Best Towson Chiropractor Demonstrates Full Treatment for Spine Pain

Best Towson Chiropractor Demonstrates Full Treatment for Spine Pain

Hi everybody it’s Doctor Blake from Doctors
Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your neck and back pain specialists. We’ve got Jonathan the office, has been a
busy day in the office and we’re just going to adjust our staff, Jonathan from head to
toe he says his neck’s a little tight. He’s been doing some heavy overhead presses
with Antoine, you guys remember from our last video. Those guys are pressing 145. I’m still kind of comfortable with that 125
range but I’m getting there. These guys are a little bit built like brick
S houses. I’m not quite there yet, I’m getting there. So go ahead and lean back in for me. So I know last time we talked about what are
our physical goals for 2017, or physical, what we’re going to work on from a physical
standpoint. I said I want to get my body fat down to that
six to eight percent body fat range. I want to be really flexible. I want to meditate daily. And you guys gave you some great comments
in the video talking about what you want to achieve. And so I think what I like to talk with you
guys now is what we want to cheat what do I wanted to achieve on a business level. So thanks to all your help for taking my YouTube
channel to almost five thousand subscribers, but I want to get this thing to ten thousands
of drivers in 2017. So that’s my note that’s my first goal when
it comes to social media. My second goal is to get our Facebook page
and our Instagram accounts to thirty five thousand likes and followers respectively. And so we’re putting some things in place
right now. I think when it comes to chiropractic at social
media marketing our office is on the cutting edge when it comes some of that stuff so we’ve
got some great plans and to implement, to achieve those things. So if you guys need chiropractors or PTs out
there that are watching that are curious how we do this I’d love for you to reach out me
on Facebook at, and I’d be glad to go over those strategies
with you or put you in touch with the right people to help you with those things. Enough talking let’s get to the cracking huh? Perfect. Nice and easy there. Let’s roll on your side face me over here. So Jonathan probably gets adjusted once every
two weeks. He’s in incredible shape. He’s an athlete, he works very hard in our
office, does personal training, does chiropractic work, got a very active family lifestyle at
home. So him getting adjusted once every two weeks
is pretty, it’s probably pretty appropriate for someone this active. I know when we take care of the professional
athletes, like the boxer comes over once a week, when the ballplayers are in town, when
we work on the professional baseball team for the Baltimore they get adjusted probably
once a week, sometimes twice a week if they’re doing a lot of traveling. Other side. If you’re just a weekend warrior, everyday
athlete, every three weeks every, four weeks, every five weeks, every six weeks, somewhere
in that range depending on your activity level and how much stuff you’re doing at home to
kind of combat some of the stiffness and tightness that goes into dealing with everyday life. You know if your foam rolling every day at
home or if you’re doing, actively involved in maybe getting a massage or yoga or Pilates
some of those things to help keep you flexible and lose. Let this drop, good slide on me. Good, all right my man let’s roll over on
your side stomach. Face down. Take your breath in, and out, lift your head
for me. Good, you needed that one. So let’s go over and watch that hands over
head adjustments over on this one because tight up here okay. Have a seat right here, feet going that way. So a lot of people you know ask me when they
first come into our office what’s the what’s the point of getting adjusted? And a lot of comments on the YouTube videos
and the Facebook videos have been, you know, what’s the point of an adjustment or what
do we get from that cracking noise that happens, or the movement when we do a drop technique,
or the mobilization when we do active release, or the PT stuff? Well first of all we’re going to get a decrease
in pain sensation so when we put motion into the joint it blocks the pain signals. First off that’s the major big thing. So we get decrease in pain when we adjust
in that area. The second thing that happens that’s even
more important is that when we put the right kind of motion into the joint it stimulates
the muscles that protect your spinal cord, so your core stabilization muscles. It sets the muscles up to fire more readily. And that’s the big really, the big thing that
helps with helps protecting back and protecting your neck from getting adjusted and decreases
pain and it boom it stimulates the spinal stabilizer muscles to turn on faster to help
protect your back. So the reason we do chiropractic and physical
therapy in our office is because I can adjust your back and then go give you a bunch of
rehab exercises to do and your core muscles will get stronger faster. So that’s why we’re so good at doing what
we do well is because we’re really good adjusters and we offer the world class PT in our office. Hands on top of your head, elbows in, head
roll down. Good, put your hands a little higher up here. Take a breath in and out. Hey you’re lats are getting huge, I haven’t
done this in a while. Just relax, relax back. There you go. He’s trying not to laugh because his shoulder
lats, we’ve been doing weighted pull-ups. So he and I have been doing kino body programs
right now, you can check kino body out on YouTube or on Facebook. And we’ve been using those to cut and a bulk
and for the past six, almost twelve weeks, almost into a little bit eighteen weeks we’ve
been doing weighted variations, weighted pull ups or weighted chin ups. I did weighted chin ups, five reps for ninety
yesterday, and you did… Four for, eighty for four. Eighty for four. So he went from doing like thirty five points
to eighty pounds weighted chin ups for four reps, it was incredible. So if you guys are starting to get into that
weight training there’s a lot of great options out there. Kino bodies what I’ve been following for about
a year now and it’s been great. So thanks for watching. If you have any questions about building a
business from a chiropractic, building social media from a chiropractic or a PT, leave a
comment find me on Facebook, get a hold of kino body if you want to start working out,
and be sure to subscribe so you can keep seeing our awesome videos. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next

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  2. Doc, I go to The Joint to get adjusted every few weeks. I noticed my squats are better after an adjustment. Why do you not like the Joint?

  3. U r a talker ur wife must have her hands full lol j/k thanks 4 the videos is it worth me driving from Philadelphia I'm tempted ?

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