Could Morning Sickness Actually Be A Good Thing?

Could Morning Sickness Actually Be A Good Thing?

The nausea and vomiting experienced by mothers’
during pregnancy can feel awful. But could it actually be a good thing? Hello former babies, Lissette here for DNews.
Two thirds of all pregnant women report experiencing morning sickness in their first trimester.
It’s a common and sometimes debilitating phenomenon that causes vomiting and nausea.
But calling it morning sickness is actually a bit of a misnomer. First, the nausea and
vomiting can happen anytime, day or night – not just the morning. And many scientists
tell us it’s far from being a sickness – in fact, it’s more like the opposite. I know that sounds weird, but scientists have
been looking into it for a while and although morning sickness is still a bit of a mystery,
there is growing research dating back to the 1970s that says this nausea and vomiting is
good – for both moms and babies. So how does that work? Well, there are a few different
factors involved. But one of the biggest to keep in mind is that embryos are much more
sensitive than adults. They’re tiny, at their largest only about ten centimeters in
the first trimester; And their bodies and brains are still developing so they’re more
susceptible to small concentrations of, well, anything. Food included. Many studies have found that certain foods
are more strongly associated with morning sickness than others. This one conducted by
researchers from the University of Liverpool found that across 21 different countries worldwide,
nausea and vomiting rates were linked to consumption of alcohol and meat. And another study published
in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found similar results – also naming
meat – but adding strong tasting plants to the list. It’s easy to see why mothers would
be more likely to reject alcohol – we’ve all heard of fetal alcohol syndrome – now
known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. But what about meat and veggies? Wouldn’t
those be good for a growing embryo? Not really. See adults can tolerate meat quite
well – especially the way we cook it today – but evolutionarily, meats contained a lot
of pathogens and made people sick. So it makes sense that women would have evolved to reject
meat while pregnant to keep our little ones safe. And when it comes to veggies – many
plants like broccoli and cabbage actually contain small amounts of phytochemicals, which
make them taste or smell bad to certain animals and keep them from being eaten. But, while
they might keep rabbits away, humans can handle the tiny amounts of toxins found in them;
however, embryos’ tiny developing bodies and brains cannot. They are much more vulnerable
– especially in the first trimester, which also coincides with a higher prevalence of
morning sickness. Together, these studies provide evidence that nausea and vomiting
during pregnancy helps protect the embryo by having the mother reject or expel foods
that can cause harm. In fact, researchers at The University of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill found that not having any morning sickness is associated with increased risk of miscarriage. But it’s not just helping to protect the
embryo, this nausea and vomiting may also be protecting the soon to be moms. A study
out of Harvard University, found that when pregnant, a woman’s immune system is sort
of turned down – the theory behind it being that this way her body won’t reject the
foreign genetic material of her embryo. But the woman’s suppressed immune system also
means that much like her little one, she can’t as easily fight off harmful bacteria and pathogens
that are found in some foods. So the body will reject them. Now, that’s not to say that vomiting and
nausea is categorically good for pregnant women- if it is extreme, women should definitely
see a doctor – but, a little here and there seems be our bodies way of telling us what’s
good for us. So many things can be bad for us when we’re
in the womb. But, what sort of things need to go right in order to get pregnant in the
first place. Julia has the scoop in her episode: How Hard is it to get pregnant? Check it out. Do you have any burning science questions?
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93 thoughts on “Could Morning Sickness Actually Be A Good Thing?”

  1. How dare you accuse me of having been a baby in my past. I'll have you know I was born a full grown adult. On the day of my birth I thanked my mother for her services and made it in time for my shift at the factory.

  2. Morning sickness is always bad because it means you're pregnant. Unless you have money to throw around on an expensive pet, your entire life is screwed.

  3. But when I was pregnant with my son I threw up absolutely everything and I threw up even when i didn't eat, I'd throw up stomach acid. This caused me to lose a drastic amount of weight in my first trimester because I couldn't hold anything down, not even water. So what does that mean? I stayed pretty sick my whole pregnancy but it mainly eased up by around 20 weeks.

  4. I had such severe "morning" sickness with my first, that I ended up in the hospital with preterm labor because of potassium deficiency and I had to be put in the cardiac until for potassium infusion. More painful than having the baby.

  5. Do I still want kids? No.
    Will I ever want kids of my own? Hell no!
    I'll just stick with being an awesome future aunt, thank you.

  6. What if i get morning sickness but im a male_ legit question asked teacher once he asked if i was a female. wtf

  7. So wait, if meat and veggies are not good for women while pregnant what does one eat? Nothing but fruit and starches for 9 months?

  8. Make a video about the venezuelan economic, social and political crisis, and the upcoming referendum 😀 love you guys, you have amazing content, I watch all your videos.

  9. if you dont want a woman to have your kid give her a good meal of parsley with some pennyroyal mixed in for good mesure. lets be honest some women wouldnt want to have kids with some men why cant men not want to have their kids with certain women. dont give me that malarkey about we should have wrapped it up women have way more say when it comes to birth control including making sure that the man they sleep with is using condoms.

  10. Tell that to the many thousands of women who get morning sickness so bad they have to be hospitalized it's a bad thing.

  11. Folks, everything is the diet. Everyone should be eating essentially whole starchy staples, vegetables, some fruit, no oil, no meat, no dairy, no fish. The myth is that you'll get deficient, sick, and it isn't so. You will just be healthy the way humans should be. When you consume these rich distillates like oil or alcohol you are poisoning your body. Animal proteins and fats are calories but humans were not designed to live optimally upon them and when consumed harm including the baby. You have only good health to fear.

  12. #askDnews What is the reason behind stars being invisible in city limits?

    #askDnews How accurate is the MBTI or other personality tests, should we be teaching them in universities? what are its consequences to developing minds.

  13. When I was in middle school I had a teacher who said that even looking at anything pink would make her extremely nauseous when she was pregnant. She said that one time when she was grocery shopping, the sight of all the pink meat in the meat department made her so sick, she had to run out of the store immediately, abandoning her cart full of food.

  14. I might never find enough courage in me to have children if I were a woman… Vomiting is the most (yes, THE MOST, not just one of) terrible experience I can imagine.

  15. why are some toes curly and why are some toes so far apart they look like hand #askDnews ???

  16. Couldn't come inside my own house if hubby decided to have any animal based food. – check. But what do those study say about why sickness is the worst in the morning before you even think of food. I understand it's link to hunger. But being sick because of hunger when you actually need food is kind of counter productive.

  17. Just like pets,babies require the parent's full devotion.For the continuation of our species and for them to grow up as responsible stewards of Earth and being friendly neighbors.

  18. If you're at your wits low due to severe morning sickness, drink no morning sickness tea and you'll be at ease. It's safe and natural as well.

  19. Wait a sec.  I was told a pregnant woman was less likely to sick as if her immune system was on overdrive or is it just that the umbilical cord is crazy strong?

  20. I don't know it's good or bad but it really sucks. For my both pregnancies I have successfully used the tea with great relief.

  21. I had bad morning sickness but I managed it with the help of "no to morning sickness tea" that's not only safe but also eased me completely from this freaky sickness. You can try if you get this sickness.

  22. I actually one feel sick, but i dont vomit at all. and if i am able to eat, i poo it out way to fast and way to liquid…. yay ?!
    And:yes its aaaactually good. But: after some weeks you are just fed up from that.

  23. Nausea and morning sickness is terrible during Pregnancy period, I crushed them easily by using an herbal tonic "no to morning sickness tea" of Give it a try if nothing works.

  24. I had such severe "morning" sickness with my first, that I ended up it by using of “no to morning sickness tea” it makes me feel alive again….

  25. Great that you found something to help you I can understand that Feeling sick is terrible. I was sick with my babies the whole nine months and it was no fun. i soothed my nausea and morning g sickness by using of an herbal tea “no to morning sickness tea”. You will be ok soon.

  26. I have nausea real bad!! Everything I eat comes back up!! What are u trying to tell me? Are u saying that everything I eat is bad for my BBY?! Rubbish!!

  27. I think its true for me a 10 year smoker got morning sickness the second i tried to smoke a cig
    I had tp quit cold turkey but it beat. Nausea

  28. Im 11 weeks now. Im waiting to get it over. I'm having a very bad morning sickness, nauseous, eat then vomit everything. I can't eat pork, the look and the smell of it make me sick. I can only eat very little amount of meats because i have to. I have to eat so many small portions of meals a day. I sleep a lot, gosh a lot. And i even forgot to eat and drink. Im exhausted and i dont even want to hang out, put makeup on, or taking shower.

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