Does Gut Bacteria Really Produce Electricity?

Does Gut Bacteria Really Produce Electricity?

Eric Bakker, the naturopath here. Thanks for coming back. I read a great study. Something that really excites me. It’s about bacteria they’ve discovered now
can actually produce electricity. So this was a research conducted at the University
of California, Berkeley, I think that’s in California. And a molecular, a biology professor actually
stumbled across this, he found that bacteria, there are different types of bacteria they
discovered that actually produce electricity. And I think what they’ll find over the many
years ahead, that every single bacteria will produce some type of an energy field around
them. I mean, people in quantum physics have long
known about this, but science validating it. So, and it’s not a dissimilar mechanism how
we actually produce some energy and electricity ourselves. If you think about that, we’ve got to breathe
in oxygen, we breathe in, but we’ve got to get rid of these electrons somehow. So our inside, our cell in the mitochondria,
these electrons hop on, I think oxygen, which actually reduces the electron pool. And it also helps to increase, of course,
our energy and our metabolic rate. We don’t want these electrons floating around,
these free electrons, because they create free radical damage and can actually destroy
our health. So oxygen comes along. It hops on oxygen. And this is a good way to utilize these excess
electrons. But bacteria of course living in oxygen, likes
a very low, almost no oxygen environment. So they need to find another electron acceptor
in the gut. But the electrical thing’s very interesting. They discovered this with Clostridium perfringens,
which is the Clostridium that gives you the hospital bowel and diarrhea, and enterococcus
faecalis. And there are other bacteria, now even lactobacilli
is showing promise with this electricity generation. So it makes so much sense when you think about
it. If we ate really healthy all the time, chew
our food properly and generate large amounts of beneficial bacteria here, we can have a
good energy pool, a good electrical pool when you think about it. So that will charge us up positively. If we eat crap, and junk, and drink Diet Coke
all day, we’re not going to have fantastic bacteria here, i.e., if you extrapolate that
poor energy field. Most people I see who eat crap and drink crap,
have got very, very poor energy, both in a cognitive sense, thinking wise, emotional
sense, like their behavior and energy-wise. So this is something that people like me have
known for decades. Good food charges the body up. Crappy food charges it and dumbs it right
down. Science is finally validating that. Eat good food guys, you want to be charged
up to the positive, not the negative. And who knows? If we turn into a really healthy people, maybe
one day we can sell our electricity back to the grid. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link below if
you want my free weight loss report. Thank you.

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  2. I've noticed when my gut is off, my skin breaks out feels bumpy all over my body, my brain gets foggy, I get anxiety and I notice a strange static electricity that further agitates . This was the cycle that I could never break free from ,that seemed to get worse at different times of the season . this spring it finally started to stop and I took no cure. I started making mud bricks within three months I lost 30 pounds ,my skin looks like a teenager's I drank sun tea and ate once a day . I believe there was good bacteria in the dirt and just working it and breathing in the dust somehow introduced good bacteria back into my body. That electricity thing caught my interest I subscribed to you along time ago when I was dealing with these issues and just listening to you helped me relieve a lot of tension. Thanks for your work

  3. Hey Eric, fascinating video. I actually have a quick question slightly off topic of this video but am commenting here because I don't know the best way to reach you. A couple of your videos have differing views on KEFIR. One says great, one says can not so great and can contain strains of candida… What are you current views on kefir? Ok to consume when dealing with a systemic candida infection… gut issues and joint/body pain?

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