Doctor Who S02E01 New Earth Reaction

Doctor Who S02E01 New Earth Reaction

hi this is the intro before the intro because in the intro I forgot to say that I did not watch attack of the grass or grass k or however you say it I didn't watch that the it was video game cutscenes I decided I didn't really want to watch video game cutscenes and I actually decided that I would like to play the game but then I couldn't find it anywhere so I didn't hey if anyone knows where I might be able to play it I'm still willing to go back and play it but for now hello I'm Chris peacock and this is Doctor Who season 2 episode 1 new earth last time was the Christmas invasion where Earth was being invaded by aliens that were not from Mars appeared to be from Mars for a minute the doctor defeated the head of them and they ran away however the prime-minister used Torchwood which I'm still not one percent sure what Torchwood is other than some kind of alien defense system and destroyed the fleeing invading force the doctor wasn't happy about that I was a neutral about it I don't know how Rose felt about it at all she didn't really have anything to say so that was our first adventure that's better that was our first adventure with David Tennant as the doctor and I very much enjoyed his interpretation of the doctor one episode into it it's different the necklaces I can already tell I can see some differences already but that doesn't make it bad I enjoyed it not so much more than Eccleston's it's too early for me to make any kind of judgment on which I like better plus I know I'm biased towards Tennant going into it I'm aware of that so I'm gonna try not to be and I'm not just talking about Eccleston versus tena I'm talking about all the doctors once once tenant gets replaced and we move on from him I'm gonna try to judge each doctor against each other without taking any other shows I may have seen them in or movies as well without taking any of that into account but as I said Tennant did have an advantage going in because he was the one I was the most familiar with his other work but yes season two I'm very much looking forward to seeing if I can discover a season arc this time because I completely missed bad wolf wasn't even also before we get into it I think that we should be getting Captain Jack back at some point because I would assume that we're gonna get him before he becomes like the main character of Torchwood cuz I already knew I said back when we met him that I knew he was in Torchwood but I'm assuming he's just not gonna pop up and Torchwood episode 1 as the meet as like well maybe not the main character but a main character I don't know that he's the main character but I don't think he's just gonna pop up with nothing no word about what what's been going on with him so my guess is maybe not this episode but some point before Torchwood starts we will see Captain Jack again maybe it will be this episode we'll see one way or the mother of another one way or another let's you know part of me wants to completely redo this entire intro and another part of me doesn't and I'm not gonna do it let's get into it yeah five billion of 2387 and this new earth that's the title all those things from yeah it's the same little thing little things yeah this is after face show me her face well Cassandra survivor story Cassandra was dead did I get that name please tell me I got that name right how did you survive 1:26 I watch out the disinfectant the disinfectant so Cassandra child is clean didn't recognize the doctors oh this way Rose Tyler I'll be up and about in no time I doubt it petrified regression he's turning to stone there might be a cure for thousand years he might be up in a bow bone he's a statue have faith in the sisterhood the face of BOE is dying honestly I didn't realize he had survived one thing we can't cure he's thousands of years old I thought he was one of the victims laughs you got ripped apart that piece of skin was taken from the front of my body this piece is back not the mistress was looking to survive don't care creature lady I can accept that race that was the last time anyone told me I was beautiful debate the psycho garage okay ladies moving on goodbye trampoline and hello oh so roses was buried under your consciousness one story says that just before his death the face of BOE will impart his great secret that he will speak those words only to one like himself it said he'll talk to a wanderer to the man without a home he'll only God the doctor with a new face oh yeah you did scold her for that I said no it was the rose I'll be the face of both you had Petra full regression right at being the operative word look at its eyes positively sparkling hoglet even have a vocabulary and what should we do the patient so are you guys delete your incinerate oh poor guy is a friend what if the subframes locked try the installation protocol yeah sorry December actually technically helping these it's that every single disease in the galaxy they've been infected with everything safe yes Tara just don't touch them are they passing the disease aren't like okay they're not patients but they're sick okay part of me was thinking that they were transferring the diseases from the sick people into these people instead somehow but now the part of me that actually is thinking somewhat medically professionally even though I am NOT a medical professional they're using them to make vaccines right to design things that make the cures lab rats no wonder the sisters are going to kill for everything and Bill the ultimate research lab or a fee a human farm yeah and life is worthless Cassandra back here to decide that I'm the doctor one thing I can't afford off the roads I don't know what you mean I'm being very very calm you want to be aware of that very very calm and the only reason I'm being so very very calm is that the brain is a delicate thing the last okay back and forth I'm supposed to be the villain both sure the humans across the water pay you a fortune perhaps he opted in return no way of stopping me you're not exactly nuns with guns you're not even up who needs arms where we have claws just to wake up okay this is truly like a zombie episode not exactly if these people still have some kind of rational thought why are they going after I understand what happened to cats I know they're saying help us so I guess they must think that those people can help them but I mean I would definitely understand if the cats have been raped and they didn't have any rational thought but they clearly demonstrated that they did so now there just seems like they're just attacking anybody just propose you might get out inside ahead so alone keep reaching out I understand that what they want is help they're not really trying to attack anybody I understand what he's doing but there's no way there's enough room in that elevator for everybody oh okay they can do it by touch I was gonna say there's no way they're all getting in that elevator a brand new form of life run by cats in the dark shoes completely completely alive run by cats I go the impression there was something you wanted to tell me the greatest secret the legend says it can wait oh we shall meet again doctor for the third time for the last time and the truth shall be told alright see you then leave that body and end it Cassandra no one don't I can't you can't kiss on Viki alright he's failing I don't think he's going to last it all right I'm dying but that's fine you're right doctor it's time to die that was a very sudden turn the lady Cassandra I'm sorry I don't need anything right now I'm fine thank you no I just wanted to say you look beautiful I mean it you look so beautiful what is it what's wrong someone get some help okay that was nice of the doctor I still don't understand I don't understand the turn on Cassandra's part Bob whatever not a complaint just a confusion I mean I guess was it something about chip because I mean she didn't take out any of roses personality when she was with in Rose and she didn't take on any of the doctors personality when she was in the doctors I don't think it would have been anything with chips personality that would have made her suddenly accepting it's interesting well that was a good episode my favorite acting performance from Billie Piper I think yeah Billy Piper's her name usually I said the characters names but that wasn't rose that was Cassandra so I'll have to say the actress an excellent acting performance from Billie Piper as Cassandra as Rose that was that was fantastic she definitely had Cassandra's mannerisms down and I loved Cassandra trying to do Rose's accent which she didn't get she got dick Van Dyke's accent and Mary Poppins that's what she got but whatever good job Billie Piper in this episode definitely impressed we didn't get to find out what the face of BOE was gonna say but I assume that'll come back eventually I'm actually gonna laugh if I catch up to the current series and it still hasn't come back because it's still going on so it could be in an episode that hasn't even aired yet for all I know but I doubt it I actually kind of think it'll end up I think if they haven't changed their mind about it it happens within David Tennant's run might not be this season but I know he gets more than one season so I have a feeling that will come up before we get to the new doctor but regardless that was that was a good episode not my favorite but not my least favorite middle-of-the-pack overall episode I was really confused about how Cassandra had survived but then explanation the show gave made enough sense that was fine hopefully you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next episode

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  1. Just out of curiosity, are you going on a 5 week Doctor Who break after season 2 and start Torchwood? Because that's how I think your plan, which you showed at the beginning, says it. Even if that's technically the order the episodes were released, I think it would be better to watch Torchwood alongside Doctor Who, like Blind Wave or 7th Hour Films did. That way, there would be no big break for any of the shows and it would be still very easy to line them up correctly, even with Sarah Jane Adventures joining

  2. Looking forward to your reactions to the rest of the series – there are some truly awful episodes here but also some gems at the same time

  3. There's a lot about this episode that doesn't make sense – but the people reaching out ? they may have rational thought, but they havent had any nurture or a chance to develop more than a rudimentary understanding of the world. Also Cassandra's change of heart I think was precipitated by the insight she got into the clone's loneliness and suffering – and then I think you're right about it being something to do with Chip – like his level of acceptance stuck around

  4. Hi great reaction! Just a question ~ how often do you upload throughout the week?
    Just subbed by the way 🙂

  5. Funny thing is that Rose's Cassandra accent is much more like Billie's real accent than Rose's accent is

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