Exes From Viral Video React 2 Years Later

Exes From Viral Video React 2 Years Later

Oh my god, this is nervous– this is nervous laughing – That is good, I love it. It’s all good Nervous laughter is good content Hi guys. I’m right now in the Czech Republic in Prague. And this is more than, you know, distant memory that lives on the internet for millions to see – Very long time ago. Yes It’s been a while since I’ve even seen the video. So with that being said, I’ll cut it short. Let’s just, let’s just go Was it a yes? I mean, should I really answer him? For some reason the first 10 seconds of this video is probably one of the most commented parts of the video People were really surprised at my voice I went on his profile and I got very interested and I started liking and I started, like, watching his videos, what he’s doing, and I’ve been really caught with his voice And I just messaged him and I told him that He had an amazing voice, and we started talking like that I’m, I’m sorry It’s a relationship that lasted two months. This video made it like something that I will have always to carry with me. When I see this video, It just brings me back to the States But I felt a lot of overwhelming and anxiety I’m not gonna lie. This is still super sweet Like watching that exchange still melts my heart Especially with the flamenco in the background This is a good question actually So we actually had an argument And, um Where I stand is that I don’t really know exactly and I kind of prefer it that way. Our relationship is like the perfect representation of like a digital postmodern world where there are absolutely no labels No gender and no age or like anything to define what the hell we’re experiencing in this short amount of three months. And that was the moment that everybody watching realized Pierre XO is a multi-dimensional fuckboy I was being a little more assertive than I needed to be because She kept claiming Something that I really didn’t want at the time. – He’s my boyfriend. He’s saying well, I don’t want to label this relationship And I’m like, well, he is my boyfriend because for me It’s just like, I’m seeing somebody, like, constantly for me. It just, like, makes sense Yeah Yeah Yeah, I love him Of course I think he’s amazing He’s just otherworldly Yeah – Think it was a yes Was it a yes? You know it already you can feel it anyway – Yeah, I can feel it.
– Yeah, so Of course, I love you Damn I think you’re a beautiful person I think you’re extremely unique and you’re also also extremely talented But on top of that, you believe in yourself like no other And that’s something the rest of the world needs to learn And I think that’s one of the big purposes that you have here, to show people that. – I’m gonna cry I’m gonna cry. Oh my god – Yeah, but really You got something special too – I got many people Writing me telling me how amazing couple we were and It was very hard Love is really complicated Even before, it was already over. I saw him the last time in Christmas and I’ve never seen him again. Uh huh Okay – Hello
– Hello – Nice jacket – Yeah – So what’s new? How was the filming? – It’s good It was memories – It’s weird, huh? I remember the phone calls where we’d be screaming at each other and That’s personally why I had to cut it off and I didn’t want to have any contact I actually held on to that for a long time, which is why I hadn’t Came back around to talk to you or like open up the conversation – Like at that time, at that moment, when it was all overwhelming I really wanted to talk to someone that was experiencing the same thing that I I was experiencing and that’s why I was trying to reach you out and I shouldn’t have done that and I’m sorry about this. – I wanna say sorry for any harm that I’ve done to you as well ‘Cause you know, I’m not gonna try to say that I was the perfect one and, by all means, I’m not you know, so So, I’m sorry for anything that I’ve done that is– that has hurt you or harmed you in any way – Me too Yeah. No, I would – I would a hundred percent do it again When the video released, it was just like, all of the reminders of the situation and the comments were like flooding in I think both of our social media platforms were exploding at the time. Honestly couldn’t sleep for like a week cuz not only was the phone buzzing every few seconds It was just like really really overwhelming But, I mean, I’m not gonna lie It actually– it made me really happy because there was a lot of people that could relate to the story, you know yours and mine. Our relationship, as struggle as it was, was very fun, and we had a good time – Well, enjoy the sun. And enjoy the palm trees.
– Thank you Thank you – Bye Stephanie
– Bye Bye Okay It was Yeah, I was not expecting this. It’s very good It was perfect. Actually we clear up a lot of things and I’m happy about this.

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  1. Breakups are hard. Whether you were in a 5 year relationship to a 3 month relationship, letting go of something you felt was special is difficult. Time usually heals the scars, but what happens if you get transported back?

    We first met Stephanie & Pierre, through an episode of Both Sides. A break up and 2 years later, they re-watch that moment in time. How would you feel if you had to watch a previous memory of a relationship? Would feelings come back? Would you feel differently? Let us know.

  2. I’ve watched and rewatched their original video
    It’s one of my favourite videos on YouTube because it just made me feel so many things I’ve never felt before
    So much heartache and yet so much warmth
    And I’m so sorry they turned out the way I thought it would but also I’m really happy for them that they once had such beautiful people in their own lives and I hope they are well and I wish them the very very best
    Having a two-year-later catch up kind of brought me back to reality as well, like wow, they are real people who do change and real people who move on from things and
    And maybe it’s time I move on too

  3. Relationships are not built on love but commitment. He wasn't ready for that, even though he also might have had feelings like love for her. From the original video I always felt like she idiolized him way to much, I think she was more in love with an idea than him maybe. Dated for 2 months once or twice a week, that's like only 8 to max 16 times. Would definitely not be enough for me to call someone my boyfriend. I had a feeling of desperation vibrating from her from the beginning, I don't invalidate her feelings, she clearly had some, but it's sometimes good to know where your feelings really come from. Many woman or people in general fall for the same things, often unhealthy things, you gotta find out why. Mostly it's some old trauma and after people realize that, many feeling like "love" suddenly dissapear.

  4. Love isn’t hard at all it’s learning the dynamics of what makes a relationship work and last, he just wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.

  5. Both of these ppl spoke very eloquently about their situation. But if course, most of the comments are about Pierre's appearance.

  6. I'm not surprised. I could feel it coming when I watched the first video. I definitely resonated with this. Glad to see they're still growing.

  7. Duuudddeeeee pierre has been on my recommendation for montjhss and I was like wow she bare pretty BUT ITS A MAN AND I'M SHOOOOKKKK

  8. Pierre XO has posted a great video on his own channel explaining things including that he told her right off the bat he didn't want a relationship and that she wanted a relationship/ still assumed/still asserted it was a relationship at only 3 months.
    Obviously she has alot of emotional issues as she claims it was a 2 month relationship, in which he already states from the start he hasn't looking for dating, but she still called it a relationship. Just bc you are getting to know someone at 2-3 months does NOT make them your girlfriend or boyfriend she has issues

  9. So she fell in love with some younger boy after two months? LMAO These people are so delusional. Of course he just wanted some casual thing and got anxious when he realized she was getting a little bit way too much attached.

  10. its hard to be in a relationship when the other one isnt as invested and being unable to let it go. hopelessly miserable situation to be in.

  11. Like he explained in one of his videos about this experience, consent is the right of every human. If a man wants a relationship with a woman who is non consensual it’s bad, at least if they force them into something they stated they didn’t want…same thing the other way. Gender doesn’t exist in this type of situation (or shouldn’t). But I guess I also understand her side, it’s just that sometimes the people you love don’t love you back the same, and you got to accept that.

  12. He is really confusing my sexuality lol, what a difference voices make 🤔

    And the astrology lover in me REALLY wants to see their charts 😄😄

  13. I think that's just the way it is with each gender. Females are usually very emotional and would many times emotionally react to stuff almost immediately. Because of that, they know exactly what's wrong with them and are able to try and fix it right away. Males on the other hand, usually depend less on their emotions and more to their logic. Right after a breakup, their logic will most probably tell them that it's ok, it's for the best, but I know any separation would leave its mark on them, they just don't know it. They thought they're ok even though deep inside, they know a part of them has gone missing. It takes time for males to battle with their logic and finally accept that they're not ok, and that makes it hard for them because they won't know what's wrong until they're able to admit it. In this case, that one call seemed to be the last drain for Stephanie's old emotions. She's got closure and ready to move on now. But for Pierre, that same call might be what it took to finally make him realize what's not ok with him, and if that's the case, he's only just about to start fixing himself

  14. He never sold a dream to anyone. It’s a bit easy to tell she has never really had a solid relationship or at least not with she wanted to, so she hits bottom rock and this happened when she is right in her 30s, not a good combination.

  15. I'm sorry but if you're with someone for 3 months that's still not enough not time to say you love that person you still need to get to know them you can say you have strong feelings for that person but you can't say you love that person in just three months me and my husband went out with each other for almost a year and then another year we ended up saying we love each other and we stayed with each other for almost 29 yearsbut within those two years it was a lot of struggle and a lot of ups and downs but we still decided that we wanted to stay with each other because we knew we were in love but that was two years ended up being 29 he's since passed away but I'm grateful for all those years that we've had together

  16. This type of relationships are always the ones that end in tears. One side is in love deeply ,almost obssessive and the other is not able to commit /is always running away not to catch emotions. But in reality what both of them need is understanding of their own perception of love and to learn how to explain it to their partner in calm manner and if they dissagree it probably won't work for longer period of time/marriage.

  17. They could have had more fun if she didn't push for a relationship. I guess they were at cross paths and wanted different things.

  18. I'm surprised people were pushing them together. They clearly had different expectations for their relationship.

  19. Bruh….. I legit thought he was a woman until he spoke!! It’s a lot of people like this at my job & I literally can’t tell sometimes 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. i was looking at you and the first thing that came to mind was captain sparrow lol you have his look in a more modern way

  21. I remember my crush told me that ( I know that you're an amazing person, unique, but I'm really sorry I'm dating someone else… I hope you can find someone better, I'm really sorry…)

    Me : holding back my tears and smile as i said ( I'm sorry too, I'm wish you guys a happy relationship)

  22. Am i the only one thinking he deserves better? Like..he's such a sweet person, i can see it just by seeing a couple of his videos.

  23. DUDEEE
    On their previous video i said they would break up soon cause what they both wanted was different.
    HAD NO IDEA they wouldn't talk to eachother after breaking up….

  24. I love watching Pierre's stuff but he never seemed capable of something so commitment required, I feel it was kinda obvious but when you love someone its hard to see, poor women😔 Loving Boys is hard. Be strong though, your as lovely as ever 🌹

  25. Who gets this upset over a relationship that is 2 months long? Like seriously… Calm down, Sis. She is not emotionally stable.

  26. This pops up on my feed & Its been two years?! Seems like yesterday when i saw this video on my feed when it was released😮

  27. I just… kinda want to hug you both. I can see the fondness and the grief. Whatever comprised the relationship, it was authentic. And that's beautiful regardless of whatever.

  28. Firstly the woman just guessed she was in a " relationship " With this man where he was still taking it slow.. That's what got me.. Yes, most people with sympathize with the woman but here, it's not the guy's fault as much.

  29. I'm on the Pierre side, not all the people can get attached to a relationship that fast. You can say that he really had feelings for her but it was too soon to say "I love you"

  30. This is so sad. So many relationships start off with people truly loving each other, and then reasons that always seem trivial compared to all this love you two share come and wreck everything. Stars have to align to create love, you can't share love with everyone, but then it's something so fragile and can be broken by so many things.

  31. that was already beautiful to see 2 years ago, now I feel like it was even more but painful at the same time, thank you for this experience and hope that each of them find all the love and happiness they deserve one day!

  32. Y’all, Pierre is so visually attractive?? And his voice is mad deep which is also v hot. Help? All in all, Pierre, you fine 👌

  33. I'm glad that they could clear up any conflicts and apologize to each other for things that they have done 😊 all that matters is that they are both happy 😂❤️

  34. please God, give me a boyfriend that smiles like pierre, looks like pierre, sounds like pierre, dresses like pierre, and acts like pierre.

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