Doctor Who | Gallifrey Falls No More

Doctor Who | Gallifrey Falls No More

We all carry our prisons with us. There was a war… What war? The Time War. I thought that was just a legend. The war between the Daleks and the Time Lords. with the whole of creation at stake. I was there … in the battle. Where is it, Doctor? Your home is lost in fire. I’m not just a Time Lord, I’m the last of the Time Lords. I’m the only one left. Legend says he lead the battle in the last Great Time War. It’s the fall of Arcadia, Gallifrey’s second city. I was there at the fall of Arcadia. The final day… This is only the furthest edge of the Time War. I will bend the heavens to save my race. What will you sacrifice for yours? War is another world. If it’s war, then it’s war. You don’t get it, Doctor. How can you? Today, you leave me no choice. I had no choice. No more. He left a message. No more… The whole universe can valst. I walked when there were no walls… between my people and the Daleks. The last Great Time War, and in that battle … there was a man with more blood on his hands than any other. Every moment in time and space is burning… This, is not a war! I fought in a bigger war than you will ever know! Arcadia has fallen… I repeat! Arcadia has fallen! I did worse things than you could ever imagine, and when I close my eyes… Burning..! Falling..! All of it .. Falling! Suffering.. The war turning to hell. Your race is dead! You all burned! All of you! I lived. Everyone else died. Do you know who that leaves? Me! Just me! I hear more screams than anyone could ever be able to count! I watched it happen… I made it happen! Never forget, Doctor! You did this! An entire species… Gallifrey falling! Genocide! All of them but not you, Which must mean… I was the only one who could end it. It must end. I intend to end it the only way I can. I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to end it. And what happens then? I think it would kill them. Is it beyond the wit of a Time Lord to send them death? That’s the thing, if I don’t dare, everyone dies. Someone must make a choice. Genocide… in a moment. The most terrible choice. Genocide… has a choice.. The moment is coming. The Moment is me, you have to decide. Are you ready, Doctor? So many race, for a single life. There is no other way. Cause this is my life, Jackie. It’s not fun, it’s not smart, it’s just standing up and making a decision. Because nobody else will. How can you bare it? I did for you. Two almighty civilizations burning. Oh, I was there, I fought in the war, it wasn’t my fault! Thank the gods my people weren’t relying on you to save them. What I did… I did without choice. Either I destroy my own people, or let the universe burn. How many children on Gallifrey right now? 2.47 billion. These are the people you’re gonna burn? Gallifrey, you’re going to burn it. Billions will die. Mothers, sons, fathers… daughters. I just feel sorry for the poor bloke who to press the button to had to blow it all up. I am afraid, mother. All that pain and the misery. Is that the end of it? The Time War… And when they died that part of me died with them. I see it in his eyes every day, he’d do anything to change it. My entire planet died, my whole family, do you think it never occured to me to go back and save them? I can never go back, I can’t! I just can’t! I can do, anything. We don’t have a choice. We always have a choice. I could save everyone, I could stop the war. I have had 400 years to think about this. I’ve changed my mind. Nobody dies today. You got that? Nobody dies. Where would Gallifrey be? Frozen Frozen in an instint of time. Safe. Why would you such a thing? Because the alternative is burning. And I’ve seen that. And I never want to see it again. And I declare: this war is over! For Gallifrey. For Gallifrey! Gallifrey stand! Just this once, everybody lives! My people are alive. They didn’t die. I brought them back, I found a way.

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  1. I always feel amused when people in doctor who are like “you don’t know what it’s like!” To the Doctor

    Like, oh PLEASE!

  2. Every time I saw a clip like this, I went ecstatic. Turns out most of my favorites came from you. Why I didn't subscribe ages ago is as much a mystery as his name. Subbed now though.

  3. Even though Moffat sort of ruined the time war for me, Capaldis speech on still feeling the guilt of the time war is priceless

  4. OHHH THE FEELS!!!!!
    It went incredibly dark and suddenly i had a little smile…
    Well done, i love it, perfectly done 😉

  5. Es ist üblich von dir, aber das hier ist wirklich hervorragende Arbeit – all die Schrecken und die Grausamkeit des ewigen Krieges einzufangen und trotzdem mit so einer triumphalen Note zu enden, ist eine erstaunliche Leistung! ^^

  6. You could have used the Genocide argument with Charlie and Quill in Class with this, cos it's similair

  7. Tu gagnes un abonné et un like sur chacune de tes vidéos, tu es juste géniale, j'adore ce que tu fais, encore plus sur doctor who 😍

  8. Oh that is so brilliant. Especially the way it weaves in everything said in the series that isn't specifically about the Time War…but it actually is.

  9. It never really occurred to me before, but I can see that what the Doctor does isn't just a choice he tries to live past, he repeats it all the time, every day, every place the TARDIS takes him.

    Davros said his final victory was showing the Doctor how many died in his name, that he always runs, never looking back out of shame, but that's wrong.
    He repeats the choice he made on Gallifrey every episode, or the choice he thought he made – sacrificing a few to save the many. With every villain he fought, that choice haunted him yet he never faltered in his belief and desire to do the most amount of good one man can.

  10. This video was wonderful! It was sad strongly sad and i want rewatch that episodes before 50th year episode that we learnt how doctor kills his own kind and daleks. Thank you very much for this deep Whovian video. 🙂

  11. Мне очень нравится ваша работа💕💕💕💕
    Не подскажите, в какой серии 12 доктор говорит : "Мне страшно, мама". ( 3:42)

  12. Basically the doctor went back on a flux decision in his own history and all thirteen doctors went back to Gallifrey to make the same decision to save the planet instead of burn it.

  13. I searched for over 4 and an half billions of years the right sentence to describe this video but now I found it: " I see beauty, I see divinity… I see THIS VIDEO!!!" "

  14. "A life this long, do you understand what it is? It's a battlefield. And it's empty… because everyone else has fallen"

  15. If this happen on earth we will have to do the same as the doctor and find a different planet in time because the earth is a 100000 years old and maybe more

  16. I feel like Peter Capaldi might be the last Doctor to truly show us the Doctors pain for the Time War. I don’t doubt Jodie Whittaker, but with the new political messages I don’t think they’d express such emotions that could make the beauty of this video.

  17. Just realised that the Doctor's family should be still alive on gallifrey. Might make for some interesting stories

  18. THAT WAS BRILLIANT Well done, honour is due. And the various Doctors acting shows how good they were and everything that is wrong with series eleven.

  19. The Doctor has a lot of patience when it comes to people saying he knows nothing of war, he fought in the biggest war ever.

  20. It's a shame they ruined the series with this stupid female version… He used to have so much depth and knowledge behind him and now the doctor (she) is plain f*cking useless

  21. I love the lore of dotor who. I spent a week learning and only just scratched the surface. From the great intelligence and the old gods to the dark times of the time lords, the start of the time war and the fledgling empires. And even the show. Full of amazing quotes referencing its history. It makes you really wonder.

  22. The doctor isn’t afraid to action most people don’t know him underneath all that goofy witty and cleverness he’s got more heart than anyone else in the universe

  23. What sort of thing would YOU do if you were in his boots? either kill between 3 and 20 billion timelords, along with all of the daleks, or let countless billions of beings across the universe die because you couldn't destroy the daleks.

  24. This is pretty perfect, I hate to dare make a suggestion, the line from Bad Wolf by Bad Wolf where she says "The Time Wars ends!" right before the line "The moment is me you have to decide"

  25. Galifrey falls no more nobody dies today I declare this war is over ……for galifrey…..Just this once everybody wins

  26. Ouch my heart! This hurts so good. I love seeing all these glimpses under the Doctor’s happy adventure seeking facade. They all portray that pain and guilt differently but wonderfully

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    Если Ты фанат сериала "Доктор Кто",то Тебе сюда!❤

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  28. The whole genocide of Time Lords never made sense to me. Even if every Gallifreyan was on the planet when they were killed, surely some time lords from the past would still be popping up considering they're… You know…. TIME Lords. Lords of TIME. Flying around in TIME and space in capsules that are bigger on the inside. I think one ship is meant to have 6 pilots but we know that it can hold way more. I could never understand how you can commit genocide on a species of time travelers.

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