29 thoughts on “𝑨cne 𝑻reatment, 𝑯ow 𝑻o 𝑹emove 𝑩lackheads 𝑶n 𝑭ace 070719”

  1. Need to warn people if your going to have the camera bouncing all over the place! Thanks for the motion sickness! Thats ALL I got out of this video and I couldn't even watch more than 5 minutes of it!

  2. I got excited at the beginning when I saw the skin. And then got really annoyed by the filming. 😫

  3. Omg hold the camera still plz I think I got motion sickness
    Also you are dealing with bodily fluids! Why would u work with a huge hole in your glove. U ppl are so unsanitary. Its dangerous to you for sure but also them. Totally gross. If this was in north america they would shut u down.

  4. I normally love your videos Snake, but this one wasn’t much chop, mainly due to the camera work. Best you find someone who can hold a camera without looking as if they’ve had a lot to drink!!

  5. This could have been a really good video BUT the camera work was awful and the person doing the extracting did a really poor job and needs more training!!!

  6. This would've been a great subject but the constant camera movement and I'm guessing dull blade? Made it harder to watch.

  7. I kept watching hoping it would get better.. It never did. Now I'm motions sick thinking that's 10 minutes of my life ill never get back. Don't waste your time folks…

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