthy weight and work out. In wasted my teen years , my 20s and my 30s sittin on a chair , not working out , and being fat. I had bad genes and I damaged my back beyond repair.

  42. I've had a bad lower bk pain for over a year now. Spent over 600 quid on cryotherapy found out I had a dropped hip. But didn't fix my back pain. Seen 4 doctors most said I have week back muscles. And my work doesn't help. Might give this a try as nothing else has worked lol.

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  49. I need help my back pain started when i was sitting and that was one year ago and i still have back pain every day please help me out

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