3 thoughts on “Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapist (A diabetes help video)”

  1. I am forever grateful Eliot. You indeed have taught me some fantastic tools and guided me in the perfect way for me to see my own reality a bit more clearly. After the work we did together, I am now practicing personal growth and healing, every day.

  2. Eliot is responsible for introducing me to some very powerful "life-tools" and helping me implement them at just the right time in my life, both from personal and diabetes perspectives. I rarely get overwhelmed these days. Stressed, yes. Anxious, yes. But not to the point where I have trouble managing it with the use of my own tools (singing, exercising, taking a nap, meditation, pets, nature are a few) and with reaching out to loved ones. Eliot and I "worked" together for almost 3 years. I’ve rarely worked with someone with such integrity in every way. I am very grateful for you, Eliot. Thank you ☺.

  3. "Eliot has been instrumental in helping me manage my diabetes not only on a physical level but mentally and emotionally as well. Having diabetes can cause depression and anxiety that affects health and well-being. His intimate knowledge of diabetes first hand as a diabetic himself, provides a unique insight into these life challenges that other providers cannot offer. I am happy to say my diabetes is completely under control with exercise, healthy eating and managing my anxiety levels with Eliot. I am now living a much fuller life."

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