Как снять боль в спине в домашних условиях?

Как снять боль в спине в домашних условиях?

Friends, I welcome you. Aesthetic beauty channel
and psychological health again with you. Hey. Today we will show massage
for beginners, for lovers. “See other videos with this model on Patreon.com/estetica (18+). Link under the video” Forearm begin
press on the trapezoid the muscle. Under your arms you must feel
tubercles, tension. At this voltage we can
push, work with him, slightly shifting hands. It’s especially convenient to work like this,
when men are big shoulders. Squeeze the muscle. Pressing on her, we her
relaxing enough slowly, at the same time. Do not strain, we work
body. The next move. We try to raise the muscle. All the pressure goes to big
fingers. The rest of the fingers are just
grab and hold the muscle. Mostly thumbs up
grab, tighten muscle forward. Do not pull it up. Slightly pulled up and shifted
forward. You can first on one side
closer to the shoulder joint closer to the cervical spine. And on the other hand, too
the most. Another important move
– this is traction. Only by traction,
our cartilage stretch marks our bones that also have
small vessels begin receive blood supply. When we stretch
bones and cartilage get fluid, nutrients. We can pull. I put my palm under the base
skulls. I hold my forehead with my other hand. Capture I try to sit down. Then with your head
to get up. Very slowly lower. Also grabbed the head
and again pulled up. Very nice movement. Stretching occurs. Palm base under the base
skulls. This is the third movement. No need to twist
We do not make sharp turns. It is important to work on the neck. Here we try to delay everything
to yourself. Can be fixed. You can ask your neck to relax
head down. Then it will be more convenient
work with the neck. You can move the muscles here. Bend your fingers into a hook. And try to muscle through
spinal column hold. You can feel
rifts and crunch. These are tense muscles. This is very pleasant
traffic. Put your hand fingers
bent. Pulled the muscle to the side
through the spinal column. On the one hand it is very felt
voltage. They made a move on themselves. And on the other hand, too
repeated. And what kind of movement can you
do for yourself. Hands behind head. We try as low as possible
lower the chin. We extend the cervical spine. We are moving forward. Dwell on this
position. Also slowly unwind
neck. Stretches very well
neck. Stretching, impact on
muscles, compression. Relax very well
the muscles. Here are a few moves
which you can do my home evening. Friends, stay with us. We will give useful
tips, subscribe on us. See you!

15 thoughts on “Как снять боль в спине в домашних условиях?”

  1. Добрый день Ольга. Честно, мне больше нравится, как Даша снимала. У Михаила вечные завалы со звуком, звуковую дорожку слушать не приятно. И вообще картинка с замыленным задним фоном мне не нравится. Извините, но раньше было лучше.

  2. господи, да что с ФПС на этом канале? Смотреть же невозможно

  3. Модель симпатичная.

    Из минусов: вот от куда у людей в головах рождаются всякие бестолковые идеи? Я про придумку безостоновочно двигать камеру. Не нужно так делать, постоянное движение бесит и не комфортно.

  4. Olga u r streaming videos in dark light now… And last 5 videos 🎥….. That's not friendly…. Stream in gentle light… And user friendly

  5. Добрый день,Ольга!
    Тоже считаю что модель никакая вообще и освещение не очень.А за советы большое спасибо,информация очень актуальна ))

  6. Какая девочка !!! Она просто супер. Она реальная конкурентка Алиночке-заиньке !!! (Ей же есть 18?) С меня лайк !!!

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