Dog The Bounty Hunter, 66, ‘suffers heart emergency’  – News Live

Dog The Bounty Hunter, 66, ‘suffers heart emergency’ – News Live

He lost his wife Beth Chapman from cancer in late June. She was only 51 years old And Dog The Bounty Hunter was hospitalized over the weekend due to a heart emergency, according to TMZ The TV star, 66, was taken to a Colorado hospital after he felt chest pains but doctors haven’t pinpointed what happened – but they believe it was a possible heart attack The website reports that he may need surgery.  Doctors still haven’t figured out what happened and are doing tests to find out the exact cause of the chest pains, with a heart attack as a possible cause TMZ reported that the doctors are trying to see if he needs some type of corrective surgery Share this article Share 82k shares His rep told TMZ: ‘I can confirm Dog is under doctor’s care and is resting comfortably Thank you for all your well wishes – keep ’em coming.’The news comes just three months after he lost his wife Beth to cancer Dog announced her passing on June 26, 2019 via Twitter: ‘It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she would wake up to go hike Koko Head mountain Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven. We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side ‘ Beth died at age 51 due to cancer. Beth was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in 2017 but by December of that year was announced to be cancer free By November of 2018, the cancer returned and she underwent chemotherapy before stopping treatment by mid-May In April, she was rushed to the hospital for breathing trouble related to the chemotherapy  In early August, burglars robbed his Colorado store – and took items belonging to Beth – including her personal bounty hunting gear, according to TMZ Days later, he narrowly avoided a $430,000 scam to fly to Dubai for a speech; Dog and his literary agent Alan Nevins of Renaissance Talent noticed red flags and didn’t end up cashing the check The star’s new show Dog’s Most Wanted, which debuted on September 4 on WGN America, features footage of his late wife Beth He told TMZ that it was ‘too difficult’ to watch the footage and stayed out of the editing process of the show  

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  1. I have just heard the news that dog the bounty hunter was rush to hospital we can not lose him let us pray father god be with the family how lost their mum from cancer and my stepmum lumen passed away from lung cancer and she all so had bowl cancer the whole family and friends still miss her so much and we all so had bad news lumens brother passed away l still have a cry and saffi still miss her and we still speak a bout her lumen is up in heaven with friends dog will bet better can someone from dog the bounty hunter text me back please

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