Difficult patient - angry about office wait - realistic

Difficult patient – angry about office wait – realistic

Joe have a seat finally yes I hear that you yelled at my staff out there well no I did not yell at her I told her that she was being rude hmm I see well I'm sorry that you were waiting but we do have zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior well maybe I could have been nicer doctor I've been waiting for two hours okay that may be so but that's not an excuse for taking it out on my receptionist look when I called this morning I explained to her that I needed this refill right away she told me that you don't do refills over the phone fine so I explained to her about my busy day and I asked could she just tell me if you were running behind she said she had no idea so when I got here I asked her again she refused to answer she was rude and deliberately unhelpful well Joe again I'm sorry that you were kept waiting but it's not my receptionist fault that I was running behind well maybe not but the way she reacted was totally inappropriate she actually told me that if I wanted to I could leave it anytime and she refused to give me any idea as to when I'd be seeing here I mean all I wanted was some idea as to when you'd be available so I could make an intelligent decision about whether I shall leave or to stay as it was the basketball coach for my son's game had to send him home in a cab because I wasn't there okay Joe just hold on take a moment you need to calm down we've talked about this right now listen I was called in to a very difficult delivery I had no idea how long it was going to take I'm gonna have to ask you to apologize to my receptionist for your outburst okay well I guess that's more important in my refill I guess I was kind of rude to her I'll go apologize okay it's okay please just sit I can understand why you got upset okay you can apologize to her after we're done in here okay all right so what is it that you need a refill ah hey okay so see you've been on this for about six months it's working okay yeah you

14 thoughts on “Difficult patient – angry about office wait – realistic”

  1. not her fault…how many recepionists ….over book one time slot…really if 3 people are scheduled for the same time slot…there IS A PROBLEM !

  2. Come on people, this is a demonstration for med students to see how to NOT handle this situation, it's not real

  3. This video shows that patient was in the right just by his demeanor, we don't know what went on in office and dr taking the side of staff right of the bat isn't going to work with an out of control patient or an everyday person. Meds could be for psychological problems I think that disarming him with the " The Validation technique" would be one of the best ways. I don't believe it's just for Dementia.

  4. I have had my share of disrespectful patients and dealing with them can be frustrating.  That said, this patient was actually pretty reasonable.  He was rather calm while explaining his frustration.  This doctor failed to listen and was dismissive of his concerns.  In my opinion, it was the doctor who was disrespectful, not the patient.

  5. I think that the doctor is confrontational. He should have the situation deescalated from the beginning.However,I do not know what I would have done in a similar scenario. 

  6. Yes, it is the patient who is difficult! LOL. You mean, it is the doctor who is disrespectful by treating us this way!

  7. what an idiot to wait 2 hours for a refill when he is SOOOOO busy, sorry this is NOT realistic, or one of those patients who just WANT to be upset, as he is with everything!!!!!
    a phone call for a refill must be efficient enough!!!!!!

  8. I hope this is an example of really bad communication. The doctor does not knock before entering and calls his patient by his first name. The main interest here is forcing the patient to acknowledge bad behavior. What should have happened is that the doctor should have explained why the patient had to wait and then apologized. Asking a patient to wait two hours with no explanation is VERY POOR COMMUNICATION!!

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