Drink Clove Water Everyday For These Amazing Benefits

Drink Clove Water Everyday For These Amazing Benefits

We have recently talked about cloves here
on the channel. And after many requests, we decided to teach
you a very easy recipe to reap all the benefits that clove has to offer. With clove water, it is possible to lose weight,
improve digestion, relax muscles, alleviate coughing and eliminate mucus, besides alleviating
allergies. Do you want to know more about clove? Watch the suggested video. Do you want to learn how to make clove water? In a bowl or bottle, put a handful of cloves
in some water and let it soak during the night. In the morning, it’s recommended to take 3
or 4 tablespoons of clove water before your breakfast (on an empty stomach), no more than
five spoonfuls. Besides that, it is also suggested doing it
in the morning, when brushing your teeth. The rest of the water can be stored in the
fridge for 3 or 4 days. For better results, it’s suggested to drink
clove water every day, during a month. According to studies, clove is known for eliminating
parasites from the body, and drinking clove water every day will strengthen your immune
system. Nose, ears, and throat all absorb the protective
properties of clove, and help avoid colds and flu since these tissues are our first
line of defense. According to Yogi Bhajan, author of this recipe,
consuming clove water, during the beginning of spring, will make you healthier. But keep it in mind: clove is contraindicated
for pregnant women, nursing women, and children under 6 years. It is also not recommended in cases of gastritis
or ulcers. This spice can irritate the skin and digestive
mucosa of more sensitive people, and thus, it must be used with the recommendation of
a health professional. Clove has a substance called eugenol, which
slows down blood clotting. That’s why you should not drink clove tea,
or its dried extract, 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery. Did you know the benefits of this recipe?

17 thoughts on “Drink Clove Water Everyday For These Amazing Benefits”

  1. I already add clove powder to my Ginger that I boil in water every morning. I winder if it gets the same effect. I might start boiling the clothes in with the ginger.

  2. Thank you so much i love your idea sure i am going to try it but if it looses wight it does not suit me cause i am very skinny

  3. It's not economical to soak a handful of cloves in water. Much less is equally effective. The soaked cloves can also be used in smoothies rather than being thrown away. Nice video but U need to be more circumspect.

  4. I hve been doing this 7yrs now and it works greatly and it clears my urine, and then clears bad odour. I have recommended this process to lots of friends. Thank You Natural Cures.

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