First Cruise? Motion Sickness HELP NOW – How to NOT GET SEASICK on a cruise ship

First Cruise? Motion Sickness HELP NOW – How to NOT GET SEASICK on a cruise ship

Hey guys it’s Michael. Hey let’s talk about seasickness. Now motion sickness is the devil I’m going to show you how to win the battle against this evil tyrant. Nothing can ruin a dream vacation faster so let’s do it For most people getting seasick it’s never really a problem But for some of us it can be mild to severe this can happen to anyone at any time so I want to be prepared Now your first tip here is to stay hydrated from the time before you board and continuing throughout your cruise Water is your friend and will help immensely Please remember that Ok for the mild symptoms there are some natural approaches you can look at such as food. Ginger seems to work for many people The ginger candies or gingersnap cookies. Fruit is good also like apples bananas lot of people say that peppermint helps also of course remember these ideas work best for people having just mild symptoms Next up is another option the wristband I haven’t used this personally but I do know several people who do and I’m told they’re quite effective these work by applying pressure to points on the wrist and are another natural remedy. Moving along there are on the shelf and across the counter motion sickness medications such as Dramamine that do not require a prescription. In the past I’ve taken Dramamine at times when I will be flying or riding roller coasters and they worked quite well for me. Lastly but certainly not least we have the motion sickness patch. Ok for those who are somewhat more prone to seasickness or if it’s your first cruise and you’re not sure this may be a better option this one does require a doctor’s prescription it’s a small round patch that you wear on the soft part of your neck just behind the ear it lasts for three days and then you need to put on a fresh one I have used this one also when cruising For me the upside is that it works best of anything that I’ve tried I’ve never had even a hint of seasickness while wearing it and has never experienced any side effects from it whatsoever ok the downside is that yes it does require a prescription and it is more expensive than most of the other options What how expensive? Well I’m sure the cost will vary depending on your location and your pharmacy etc. my cost here to cover me for a full seven day cruise is about ninety dollars again that cost may be different for you and hey if it is let me know I might need to get any pharmacy. Alright I would like to leave you with just a couple more tips if you do sometimes get seasick or if you’ve never yet been on a cruise some things to keep in mind when you book your cruise, the bigger the boat the better because basically you feel less motion. When choosing a cabin or stateroom rather than the front or back of the ship aim for the middle part Again you’ll feel less motion also you may want to consider one of the lower decks for yes the same reason especially if it’s on a smaller ship.. Alright if you found this video to be helpful please remember to hit the thumbs up and subscribe as we’ll have more cruise tips coming up very soon. Thanks for watching and take care

9 thoughts on “First Cruise? Motion Sickness HELP NOW – How to NOT GET SEASICK on a cruise ship”

  1. The pharmacy in Costco and like stores may save you some on the patches. Your medical insurance could also provide discounted costs.
    Ship's crews have told me that green apples help. I have tried this once and think they work.
    There are ginger capsules that could be eaten a week or so before the cruise and all during the cruise to keep the ginger working in your system.
    Low deck and on the ship center line can help to minimize the motion.
    Cruise and have a ball!

  2. You're right on about the effective seasickness options. However, even though I haven't been seasick for many years, I go to great lengths to avoid that happening again. I start with ginger tea and candies the day before. Then, 1 hour before the trip and each day following, I take Meclizine (Bonine) as directed on the package. One time on a longer cruise I used the prescription patch Scopolomine. Never again. It made me goofy. I wasn't seasick, but even after the cruise, arriving home, I couldn't walk straight and I was slurring my words. Obviously I'm allergic to that medication. So, I suggest that cruisers try the patch on dry land before the cruise to be sure he or she is not allergic to the medication.

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