About Your Heart Attack | Nucleus Health

About Your Heart Attack | Nucleus Health

If you have recently been treated for a heart attack a condition caused by a blockage of blood flow to your heart muscle This video will help you understand the condition and its treatment Your heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood containing the oxygen and nutrients your body needs The main pumping chamber of your heart is the left ventricle When your left ventricle contracts it sends oxygen-rich blood to your body through a large artery called the aorta Connected to your aorta our small arteries called coronary arteries Blood flows from your aorta through the coronary arteries to supply your heart muscle with oxygen and nutrients During your heart attack blood flow through one of your coronary arteries may have been severely reduced or completely blocked Your reduced blood flow may have been caused by a buildup of a fatty substance called plaque in your coronary arteries If this plaque became Disrupted a blood clot might form and severely worsen the narrowing or lead to a sudden complete blockage Stopping blood flow down the artery a blockage in your coronary arteries prevented the oxygen and nutrients in your blood from reaching that part of your heart supplied by the artery as A result heart muscle in that area started to die Damage to part of your heart muscle is called a heart attack It’s also known as a myocardial infarction or MI Your heart doctor may have recommended a procedure to help open the blockage and improve blood flow to the damaged area The procedure you had may have been a coronary angioplasty During a coronary angioplasty a balloon tipped catheter inflates inside your blocked coronary artery to open it The procedure may have involved placing a stent to help prop the artery open This is usually a thin metal mesh that acts as a scaffold Or you may have had a coronary artery, bypass graft or CABG CABG is a surgical procedure in which the blocked areas of the coronary arteries are Bypassed with veins or other arteries from the body Before you left the hospital your healthcare provider most likely prescribed several medications Your medication may include the following Oral antiplatelet therapy Helps prevent platelets from sticking together and forming new blood clots You may have also received drugs called beta blockers that help lower your heart rate and blood pressure Drugs such as angiotensin converting enzyme or ACE inhibitors angiotensin receptor blockers or ARBs and calcium channel blockers also work to lower your blood pressure, if needed and You may have been prescribed statins along with a low-fat diet to lower your cholesterol These drugs work by reducing the amount of cholesterol made in your liver It is important to stay on your medications as your physician prescribed even if you are feeling better Do not go off your medication unless the healthcare professional that prescribed them tells you to

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  1. Its perhaps the best explaination of how a heart attack takes place and what to do if it does take place. Thanks a lot!

  2. The cause of heart attacks is exces of colesterole in your blood that used the close a part of your artere it was a hard operation but now kts easy

  3. Please make a video over low blood pressure and some healthy effects of exercise which help to prevent many serious injuries

  4. if you say that heart attack is caused by blood clotting in the coronary artery the why does a person receive a heart attack when he is shocked

  5. I love how they tell you to stay on your medication instead giving your informative information on how you can reduce these types of chronic diseases by just switching to a plant-based diet. Don't get me wrong I appreciate this video because you get to see what your organs go through when you're on a poor diet.

  6. Fucking shit, our body got thousands of parts and eavh part can have many fucking sickness relate to it, wtf wtf wtf wtf…

  7. My uncle hawk was only 36-years old when he had his heart attack 3 months ago😢 he had 3 stents put in❤ he still has chest pain from time to time,for the most part he feels better❤ has some chest pain from time to time😕

  8. Really informative video, thank you! I survived a heart attack 7 weeks ago. I was airlifted to hospital and they did an amazing job of saving my life, again. I also had a sub-arrachnoid brain hemorrhage 8 months ago so I am a very lucky lady! It's always good to be able to understand exactly what has happened and I think it helps the recovery process.

  9. Thanks for your work. But you can replace “your” by “the Patient” because I don’t think a patient will see this. Instead students and doctors mostly are seeing this.

  10. My great grandma had Stokes, dementia, blood clots, and dead brain plus she had heart attacks. She passed away Sep 18,2017 💔

  11. wooow this is scary, but thankful my dad survived 4 of these attacks, thankful hes here 💞, but the doctor said he might not survive the 5th one but I pray he does

  12. Her name Wendy, I say, hey Wendy, I saw Tv, People Heart Attack and Die, Wendy say, I wanted, talking about that.

  13. I can't. I have high blood pressure and on top of that I smoke. This video literally gives me severe anxiety because I might have a heart attack in the future ://.

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