Can Papaya Leaf Really Cure Dengue Fever? | presented by Nottingham University

Can Papaya Leaf Really Cure Dengue Fever? | presented by Nottingham University

Sounds familiar? You’ve probably been bitten by
those pesky mosquitoes before But beyond the itchy red bumps
lies a greater danger DENGUE! This viral infection is
transmitted through the bite Of infected female mosquitoes And can potentially develop
into a life threatening disease As it stands Dengue is now the leading cause
of hospitalisation and death Among people in Asia and Latin America While there is no specific cure to the disease A popular natural remedy for dengue Is papaya leaf Patients who consume the juice from this plant Commonly reported a reduction of
dengue fever symptoms And improvement in overall health So, can papaya leaf really cure dengue fever? Carpaine A bioactive compound found in papaya leaf Has been shown to increase blood platelet count and Help to reduce internal bleeding But how do we scale Carpaine
extraction from papaya leaves So patients all over the world can consume it? Associate Professor Dr Hii Ching Lik From the University of Nottingham Malaysia Is heading a research program dedicated to finding The best way to extract and preserve Carpaine From papaya leaves To be made into fast-acting pills or syrup For dengue patients to easily consume The interdisciplinary research requires Dr Hii to work with researchers from different fields in the university Where postgraduate students get the opportunity to assist in high-level research like this If the techniques used by Dr Hii and his team Can successfully preserve high
amounts of extractable Carpaine They can then partner with pharmaceutical companies To develop the medication on a bigger scale This will be a medical breakthrough in the treatment of dengue And can potentially save Many lives!

16 thoughts on “Can Papaya Leaf Really Cure Dengue Fever? | presented by Nottingham University”

  1. Omg u guys should do this more often, I love the Kurzgesagt format! I'd love to see some content about Malaysian science once in a while as a contrast from the overall tone of the channel! Love u SAYS!

  2. I have actually got dengue fever at the age of 11 two years ago. My father was a doctor and he gave me papaya leaf juice everyday. In two weeks time, my dengue was completely cured.

  3. Waste of time and money in making in making pills so pharma can make money. Just drink juice from papaya leaf cost one nothing and can be taken right away without delay.

  4. I survived dengue ,without using any papaya ..platelets moved from 20000 to 3.2 lakh in 2 days without any papaya

  5. Yes very effective the number one remedy for dengue. Go to hospitals and inform those dengue patients that papaya leaf is very effective. To save life and expenses

  6. Papaya leaf cures my 2 sons from dengue fever. The method is get papaya leaf pour boiling water to the leaf until it is soft then squeeze the leave to get the extract. You will need 2 tablespoon of extract and drink it. It is very bitter in taste but it is so effective.

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