Dr. Ryan Cudahy - Sports Medicine Physician in San Francisco

Dr. Ryan Cudahy – Sports Medicine Physician in San Francisco

I'm Ryan Cuddy I am a telemedicine trained sports medicine physician the over all encompassing patient population for a sports medicine physician in primary care is really anyone with a musculoskeletal complaint if you have pain somewhere I can see it for that I really like to bridge that gap between injury and necessity for surgery my first sport ever I can remember dribbling a basketball with my dad before I can walk I've probably played basketball 200 days a year for my entire life it's just kind of always been my passion I like my clinic to run fast and efficient I don't take away from patient time to do anything so if a patient is ready I'm ready to see them the most important way to show kindness to a patient is to not only listen to what they're saying but listen in a way that they feel hurt and I think that being present in that way is the best way that I can show kindness to my patients I'm doctor Cudahy and I'm a dignity health medical group physician you

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