Autism Debate with Jenny McCarthy on 'The Doctors' (Part 1)

Autism Debate with Jenny McCarthy on 'The Doctors' (Part 1)

here's one thing Jenny it and you know I've got an open mind but you know back in in 1983 back in the 90s and we did have children dying every week of meningitis and and you know I remember doing rounds with my dad and almost almost every day he'd need to go to the hospital and take care of a child that had some sort of vaccine preventable illness and you know with the increase of vaccines we've seen a huge decline in some of the really nasty things that I don't that I'm so glad I don't have to deal with you know epiglottitis meningitis you know a lot of pneumonia is you know kids just aren't dying of that sort of stuff anymore in and and as a pediatrician that's the last thing I want to see is for people to stop vaccinating because we'll start seeing kids died of polio let me tell you this we do not need that many vaccines that we need the chickenpox I think can be a parent's choice the rotavirus the flu shot that still contains mercury jb abbott i speke oh the devil is always in the details and one of the problems with vaccines is they've been so great that people overly generalize about them as if they're only great we looked at other first world countries were 34th in under 5 mortality behind such luminaries as cuba and slovenia however we have 36 vaccines the top 5 which include countries like Finland Norway Iceland average 11 and 13 vaccines from 1994 we added eight vaccines to our schedule there are vaccines like flu rotavirus varicella that have only been picked up by two or three of the other 30 countries so what do they know that we don't why are they picking up vaccines that have been around for 15 years and why are their autism rates one in a thousand one in 1500 one in 2000 it doesn't take a brain surgeon or an ER doctor to figure out there might be a correlation we don't want to narrow be too narrow-minded and say it's it's only the vaccines and and not and ignore other potential problems in my opinion and this is just me wanting to have an open debate about this vaccines are really the one thing we have looked at as causing others what are you lately bogus that is such a bogus statement how many vaccines have they looked at in these studies how many what's the answer it's – how many ingredients have they study of 35 what's the answer it's one you've looked at – of 36 shots and one of 35 vaccines and you're going to stand on the stage and say that vaccines and autism are unrelated it is the most bogus tobacco science it's a smokescreen anybody who takes the time to read it would agree I'm so sick of doctors who don't read the studies who don't know the details sitting here telling parents and reassuring them that vaccines don't cause autism it is earring this is the biggest problem and the reason that doctors in this country are frustrated because it listen all you're doing is you're antagonizing a medical community that wants to help these kids you haven't a recent agonizing me you're antagonizing dr. Sears why would you do that this show is all about us by circuiting we're okay you know it is okay everyone wants to blame someone right yes this is what it's what we're trying to figure out here's how to help kids but all you do when you yell at me on my stage all you do is anger me I'm sorry I'm a feeling that you deal know the detest you to defend your stance and all you did was attack me as an individual why would I want to listen to you when you do that to me instead I want to listen to dr. Jerry here who will rationally walk through why they're removing certain things from foods that could be causing problems why we're removing environmental toxins it could be causing autism you know I I want to help these kids live better lives just like everyone else I don't understand why we all have to argue so much with one another because when you attack all you do is create frustration

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  1. I get emotional talking to these anti vaxx people…it's so fucking frustrating. How can I NOT react emotionally when you're literally basing the entirety of your argument ON FEELINGS

  2. No no but to each their limits
    Its kids health we re talking about
    And it like trying to control mortality rates at an early age

  3. It’s been 10 years since this clip was published, and yet I still see these conversation online, word for word.

  4. They said that only 2 vaccines have been tested for the autism link a 1/35 ingredients I just checked

    They've fucking checked all of them

  5. Only the vaccines" *vaccines are the only thing they have looked at*.. It isn't funny. Young girls and young women are now being hurt by Gaurdasil or the HPV vaccine given to prevent cervical cancer from 1 bacterium.

  6. 98% of the members of the Pharma industry treat the masses as milking cow. As Christians, they do not have love for the people… making their Christianity suspect.

  7. Bro moderator / anchor man, the attack you got from the audience or people is a response of the long-running attack big Pharma has been doing against the masses SECRETLY but is now discovered as true conspiracy to put the masses in the zone of not so healthy and not dead, in other words in the zone of disease, to maximize profits for big Pharma and at the same time to achieve the Illuminati's goal to keep people controllable.

    So the attack that you are complaining to be receiving from the audience or probably from me, or anyone new who finds this channel, is only a response to the persistent attack on the health of the people which shows their lack of love as well as lack of repentance as fellow Christians.

    So can we blame your attackers?

    There is no love among members of the pharmaceutical industry for the masses whom they view as milking cow.

  8. He looks like he was going to cry. It's clear he was caught in a broken system that isnt designed to benefit people. It's all a business

  9. Years later, i still think that doctor (if one can call him that), is a big baby sissy boy that was indoctrinated by his rich family, into the poison pushing "health" industry

  10. Look at the thousands of people who were normal, talking, walking for all their lives then get a vaccine and they're mute, autistic, paralyzed or have some sort of physical or mental impairment. If these are the doctors treating us were screwed if they cant put two n two together. SMH

  11. Everyone knows autism is caused by anal sex. When babies come out the ass it crushes thier brains.

  12. So Travis' answer to facts is to label the facts as a personal attack? No that's NOT what JB is doing; he's exposing indoctrination.

  13. Lol. What’s so funny is this dude was fucking right. I’m a cna and in areas of Afghanistan there have been cases reported of polio. Just published in March. Vaccinate yourselves and your kids, don’t be stupid idiots.

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