Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Using a Fake Doctors Note – The Secret Weapon

doctors-note-collection-23123A high quality fake doctor’s note could be your secret weapon if you wanted or needed to miss work or school for any reason. Of course you don’t want to go in and hand your boss or professor a sloppy attempt at a legitimate looking doctor’s note. You need the note to look neat and professional just like you would get from your doctor or from an emergency room.

Why Use A Fake Doctors Note?

There are as many reasons for using a fake doctor’s excuse as there are templates for medical excuses. Some of the most common reasons are listed below along with an explanation for each as well as some tips on choosing the right note for you. These are just a few reasons why people would want to use a fake note from a doctor or hospital in order to be released from the responsibility of a job or class.
Fear of Losing A Job

With the job market in the shape that it’s in today nobody can afford to stay home from work without a doctor’s note that says it was necessary for you to be out of work for a certain length of time. In many cases today if an employee stays out of work and shows up without a drs excuse they are very likely to be fired. It’s just that simple, there are so many people who are out of work and just waiting for a job to come along that most employees can be replaced fairly easily and on very short notice. A great site that we really like for doctors excuses is doctorsexcuses.weebly.com.

Can’t Afford To Go To The Doctor

Not everyone can afford to go to the doctor because they have a simple cold or virus. These illnesses can most often be treated at home by taking over the counter medications, getting plenty of rest, and staying well hydrated. In many cases there is actually no need to go to the doctor. That is, unless you just “want” to pay the high cost of a doctor’s visit. Wouldn’t it be so much cheaper, and easier to just hand the boss a fake doctor’s excuse and save the time, energy, and cash that the doctor would have taken?

Need Some “Absence” Time Off

Sometimes people get burned out and need to get away even if it’s only for a day or two, but most businesses and schools don’t allow for personal days, which make blank doctor notes the way to go. It’s just that simple. In a situation where one is emotionally and or mentally burned out taking a couple of days off may be the answer.  To learn more on doctor’s notes, go to bestfakedoctorsnotes.net.

There are several different style templates to choose from including the following:

  • Doctor’s office visit
  • Hospital emergency room visit
  • Medical forms for x rays or lab work
  • Discharge paperwork / Release forms

How To Choose The Best Template For Your Excuse

Finding the right template for your situation can be done online in just a few minutes. While there are some very good fake note sites out there when choosing your note template you will need to watch out for some things.

  • Make sure that the example / sample of the template that you are considering is very neat with a legit looking letter head.
  • A real doctor’s name should be on the note
  • Use the real telephone number and address of a dr
  • Use a high quality print paper
  • Don’t use the same letter head for different forms or excuses

Making certain that all of the information on an excuse is correct can save you some time, embarrassment, and quite possibly your job. Another thing to consider when using a fake note is the way in which you carry yourself when you turn in the note. Be confident about what you are doing, try to think of something else when you hand your note to your boss or teacher.

One of my favorite sites for doctor’s notes is Bestfakedoctorsnotes.net. Check it out.

Get The Printable Note That You Want

Once you’ve found a website that has the blank “note” / excuse papers that you want, you’ll need to download and save it to your computer. You can use this note as many times as you like. However, you must be aware that using the same note too many times could cause suspicion. It’s much better to go ahead and download at least one or two extras while you’re downloading and print an extra note for you to keep on your person just in case you need a little help remembering the information on the note.

Don’t Forget To Act And Look Sick when You Return

A dead giveaway is when you go to your boss after returning to work laughing and cutting up. Sick people don’t usually feel up to laughing and joking around. Be serious, quite, calm, and try to look like you feel rotten. Choosing to use a fake doctors note is a simple enough and it can even be fun if you think of it as a big joke on your boss or teacher.  If you need some great fake doctors notes, go to the sites mentioned.  Another fantastic article for doctor’s notes can be seen here.  You can also check out this site.


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