FGTeeV Duddy: Yo whats up everybody we chillin here with my boi Arthur Arthur the awesome FGTeeVer: Sup? FGTeeV Duddy: i want everybody to give a nice,warm welcome to Arthur say “whats up” down in the comments Arthur the awesome FGTeeVer: Enjoy the video FGTeeV Duddy: Boom baby! *duddy will be talking for the rest of the vid so yeah excuse me sir Oh my gosh So the headless horseman does have a head, and apparently, its just as beautiful as mine Its FGTEEV bebabaleepbobbuhleddabop phlllllllllll What is up all my FGTeeVers It is me FGTeev PIRATE Duddy Today we are playing more ROBLOX Hallow’s Eve 2017 AND im definitely NOT going to be talking with this voice because it hurts my throat a little bit Guys whats up you know Halloween that is why i have i have a mask on and this is not my real face Lets go check out some things Alright so here we are this is my city guys, this is, this is where im from! This is my Bloxburg, my Robloxia, you know what im saying this is my meepcity We going trick or treating Knock knock What you got bro? OH I GOT THREE CANDY!!! YAY !!!!1!!1!1!!1 Sweet oh im going to see if i can steal his candies candy interception,candy interception! aw it doesnt work Dont be bullies on Halloween im just kidding about the candy interception hey no no no no no i want want to knock wait no wait what??? OH! OH MY GOSH!!!1! wait, TRICK OR TREAT So he likes me he doesn’t like that other person WOAH i got ten candies total So they do have real tricks and real treats YAY CANDIES Knock Knock! Trick or treat! YEAH! 14 candies this is going good i wish i got that much candy in real life Knock knock Trick or treat give me something good to eat…oh no! NO WHAT PUNISHMENT!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHERE AM I!? why is that so bad what kind of trick was that Look a Nerf gun! Which kid? OH Billy BILLY! this is so- OH i got a Nerf gun dude thats the most awesome knock knock on the door ever i got a trick and a treat Billy! whats up bro? ZOMBIES?!!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ZOMBIES I’ll help you OK! Accepted Ok where are the zombies i dont see zombies…hello??? zombies where are you? OH no!!! Is this a zombie? OH ITS A ZOMBIE! AHH HELP ITS A ZOMBIE! Oh oh this one is chasing me!!! that cant be good, that can not be good SHOOT EM aww man this has the worst reload ever Captin sharky: RUN!! RUN DUDDY FGTeeV Duddy: WHAT DO YOU THINK IM DOING SHARKY!? Shoot them! This guy is done Oh OW ok right HERE! AHHH dude they are attacking me where is my health at?! OH I AM ALMOST A DEAD MAN AHH no they are after me Hey that looks like a minecraft zombie Hello minecraft zombie! Nice! Dude i need faster reload time Oh this guy is dead AHHH oh so apparently am i Yes hes down! get him! YAY i did it Well fine, teamwork i guess*Oof* OH AH my head is ded oh yay i can respawn Are you letting me down FGTeeV? No sir Billy im killing zombies Here i go right here Boom!…Boom! Oh my goodness these zombies are ferocious And BOOM, yeah got that guy dropped him im dropping this guy that guys dropped OH NO OH NO got em! Almost nope thats me Look dead and still happy this is a creepy mask I didn’t want you to think it wasn’t really me under here AHHHH AHHH you know what zombie verses me who will win and WAIT I CANT SEE GET OUT OF MY FACE YOU WIG!!! Cant see bro alright im pretty sure i won yeah ha im stronger than a zombie i look like a zombie ARGGG seriously though we have…..beard hair in my nose Oh OLOLOLOLOLOL BOOM shoot em and 1 more 1 more come at me bro i dont even care GOTCHA you gonna fall down? Do i have to blast you again? I blasted you again and he is gone Oh no here is a zombie AGH uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no they are all after me where are all my teammates at?! I feel like i look ridiculous with this hat on probably not though Its probably just my imagination Yes dude we are-we are only at 10 zombies lets just fast forward AHHH NO I DONT WANT TO GO TO A PARTY!!! STOP IT! THERE IS A ZOMBIE EATING ME thats the worst time to be invited to a party when you are being attacked by zombies Its like hey man my birthday is on Saturday you want to come? Your like excuse me my arm is being chewed off here can you just hold on a moment Jeez so rude, Alright keep chewing alright no your good your good hes just being rude hehahahahaha RUN RUN RUN THERES ALOT OF ZOMBIES! BILLY DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR ME? AHH YOU SCARED ME DUDE IM ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN! This is taking a long time to kill zombos Yo zombo bozo you gogo yes thats right i just shot you Dont you want revenge? No? Wow you are a nice zombie Hes down i got this guy BOOM! Alright you just stay there and i’ll just shoot you and then you will die Yes oh i got 15/15 Return to Billy Billy! Billy! Billy! Billy! BILLY! Oh hey Billy hey No problem i was a little scared not gonna lie Cool! So what do i do? Hello? Do i go through this portal? Hello? In the portal oh man my eyes are all creepy now looking like little portal eyeballs eyeball portals Hello? Where am i? Hello?! Lets go see this guy and find out why he doesn’t have a head excuse me sir Oh my gosh so the headless horseman does have a head, and apparently, its just as beautiful as mine Sorry if i was a shovel where would i be this is boring i like shooting zombies better everybody’s running this way so there must be a shovel here some where you guys know what your doing or are you just running around like crazy people? Everyone: im crazy FGTeeV Duddy: they are about to fight fight fight fight HE JUST PUNCHED HIM!!! Guys break it up break it up Yeah thats all you have to say? Ok you are good for nothing alright you can punch him again Nice nice shot bro Ooo whats this little thing right here? Its a sparkle prison Yo all the sparkles escaped THATS THE SHOVEL How am i supposed to get that shovel It says return to the headless horseman Mr horseman Mr horseman! Bro listen i found a shovel but i couldn’t get it Oh jeez Oooo im a spooky ghost Yo Colin Im just kidding bro its just a zoom out mode Yo listen i need to find a key you got one? Maybe its this dude Do you have dark hair take off your hat and let me see One more person to ask Trevor do you have dark hair? Trevor: No Laddie im a carrot top! FGTeeV Duddy: alright so i talked to those 3 guys it still says return to the headless horseman This game is kinda boring not gonna lie to you I think i need some pirate luck Im getting sick of this game! ACHOO Listen up here headless horseman i did everything you asked and i still haven’t found what you are looking for Wait…i have already met a man named Nicholas Give me the key you fancy no hair do gooder Oh gosh after i pick my nose yeah sure Oh my goodness Im done sorry guys im leaving this game Goodbye huhahahahahaha I know this dude named horse man He aint got no head I dont know why hes walking around He should probably be dead *OOF* He needs a shovel for it to be found Cuz supposedly its buried in the ground But to get the shovel you gotta get the key plus a harmonica and a million other things!! I QUIT! I QUIT! I QUIT! I QUIT! I AINT EVEN TRYING TO DEAL WITH THIS! (WITH THIS!) IM JUST TRYING TO HAVE FUN! BUT IT AINT FUN WHEN IM TRYING TO DO A MILLION THINGS JUST TO DO ONE!!! I QUIT! Well not roblox i just quit this game cmon man lets play something else yo Lets type in Halloween How about Halloween super bomb survival Oh 3, 2, 1 GO! What do i do? Go what? Oh a bomb Ahhh run Ohh this is cool here is some action finally yeah come at me bomb oh is that a bomb you better run dude oh that was not tnt oh ok then there is 2 minutes on the clock to run away from the bomb hmmmmmmmmmmm WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH DID YOU SEE THAT BOMB!? YO THIS BOMB IS FOLLOWING ME i have a magnetic field in my body!? WOAH LOOK AT THAT BOMB wow that was cool alright this is very Halloween-ish you know what im saying? But its a fun game woah a soccer bomb? oh yeah its a soccer bomb its taking a long time to blow up hello Mr soccer bomb? Im just kidding i dont want to get near it 20 seconds left!? seems kind of easy im scared cuz stuff is flying me way Bloxy cola GIVE ME MY BLOXY COLA EVERYBODY GET BACK YEAH THATS RIGHT NO THATS MY BLOXY COLA so this is cool so they should totally have weapons to fight off other teammates to stop them from getting soda and also some more Halloween cuz it said Hallowween mini games Oh i did it this is kind of fun Alright we are going to end it here cuz believe it or not its been a long vid from me cuz of certain boring games that could have been fun Im sorry to the game makers in case they are watching but you are probably not cuz no one watches this channel i have like 4 subs 1 day though im gonna be a big youtuber! you know what im saying once i stop being goofy with all these clothes on do i just have to keep like going side TO SIDE!? hey wait no wait no i died! Good bye subscribe thumbs up HI favorite bell notify UGH i messed it up alright guys see you guys later peace out bebabaleepbobbuhleddabop phlllll


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