7 Life or Death Things about Stress & High Blood Pressure

7 Life or Death Things about Stress & High Blood Pressure

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Things You Should Know About Stress We all know what stress feels like – but
did you know that it’s all nothing more than a bunch of chemicals in our blood? When we experience something stressful, our
adrenal glands make adrenaline and glucocorticoids.  These chemicals make our muscles tense, our
hearts race, our blood vessels constrict and, hence, our blood pressure spikes. In nature, this rush means the difference
between catching something to eat or being something to eat – the “fight or flight”
survival instinct. The problem today is that we are so surrounded
with stress triggers that our bodies seldom quite get a chance to “shut off.”  What
in the wild kept us alive is now killing us. Stress has very serious side effects on our
physiology that most people don’t know about, including: 1)   Lower cognitive ability.  Stress shrinks
the synaptic links between brain cells – decreasing IQ and reducing the ability to learn. 2)   Weakened immune system.  Stress makes
it easier to get sick and makes getting better take longer. 3)   Lowered dopamine (an essential neurotransmitter)
in the brain.  Stress and depression are directly linked. 4)   Belly fat.  It’s true – as if you
didn’t have enough to be stressed about already – stress is associated with increased
fat around the belly.  This stomach fat is even more dangerous than fat deposits on other
parts of the body – it manufactures the “bad hormones” associated with other health
issues. 5)   Fetal issues.  Children born to mothers
who are under heavy stress during pregnancy are less healthy than their peers with “less
stressed” moms.  Problems include high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, slower
learning, depression and… stress issues. 6)   Stress is a major contributing factor
to the two largely preventable major killers in Western society:  heart disease and stroke. 7)   Last but not least…  You’ve heard
the expression “he has a short fuse?”  The better way to say it would actually be
“he has a short chromosome.”  Chronic stress is linked to shortening of our chromosomes,
just like when we age.  One year of heavy stress can be the same as six years of aging
in terms of the length of our DNA. Stress is not just some abstract thing that’s
“just part of life.”  Stress reduces the quality and length of your life.  It’s
a symptom of a deeper issue – a lifesaving feedback loop gone into overdrive.  The great
news is that stress is, fundamentally, nothing more than chemicals in your blood.  You can
stop the stress cycle by identifying its’ roots and using powerful techniques such as
Guided Breathing. To learn more about natural ways to lower
your blood pressure, without drugs, visit us at: www.LowerBloodPressureDrugFree.com.
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  1. An informative discussion on stress and its affect on the human body in general and its affect on blood pressure specifically.

  2. "stress in nothing more than a buch a chemicals in our blood!?" People = body + mind+ spirit. you can't anderstand a part without consider the whole structure. This type of medecine of last centery!

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