26 thoughts on “3 Stretches for Headache Relief”

  1. Idea(s) for the give-away.
    Free consultation/first treatment with you?
    One of those A & K Chiropractic polo shirts 😉

  2. nice video thx 4 that ! Maybe a Formrole(Blackrole) would fit into the theme of your channel or something like that

  3. Thank you so much. I recently had tension migraines that numbed me on one side of my body(left) one night and I was a caregiver for 1 year for my mother, a stroke victim. I've had tons of stress on me. I've had a full physical and everything is fine except for the hemiplegic migraine. I'm so thankful for these stretches because I can't afford massage therapy, a chiropractor and neurologist right now. Are these stretches enough? What's your advice for caregiver recovery from lifting, straining and stress? My tension and headaches concern me but I had to be there for my mom.

  4. What is your opinion on what the best pillow/type of pillow for keeping everything aligned and supported? Especially for someone who sleeps all ways, on their back, side, and stomach? Love your videos!

  5. I've had a headache everyday for over a week. Starts at the back of the head down towards the neck and aching eyes. Along with left trap soreness/tightness.

  6. Thank you so much Sir! I get frequent headaches and migraines so this video is of great use to me. I'd be very happy to see more videos on headache reliefs. Also, a good giveaway could be something like a personal massage tool. Thanks!

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